What is the best way to clean stairs

What is the best way to clean stairs?

The beauty of a home depends much on clean the stairs. Stairs are an essential part of a home. Dirty stairs never can create a hygienic environment. When stairs are kept clean you can travel safely from one level to the next. Not everyone makes the same type of stairs. Making the stairs much depends on the taste and choice of a person. But the most type of stair treads in carpets, runners, stone, tile or wood. Every stair cleaning system is not the same. In this content, we will discuss a very simple and easy step to keep your stairs clean. Dirt, dust, different type of hair like pet hair and long hair, shoe dust make stairs unavailable for movement. But if clean regularly makes stair shiny and attractive. Here we discuss What is the best way to clean the stairs.

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How to clean carpet stair:

Step 1: Use a stiff brush:

For cleaning stairs firstly remove all types of dirt, hair or which not possible clean with regular vacuuming. By using a rigid brush this work done easily.Instead of stiff brush vacuum dirt area stiff bristle. Always start to clean the top of the staircase and work way down.

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Step 2: Remove dirt with Vacuum Cleaner:

After removing small particles then use well-branded Vacuum which Vacuum Cleaner capable of removing dust and comparatively larger particle dust.

What is the best way to clean stairs

Step 3: Use Carpet cleaner liquid:

In this method use carpet cleaner which specially made for carpet cleaning. For doing this work you can be used your hand or used scrubbing brush. If this method not possible for applicable then used carpet cleaning machines.  Usually, all types of supermarkets sell cleaning machine. If you do not understand how to operate this machine check manual paper and after seeing this if you found this language hard then search the internet.

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Step 4: Let dry wet Area:

In this step let dry wet area which area wet because of wash with water of using Shampoo. If you want dry water naturally then wait several days. The bacteria born when the carpet is wrapped. So try to dry the carpet as soon as possible. Wet place easily dried to hold vacuum cleaner. To make the wet area dry, the market offers a different branded vacuum cleaner. So this work is going to be very easy. If no one wants to use vacuum cleaner they used towels for absorbing excess water.

Step 5: Final Cleaning:

For removing excess water let dry wet area period of time. After dry, this area gives carpet final vacuum so that small dirt cleans perfectly.

How to clean wood stairs:

Vacuum Regular:

Try to clean routine clean because irregular clean not give stairs long-time durability. After sweeping let dry stairs several periods. If stairs do not dry properly it will be decay soon. At a time of clean try to use the liquid which specially made for wood stairs.

What is the best way to clean stairs

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Keep stair damage-free:

Try avoid which caused for damage floor. Hard high heels make a stain on the wood floor. When move furniture use rubber pads save from scratch.If unfortunately scratch creates then use scratch remover for keeping floor attractive.

Apply New Layer Remove Scratch:

Apply new wax of layer which makes area Scratch free. When the wax layer applies the damaged area it looks like new.

How  Clean Tiles Stairs:

Step 1

For clean this stair firstly removes all types of small particles. By using vacuum cleaner this work done very easily. This should start from top stair to bottom stair.

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Step 2

In this process after gather dust drop it in a garbage bag. Next wash stairs with tiles cleaner soap which specially made off tiles clean.Must use well known branded cleaner soap so that your glassy not decay.

What is the best way to clean stairs

Step 3

During the wash, the period uses a brush or sponge to clean the wash area. When clean with rag take damp rag or sponge so that the rinse area dries fast. After this let dry area several times. If this area does not dry properly bacteria will grow fast.

How to clean epoxy stairs:

Method 1

1. Rinse stains:

When creating any type of stain then use a paper towel to remove stains. Hard stains like greasiest stains also remove by using this process. If spills clean fast it removes fast. Rag also used instead of a paper towel.

2. Use a brush with hot water:

Some special brush makes for removing tenacious stains from the epoxy floor. If you use this brush with hot water tenacious stains will remove very easily.

3. Remove stains vinegar solution:

Take 1 cup (237ml) of vinegar with 2 US gal (7.6 L) for removing the hardest stains. This solution stored for future work.

Method 2

1. Replace objects :

Replace all types of objects like flower vase, carpet until work finished.

2. Apply ammonia cleaner and hot water solution:

Take 4  fl oz (120 mL)of ammonia to 1 US gal (3.8 L) of hot water. After mixing the solution in the spray bottle take this solution.

3. Spray solution on the floor:

In this process spray equally solution on the floor and mop floor carefully. If mop finds hard then take a brush for clean.

4. Wash floor:

After complete spray work then takes a hose for the wash floor properly./Without hose this work done by the bucket of water. After a complete wash mop wet area with a rag.

How To Clean Rubber Stairs:

1. Stain clean:

If any spot creates like gum, tar, black heel then spray this area glass cleaner, after dry wipe with a soft towel.

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2. Gum clean:

For removing gum use hot water with high pressure.After this use vacuum cleaner removes the spot.

3. Nicotine spot removal:

Nicotine stains are harmful to rubber stairs. For quick removal, this spot uses a soft towel with mineral spirits.

4. Waxing:

Increasing artificial shine doesn’t use Mannington rubber because of this applying actually ineffective.

5. Curing Time:

Curing time of the rubber floor is 30 days if wash this in this time it will very easy to clean with a brush and increase brightness.

•    Be careful about this:

•    Stay away before using gasoline, turpentine or acetone for stain removal.

•    Avoid using  Abrasive scrubbing or buffing pads or steel wool

•    Don’t use  Non-flagged brushes, which are too stiff for rubber tiles.

•    Not use apply waxes or acrylics, except as instructed.

•    Solvent cleaners do not use such as lestoil, top job span or similar products.


By keeping stairs dust free and weekly pressure washing keeps the stairs more comfortable for a safe journey. Mop stairs routine time ensure more bacteria removal. Using Vacuum  Cleaner this work becomes easier.


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