What model of a vacuum cleaner would be best for cleaning up long hair?

What Model Of A Vacuum Cleaner Would Be Best For Cleaning Up Long Hair?

If you are living in a family of long hair and if you are responsible for look after maintaining and cleaning all the staff, carpets, floors and so on. You know the best how the toughest job you are handling. Long hair creates problem while cleaning. It always wraps around your brush and very hard to remove. Because long hair tends to tangle around the brush and grasp tightly. These problems are facing especially home residents that have long hair both human and pets. So what we need. We need a solution to these problems. So when we go to the market for buying a vacuum for long hair, we should consider some features and accessories.  Choosing the perfect vacuum is not an easy one. So, below we will discuss what model of a vacuum cleaner would be best for cleaning up long hair?

What model of a vacuum cleaner would be best for cleaning up long hair?

There are two main things you should keep in mind when you want to buy vacuum:

  1. Keeping attention from getting tangled long hair in the brush roll.
  2. Saving vacuum’s hose from clogging the air flow.

Suction Power

If you are very fond of keeping long hair pets in your house and if you have some members of long hair like your wife or daughter, you must think about suction power of your upcoming vacuum. How much will be your suction power, the more strands will pull away. If you accidentally choose low a vacuum of low suction power, it will struggle to pick up both long and small hair. So, keep in mind about that.

Motorized brush rollers

It will give extra power to grasp dust and dirt from every floor. It will also help to pull out long hair. Interesting fact about the motorized brush is that it has on/off switch. Which enables you to turn off while cleaning the bare floor. Because bare floors like wood planks have sensitive surfaces and for that reason, very high-speed brushes can damage.

Natural access brush

Typically modernized vacuums have easy access. Rotating brushes which enable us to take off cleaning head and remove tangled hair by using scissors.

Cord or Cordless:

Although, it’s all about personal preferences whether you will buy a cord or cordless vacuum. Also, it would be best if you did not underestimate the layout you will clean. However, cordless vacuums enable you to clean around anywhere of the room. Moreover, there is no harassment on plugging and unplugging.

On the other hand, your pet urine and spread long hair, corded vacuums gives outstanding performance comparison to their cordless competitor. Suction power is always stronger, and that is why you can clean your spaces happily.


Brushroll technology:

Brushroll technology removes all the tangled hair and make your vacuums smooth. It submits all the dust into dust cup with a touch of a button.

Tools and Attachments:

Nowadays we get a lot of tools and accessories with a vacuum, but there are some specific tools for cleaning long hair.

  • Pet hair tool:

          These tools are must if you have pets and long hair family member.   Try to pick tools that remove short hair as well as long hair.

  • Upholstery Tool:

This helps us to clean up big furniture. They are too much suitable for sofas and curtains.

Larger hose Opening:

Choose a vacuum with a larger hose because of long hair fond of sticking to the side of every plastic hose. Moreover, try to collect a wider hose, it helps. We surely suggest you choosing vacuums with a hose of 1.5 to 2 inches wide diameters. The hose that higher size gives you tension less because there is no chance of getting clogged by hair and fur balls.


Twisted long hair in vacuum give us extra work always. You know very well if you regularly clean up your house. Moreover, if you have family members of long hair, then you know that it’s, of course, worth looking out for a vacuum that designed for removing long hair from spaces. So, rethink before buying a vacuum whether it is perfect for your requirements. Above all else, always try to consider its suction power. Cordless will be effective. Moreover, it is the best idea if you buy a vacuum which gives you 2-in-1 services that will help you to clean up floors as well as above the floor surfaces.