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Roidmi X20 NEX – Best Cordless Vacuum

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The roidmi x20 nex storm updated version of roidmi brands. Scorched the highest cleaning tools than another vacuum. Detect wet and dry messy so that the cleaning task becomes easier. Provide magnet cleaning and the latest cordless vacuum. The roidmi x20 nex provides excellent cleaning efficiency that easy to storage and maneuver. Unique and lightweight design, different cleaning attachment included with this vacuum. 

Specifications & Features of The roidmi x20 nex vacuum

Specifications of The roidmi x20 nex vacuum

Dimensions47.88 × 10 × 6.22 inches
Weight5.7 lbs
Run time6O Minutes
Charging time2 hours
Best ForMulti surface cleaning
Filration SystemHEPA
Dirt bin capacity13
Suction145 AW
Wireless ChargingInclude
LED LightInclude
Noise level73 dB

Suction power

The roidmi x20 nex vacuum made with marvelous suction 25000pa that is more strom suction than normal roidmi. This vacuum brushless DC motor provides 120,000 rpm storm, if compare between roidmi x20 vs nex we see roidmi x20 nex is best. Vacuum electric brush roller clean carpet and rugs without extra force.

ROIDMI Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner NEX X20 25000Pa

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Made with Powerful Li-Ion battery:

Vacuum made with 435 rate watts 29.6V, 8-cell, 2500 mAh Li-Ion battery. Provide 65 minutes fade-free suction for giving 2 hours charge. The first 20 minutes provide high suction power and then provide moderate suction.

Dust Capacity:

The roidmi x20 vs nex vacuum has 0.4 large dust capacity, which is a little larger than normal vacuum dust capacity. Suck up dirt expertly from high traffic area and low profile area. LED light alert when need to empty dirt cup. Easy to empty dirt cup just press button and clean dirt cup instantly.

Filtration System:

The roidmi x20 nex storm vacuum has a 6 stage filtration system. Outer metal sucks up large dirt dust chamber or inner part suck up small dust. HEPA filter sucks up allergy particles from the air so that this vacuum best for allergy suffers person. Here we listed six filtration system:

  • Suck up large materials
  • The dust chamber
  • The HEPA filter
  • Smooth sponge
  • Filter small dust.
  • The small filter


Different types of cleaning Accessories available with this vacuum. These are:

  1. Soft roller brush
  2. Extension hose
  3. Mopping pads
  4. Crevice tool
  5. HEPA filter
  6. Cleaning brush

Suction Power:

This vacuum provides strong suction power with 145 AW suction. Soft roller brush use for cleaning the hard floor, tiles floor, concrete floor and hard roller brush used for cleaning carpet, carpeted stairs.

Soft Mopping Pad:

Soft mopping pad includes with this vacuum, that helps to mop your floor. After vacuuming the floor sometimes you need to mop the floor so that you need to use different cleaning tools. But if you use this vacuum you not need to use extra cleaning tools to mop your floor.

Product Weight:

The roidmi x20 nex storm vacuum lightweight design and weighs only 5.7 pounds. This vacuum easy to storage and move, suitable for both small and large flat. Easily clean low profile area and carpeted stairs. Mesure of this vacuum 47.88 × 10 × 6.22 inches.


This vacuum 2-year warranty and best cordless vacuum. Product warranty provides by the manufacturer company.

Smart LED:

When you need to clean low profile area proper light not available under furniture. So that sometimes not clean properly this low profile area. Make this area a more neat and clean LED light included with this vacuum. The LED light automatically on when the surface becomes dark.

Wireless Charging System:

The roidmi x20 nex has an excellent charging system within a short time. Wireless Charging available for this vacuum so that you can charge your vacuum unplugging the vacuum.

Battery replace:

You can easily replacement vacuum Battery when you need it. It’s very easy to open just open screws and replace the battery. No extra hassle for replacing the battery and not need lots of time replacement battery.

Low noise:

The roidmi nex storm vs x20 vacuum provides low noise and noise level only 72 dB. Vacuum your home roidmi nex storm with low noise, our pet and kids sometimes fell disturbed for the high volume of vacuum. But this vacuum comparatively low noise than a normal vacuum.

Pros and Cons of The roidmi x20 nex vacuum


  • Lightweight design and easy to storage.
  • Strong 145 AW suction power and provide fade-free suction.
  • Wireless charging system available with this vacuum.
  • Different roller brush makes this vacuum suitable for all types of hard floors.
  • HEPA filter makes allergy-free air.


  • Comparatively high price.


The roidmi x20 nex vacuum more popular for different reasons. This vacuum suitable for both small and large areas of the home. Keep home clean and dirt-free within a short time. Most of the customer recommended roidmi nex storm vs x20 vacuum best for multiple uses.

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