Vinyl Siding That Looks Like Brick

Vinyl Siding That Looks Like Brick

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If you are looking for a better, more attractive option to your traditional siding, vinyl siding that looks like a brick is a great choice! Vinyl will keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals which are harmful to the environment. It also lasts longer than traditional products because it doesn’t need paint or stucco. Some materials of vinyl siding can last up to 20 years.

Exterior siding that looks like brick can be installed in multiple colors. Novik vinyl brick siding looks like brick and will add beauty and elegance to your home. Looks very clean and is easy to maintain. Faux foundation panels look like brick and also comes in a variety of textures as well.

You can also choose wood-like vinyl siding if you want a more natural look. Vinyl siding is made from recycled materials and it is non-toxic. Sometimes cheapest siding for a house can’t protect against water penetration, UV radiation, and even fire. Cheap vinyl siding for a house can warp and fade over time.

Exterior vinyl siding that looks like brick:

1. Baked clay brick vinyl siding:

Vinyl siding that looks like a brick is the latest trend all over the world. We are researching this kind of product and getting some excellent products. You can install baked clay brick vinyl siding outside of your home without any repair long time. You can choose a brick or stone color. The grain of this vinyl siding is the same as a baked clay brick.

In fact, the weight of this siding is also the same as a real brick, so you can easily install it. You don’t need to paint this vinyl siding again. Because it is made from 100% recycled materials and non-toxic paint. So it is safe for your family and the environment. Some baked clay brick vinyl siding colors similar to old bricks. So you can install this siding on any type of wall. Make sure that this baked clay brick vinyl siding wall is properly framed.

2. White or red brick vinyl siding:

White or red brick vinyl siding is a very popular product. Because you can repaint this vinyl siding if you want. This siding can be painted on both sides. You can paint it white or any color you want for the next season. The texture of this brick vinyl siding is smooth and attractive.

3. Paint vinyl siding in any color:

If want makes your vinyl siding long lasting paint vinyl siding. Paint will make vinyl siding durable and water resistant. When your vinyl siding is painted with a strong covering, it can resist bad weather. You can paint your brick vinyl siding in any color.

4. Quirky black vinyl siding:

When you want to decorate your home with wood and brick accents choose quirky black vinyl siding. This siding is similar to wood accents but the main theme is vertical vinyl brick siding. This kind of brick will make your home looks like a stylish place. You can choose different vinyl siding designs for each wall.

5. Redwoods vinyl siding:

If you want to decorate your home using only wood accents redwoods vinyl siding perfect for you. You can choose different colors for redwood vinyl siding for your home. You can also paint this vinyl siding on both sides without damaging the siding.

6. Forest Fronds vinyl siding:

Build your ground floor with brick and your upper floor using forest green vinyl siding. This durable siding is the best alternative to stones or wood. With this siding, you can get waterproof your home. You can choose a huge variety of colors for forest green vinyl siding.

7. Brusque brick siding:

Decorate your home greyish shade of blue using brusque brick accents and vinyl siding. These brick siding panels will add some strength to your home. You can paint this brick siding on both sides with shade. It will make your house looks amazing.

8. Green or olives:

Green or olive vinyl siding is a perfect choice for your home if you are a designer. Green always refreshes us and makes our minds energetic. When you want to make your home looks different from others you can paint your brick siding green or olive color.

9. Rustic siding:

If you are looking for true stone vinyl siding, rustic siding is suitable for you. Choose rustic vinyl siding which looks like natural brick. You can install this Novik vinyl siding in your home as an accent wall. The design of this brick siding is lightweight and easy to move.

10. Multi color vinyl siding:

Sometimes cheap faux wall panels or brick vinyl siding can’t protect your home from rain or UV radiation. So choose vinyl siding which is durable and long lasting. Some experts recommend multi color vinyl siding which gives a modern and stylish look to your home.


All of these brick vinyl sidings are perfect for you to decorate your home. You can paint brick siding if you want to change color. All of these sidings are easy to install and maintain.

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