Will Acetone Damage Vinyl Flooring?

Will Acetone Damage Vinyl Flooring?

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Vinyl flooring is cheap and great flooring option in today’s world. This excellent flooring is durable, strong and attractive for any home. Removing glue from the floor sometimes leaves stain on the floor. Some homeowners want to know will acetone damage vinyl flooring? If you know how to remove glue from vinyl flooring correctly your floor will not damage.

Adhesive used for installing the vinyl floor. If you not remove the sticky adhesive properly it will hold dirt. Acetone is widely used for removing sticky adhesive from the vinyl floor. Some homeowners recommend acetone as the best adhesive remover for vinyl flooring. But acetone contain harsh chemical so require safety before use.

What is acetone?

Acetone is one kind of solvent also known as propanone, this highly volatile liquid has a strong odor. Acetone mixed with water and used for removing stains from floors. Nail polish remover main ingredient is acetone, nail polish remover is also used for removing the stain. Acetone is used for removing stubborn glue that sticks the vinyl floor during installation. Comparatively less odor than paint thinner.

Is acetone safe on vinyl floors?

The vinyl floor is durable, waterproof and enough strong. Acetone contains a harsh chemical that reduces floor glossy. This colorless chemical dissolves most plastics and also reaction with vinyl floor. So that bubble forms after applying on a vinyl floor, sometimes reducing floor lifespan.

What are the Different Types of Glue for Vinyl Flooring?

Different types of glue for vinyl flooring are available on market. All of this glue durability and softness are not the same. Normally three types of glue are most used in a vinyl floor.


Water-based chemicals damage the environment and are ideal for the poorly ventilated area. Become weak in the damp area especially moisture surface.


Polyurethane glues are used in large areas of vinyl flooring also used in wood flooring. This glue is strong, durable and widely used on the floor.


Acrylic-based glues not contain any harmful chemicals so used in vinyl, wood, polyurethane and tile floors.

How to clean glue off vinyl flooring?

Acetone dissolves plastic and vinyl, so that easily removes adhesive from vinyl. You get all the below question answers from here.

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Let’s discuss this in detail.

Open window, door and run fan or oscillating fan for proper ventilation. Now wear hand gloves and a mask for safety. Take a hand scraper to pull out the glue spot. Pour a small amount of acetone into a container or box. Take a toothbrush and dip in acetone, now gently apply on glue affected area. Scrub the affected area until glue will remove. If any glue is still visible, soak a microfiber cloth with acetone and gently wipe down the glue.

Will acetone damage vinyl flooring?

Yes, acetone damage vinyl flooring. Acetone contains a harsh chemical that leaves a stain and fades floor color.

How to remove sticky tile glue from the floor without acetone?

Mild warm water easily removes sticky glue from the vinyl floor without damaging the floor. Remember never to use boiling water because hot steam will warp the floor. Take a full bucket of mild-warm water and pour it on the affected area. Wait a few minutes to penetrate the vinyl flooring adhesive. Now take a microfiber cloth to scrub the glue. Carefully scrub the area otherwise adhesive not remove properly. Finally, wipe the area with clean water.


Adhesive glue on the vinyl floor is a very common incident. Avoid acetone for removing glue stain. You may use Goo Gone for removing excessive glue marks. But remember it is only applicable on hard vinyl floors. Now you know how to remove glue from vinyl flooring without damaging the surface. So let’s start your next glue removing task without a professional person.

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