problems with loose lay vinyl flooring

16 Problems With Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring

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Loose lay vinyl flooring is a great option for people who are looking for an easy way to update their flooring. There are some problems with this type of flooring, so you should be aware of before installing it in your home. Here we shear some common problems with loose lay vinyl flooring.

16 Problems With Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring:

Here we shear 16 problems with loose lay sheet vinyl flooring:

1. Growth of molds and mildew:

Mold growth is one of the most common problems with loose lay vinyl floors. Depending on the location where you install your flooring, mold continuously grows under the planks. The risk of growing molds is higher in the winter. If plank not clean properly mild will trap under vinyl flooring. If this happens in your house don’t worry, there are some ways by which you prevent it.

2. Can’t apply regular cleaning agents:

You can’t clean loose lay vinyl floor using detergents, abrasive papers, ‘mop & shine’ products. Because all of these cleaning agents will fade flooring texture. Paste wax, regular polishing solution and ammonia-based cleaning agents is also harm full for loose lay vinyl floor. These cleaning agents crack floor surfaces so that you can’t maintain loose lay vinyl flooring with regular cleaning agents.

3. Lifting floor:

Installing loose lay vinyl flooring is very easy but it has many negative consequences. A little carelessness during floor installation may cause floor lifting or water leakage. So that some flooring experts not recommend installing loose-lay in bathrooms, kitchens, rooftops, basements and exposure of the heated area.

4. Not suitable for big family:

Tradition vinyl plank flooring is suitable for high traffic areas but loose lay vinyl flooring not suitable for high traffic. If you have a large family avoid loose lay vinyl flooring. Normally loose lay vinyl flooring is ideal for less footsteps area. Because regular cleaning agents not suitable for loose lay vinyl flooring.

5. Tough to repair:

If you find any damage or crake on the vinyl plank you only need to replace or repair only this plank. But you can’t do this in loose lay vinyl flooring. In loose lay vinyl flooring, you require to replace or repair the whole plank area. So that loose lay vinyl flooring repair task comparatively high cost than traditional vinyl floor.

6. Limited designs:

Only limited designs are available in loose lay vinyl flooring. The Traditional vinyl plank offers you more designs, colors and sizes. So loose lay flooring reviews and vinyl loose lay flooring reviews are less popular.

7. Less attractive:

Traditional vinyl planks are attractive and add value of your home. But looselay vinyl flooring is less attractive than traditional vinyl plank floor.

8. Difficulty of replacing:

While you replace tile or vinyl floor required to change only affected plank. But if you repair loose lay vinyl flooring you need to replace the whole plank. So that much best loose lay vinyl flooring expensive than other floors.

9. Not suitable for kitchen:

Vinyl floor popular choice for the kitchen, but the best loose lay vinyl plank flooring not ideal for kitchen use. Loose lay vinyl flooring not expand or buckle due to temperature change. But you see a millimeter gap develop between two loose lay vinyl flooring. This gap visible in your kitchen within four months after installation lay loose flooring.

10. Fade color:

Loose lay vinyl flooring color become fade for direct sunlight. Water also makes this floor fade in color. Loose lay vinyl flooring color also fade for rubber or plastic contact.

11. Weak Joint:

Weak joint is one of the major problems of loose lay vinyl flooring. Loose lay vinyl flooring not make a strong bonding with adhesive. So floor starts lifting within a few months after installation.

12. Frequent damage:

If you seal vinyl plank floors properly floor will save from water damage. But loose lay vinyl flooring not seal perfectly. So that water damage the floor surface permanently.

13. Harmful for health:

The chemical structure of loose lay vinyl floor planks is volatile organic compounds (VOC). This spread harmful gas in touch of air. It’s harmful to human health and sometimes causes cancer. So doctors not recommend this floor.

14. Less durability:

Durability is one of the major features of any type of flooring. Loose lay vinyl flooring is less durable than traditional wood floors. This floor lifespan is around 10 to 15 years which is much less than wood floors.

15. Not add any value of  home:

While you renovate your new home if you install Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring it’s not add any value of home. Some flooring experts say traditional wood floor add 2.5 percent value of home.

16. Not ecofriendly:

Loose lay vinyl flooring spread harmful gas over the environment. Which is not safe for air so this flooring not ecofriendly.


Here we shear some problems with loose lay vinyl flooring. Loose lay vinyl flooring spread gas which is harmful to humans and the environment. The lifespan of loose Lay Vinyl flooring is also less than the traditional floor. So that loose lay vinyl flooring not economical like vinyl plank floors. 

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