Which Is Better PVC OR Vinyl Fence?

Which Is Better PVC OR Vinyl Fence?

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Many people often confuse are PVC fences and vinyl fences the same thing. The answer is yes, but not the same at all. For a clear concept, you should know the different main between  Vinyl and PVC and their material.

PVC is mostly used in construction sites, plumbing, and crafting projects. The full name of PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride and it’s the second world used plastic material. The main element of PCV is  Polyvinyl Chloride, in vinyl fences polyvinyl acetate is used. So people become confused about  PVC and vinyl fence or PVC fences vs vinyl fence.

Benefits of the PVC Vinyl Fence:

Vinyl or PVC fence does not warp, crack and fade over time like wood fence. You can easily clean the PVC fence with a clean cloth and vacuum cleaner. Require less maintenance and lifespan more than wood fence. To make PCV fence more attractive you can paint your fence, you may choose spray paint, coating, and much more.

Like PVC fence vinyl fence is waterproof, UV resistant, and resistant to bad weather. Vinyl fences separate homes from other homes and make outdoor space attractive. Vinyl fence is stronger than wood so not crake, fade, or bristle over time. PVC or vinyl fences are available in different colors and designs.

Why Choose PVC Vinyl Fences?

In vinyl fencing PVC is the main ingredient, PVC is also used in DIY and industrial projects. You can install the PVC Vinyl Fences without any experience and instructions are provided. There are many benefits of PVC Vinyl fence, let’s see them in detail:

Excellent Durability:

PVC vinyl fences become popular for their attractive looking and excellent durability. PVC vinyl fences are more stronger than wood or any other fence. PVC vinyl fence are not easily broken down or scratched. If you want to paint your fence you may choose any color paint.

Vinyl is UV resistant so it’s much better than a wood fence, doesn’t fade easily, and needs less maintenance. Your PVC vinyl fences will look like a new one for a long time with minimal maintenance.

No Water Penetration:

PVC vinyl fence made with plastic material and waterproofing. So there is no chance of water penetration. Not attract bacteria and mildew so safe in wet weather. It doesn’t need much maintenance just wipe your PVC vinyl fence with a clean cloth.


You can purchase PVC vinyl fence at a much lower price than wood or metal fence because PVC vinyl is more cost-effective.


PVC vinyl fence is made from plastic material and doesn’t release toxic gases. PVC vinyl fence keeps your environment safe and healthy.

Is PVC Vinyl Fence Safe or Not?

PVC vinyl fences do not release toxic gases, it’s safe for the environment. You can use PVC vinyl fence easily and protect your family from dangerous germs such as bacteria, viruses, and mildew. PVC vinyl fence is water and stain-resistant. PVC vinyl fences are made from plastic so relatively safe. For durability and safety, it’s widely used in commercial or institutional areas. PVC vinyl fence is safe for the environment and recyclable. Stain resistant so easy to clean, use vacuum clean and damp cloth for regular cleaning.

How Long Do PVC Fences Last?

PVC vinyl fences are long-lasting, because of their durable material. PVC vinyl fence lifespan is more than wood fence. The wood fence needs much maintenance and renovation but the PVC vinyl fence looks like new with minimal care and cleaning. Vinyl and PVC fences don’t fade or crack easily. If you clean regularly your fence it will look new for a long time. If you can install a vinyl fence properly it’s lifespan will be 10 years. Only replace damaged or broken sections of the vinyl fence without replacing the whole fence.


PVC Vinyl is much better than wood fences because of it’s long lifespan, UV resistance, and stain resistant. PVC Vinyl Fence is cheaper than wooden and metal fences. You can paint or change the design according to your style or house color easily.


For the following reasons listed above PVC vinyl fence is best for you. PVC vinyl is stronger than wood so doesn’t need to worry about your fence lifespan. If you want to purchase a tough, durable, and waterproof fence at a lower price you should choose a vinyl fence.

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