How to steam clean walls and ceilings?

How To Steam Clean Walls And Ceilings Without Streaks?

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Using Steam cleaner you can clean and disinfect floors, walls, ceilings, fabric, drywall and grout. While we maintained routine cleaning sometimes forget to clean the walls and ceiling. Like other cleaning surface walls and ceiling also required regular cleaning. Steam cleaner is the ideal cleaning tool to keep your walls and ceiling free from germs, dirt, and fine dust. Today we discuss how to steam clean walls and ceilings without streaks?

Why Do you Need to Clean Walls?

It seems that walls not get dirty and contain germ but this seems wrong. Sometimes your lovely pets rub up against walls, kids draw their paint in walls or dog mark their territory inside against walls. Adults also mark walls with grab or lean and if your previous homeowner was a smoker you must notice nicotine and tar make walls discolored. Kitchen cooking smoke makes dirty walls. Cooking oil makes your walls sticky and also discolored your walls day after day.

Can You Steam Clean Walls?

While you getting tired of using the traditional wall cleaning process. Steam cleaner is the best choice for you, steam cleaner is safe for walls and ceilings. With the best steam cleaner, you can clean your walls like a pro person. It saves your time and makes your cleaning task easy.


Some Benefits Of Using A Steam Cleaner For Walls:

Clean walls without streaks: In traditional walls cleaning tools  sometimes water run through the walls and it’s may cause permanent mark. But in steam cleaner there is no running  water visible during the steaming period.

Wall dry fast:

Steam walls get dry fast and not any watermark visible after completing the task.

Clean and hygienic walls:

Steam cleaner make your wall hygienic and clean at a time.

Chemical-free cleaning:

Most of the cleaning tools required chemical-based ingredients. But steam cleaner not required any type of chemical ingredients, so that safe for pets and kids.

No ladders need:

On steam cleaner, no ladders or uncomfortable bending system appears. Ladders free handle make cleaning task more enjoyable.

Is steam cleaner safe for paint?

It’s a very common question because some user’s become confused before steam clean walls. It much depends on your walls paint quality. If the paint is not qualityful  it’s come off with steam cleaner or badly damage. On the other hand, steam cleaning time also affects wall paint. If you hold steam cleaner same place for a long time it’s must affect paint. Not repeat the same place while steaming clean walls and ceilings.

Does steam cleaner remove Wallpaper?

Sometimes homeowners use wallpaper with different colors. You require extra care while steaming clean like wallpaper. Long time steam cleaning damage wallpaper and also fade wallpaper color. If wallpaper color, not qualityful  it’s also may remove for using the steam cleaner.

How to steam clean walls and ceilings without streaks?

Before steam cleaning the wall you need to follow some tips. It makes your steam cleaning task like a pro person.

Properly clean room:

Move all furniture from the floor and properly vacuum the floor. Use furniture pad under heavy furniture otherwise left mark on the floor. Move corner furniture from the walls it makes your task amazing. Keep room dust free and then steam your walls. Start from top to the bottom of walls, keep the room well ventilated.

Organized tools:

Keep together steam cleaner two extension handles. After that attach a floor brush and soft towel. Unlock floor brush:For safety reasons floor brush being a lock, unlock it with just a switch button. After that, you can easily move it from top to bottom of walls.

Start steaming task:

Now it’s time to start the steaming task, move your brush from top to bottom of walls. If any tough stain visible spend some time removing the stain. But not spend a long time whole steaming task. If you notice any sticky stain it’s need special care. You can read the manual paper on how to remove sticky stains from walls.

How to steam clean ceilings?

Like walls ceilings also required regular basis cleaning. Ceilings fine dust and dirt also unhygienic for health. Like walls, you should be steam cleaned your ceilings. If you have long height ceiling use three extension handles it makes your task easy.

Benefits Of Steam Cleaning Your Home

Safe and eco-friendly:

Most of the Traditional cleaner required chemical mixed solutions but steam cleaner requires water. It’s safer if compare with any cleaning tools. Because of chemical-free safe for children, pets and human health. Steam cleaner  remove all types of messy from your walls, ceilings, tile, grout, countertops, concrete, hardwood surfaces without streaks. Completely eco-friendly and safe for allergy sufferer people.

Steam cleaner makes your home new again:

High temperature used in steam cleaner so that it removes dirt, tough stain from the surface. Clean and sanitize your home at a time without extra effort. After completing steam cleaning you feel a new look in your home.

Steam cleaner kills germ, virus:

Lots of invisible virus, bacteria spread in home. Kill this type of harmful bacteria and virus following some simple steps. Always keep your home germ and virus-free.

Keep home allergy-free:

Allergy is a common health problem normally for children. Fine dust, dirt, and dust mites are the main reason for allergy. Regular steam cleaning makes your home allergy-free.

Remove pet odor:

Our beloved love pets sometimes urinate out of their nest. Pet urine contains ammonia, it’s bad smell makes your home like Zoo. Remove such bad odor using steam cleaner properly.

Final words:

Steam cleaning is safe, eco-friendly, and lots of health benefits. Because of the chemical-free cleaning process, it makes the surface smooth and new look. Hopefully, our tips make your steam cleaning task effective. Happy steam cleaning!!

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