Some Effective tricks to Keep Yours Hardwood Floors Looking Good!

The floor is an important thing at home. Clean and growing floor increase home beauty. That’s why the floor is kept clean at all times. Moreover, the clean floor is healthier and hygenic. We will discuss here some effective tricks to keep your hardwood floors looking good.

How to keep hardwood floors dust free?

1. Take off your shoes in a certain place:

After entering a home if you keep our shoes in a certain place it will keep home dust and dirt free. Your bottom part of shoes carries nasty bacteria while walking outside. On the other side, if you use these shoes in front of your home, your wooden floor becomes dirty. If you do not want bacteria is guest your home and keep your home neat and clean try to shoes off your home.

2. Try to keep your floor dust free :

  • Take off your shoes out, if you want to use slippers in front of the home you can use if but bathroom slippers must be kept the same place.
  • Using a rag in the same place you can get a dustfree floor which gives you a healthy floor.
  • After using dirty cloth keep this same place for clean.
  • Keep the dustbin in each room.
  • Replace garbage bags timely.
  • Use a doormat to get dust free doorstep.
  • For getting more dustfree floor use branded vacuum cleaner.

3. Mop Wood Floors effective way:

The best way to keep your floor dust free is routine cleaning, for more cleaner occasionally clean is important. Different kinds of particle, pet hair, dust is the main cause to make your floor dirt. For this reason sometimes the general clean not work effectively. For this reason, deep clean is needed. Deep clean like occasional deep clean (spring or just before the winter holidays).In such day try to move all heavy furniture so that you can mop your floor deeply.

The first step for deep clean should sponge or rag mop in the water and this work does through the dry floor. Some sope or cleaning products can be used if the floor is dirt. This process of cleaning should finish as soon as possible because standing water can damage wood surfaces. For fast-dry floor ceiling fans or the air-conditioner can be used.

4. Way to keep your floor stain free:

  • Water stains: Water stains are very common and frequent for a wooden floor. Water stains liable white marks but this stain is easy to remove. For removing this spot keep this area dry out gently some days. After this use a cloth over this area and run a warm iron through this area, this method continues some minutes.
  • Dark spots and pet stains: Can be removed immediately by mopping a 1:4 vinegar-water solution.
  • Heel marks: It can be removed immediately by mopping a 1:4 vinegar-water solution.
  • Oil-base stain: With cloth rub the floor with a detergent until to break down the grease.After applying this rub the floor gently.If this method does not work repeat this method sometimes. Keep away children and pets while this method is working.
  • Nail polish and paint: Paint this stain can be clean up easily with rubbing alcohol while the affected area is wet.

5. Keep clean Small Objects Before Vacuuming:

The most important thing before vacuuming is picking up clutter and all types of small particles. Cause Small Objects may stick an internal part of The Vacuum cleaner and can be turned bigger problems. So be sure before vacuuming.

6. Vacuum your floor As Early As Possible:

If homes that are regularly vacuumed it will be helped occasional deep clean. Proper deep clean ensure fibers clean of your carpet. After a deep clean carpet,  it will be easy for vacuuming.

7. Cleaning with teabag:

For the cleaning floor one of the best and easy ways is boiling water with two teabags. Teabag contains tannic acid which helps beautiful shine Wood Floor. Firstly boil water with teabags for several minutes. Next, take in a mixer. Take a cloth, be sure this cloth is damp but not dry. Now mop floor fast and wait for magical shine the floor.

8. Use the Best Wood Floor Cleaner: 

A popular branded floor cleaner is very important for cleaning the floor. You should use which product specifically made for cleaning the wood floor because if use vinyl or tile cleaner it will be damaged your floor.

9. Routine Cleaning:

  • The More used area like a dining room and kitchen try to clean every day. This place mop once or twice a week.
  • Gently rub for lifting up old wax or use mineral spirits. After this area let give dry. Coat of wax then applies with an applicator.


Take a soft cloth Buffing floor easily. Try to keep in mind the wood floor should be buffed in one direction.

10. Seasonal Checking:

Always be careful, about the seasonal check. Check floor surface cracks due to low humidity, high humidity sudden fluctuation. The Humidity level must be within 35% to 55%.

Face a simple  problem:

  • water spots make your floorless glassy. For removing this problem a small number of mineral spirits to extra-fine steel wool take with a sponge and apply the affected area. After applying this area let dry.
  • For removing the wax to an extra-fine steel wool pad and gently rub the area in a circular motion.
  • For removing food stain take a wet cloth and rub the area.After dry wax applies to this place.

Be careful about this thing:

Try to avoid oils, waxes or furniture sprays, this kind of thing. Oil creates a slippery floor, wax harmful for re-coating  Hardwood Floors.

Avoid ammonia, alkaline products or abrasive cleaners. If you use this product your floor brightness will be lost.

Protect your floor:

  • Try to maintain a humidity of 35% to 55%.
  • Keep away your floor from direct sunlight.
  • Use doormats entrance of a home.
  • Keep your floor nasty bacteria.
  • Try to avoid wear spike heels in front of your home.
  • Try to attach leg protector pads below all kinds of furniture.
  • Trimmed your pet nail for saving scratches.
  • Rub the area immediately remove stain or spot.
  • Use protective sheet when moving heavy furniture.
  • The radiant heat system must be controlled and floor temperature never exceeds 82 F.
  • Proper humidity must be controlled.


Best way Keep your floor neat and clean is vacuuming, because by using a vacuum cleaner you can clean every corner of your home. By using vacuum cleaner you can remove high traffic dust and all types of pet hair. The most effective thing is if you use a well-branded vacuum cleaner you can get a hygienic floor which is most important lead a happy life.

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