Plywood Underlayment For Vinyl Flooring

How To Install Plywood Underlayment For Vinyl Flooring?

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Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners because of it’s durability, low cost, and attractive look. One Weak point of vinyl flooring is damage for moisture. This can happen if any  moisture-resistant not use underlayment of vinyl flooring. Plywood underlayment for vinyl flooring is an important part of a flooring installation. Underlayment provides a moisture barrier between the subfloor and top of the flooring. It also stabilizes the flooring and prevents from moving or warped. If you want to learn how to install plywood underlayment for vinyl flooring this guide will help you.

Before installing plywood underlayment for vinyl flooring you require some tools. These are:

  • Plywood sheet
  • Self-leveling compound
  • Vinyl floor scraper
  • Broom
  • Nail gun

How to install plywood underlayment for vinyl flooring?

1. Bring underlayment on the the project:

Bring underlayment on the project at least 24 hours before starting task. Because plywood will adjust with room temperature. Lay plywood longest edge on project so that plywood get adequate airflow. Avoid creases, cracks, or bubbles plywood underlayment because it will decrease vinyl flooring lifespan. Do not overlap any elements of underlayment, it will decrease longevity of vinyl floors. Never lay underlayment with other materials or products, it will produce voids.

2. Prepare subfloor for vinyl flooring:

Subfloor is the existing floor where you install plywood underlayment. Clean the floor with water and any of chemical free cleaner. You may use vacuum cleaner to clean left of the dirt. If Prepare your vinyl subfloor properly that make top of the floor enough strong, if describe another words preparing subfloor for vinyl plank flooring  ensure success of  full project. You may use moisture barrier to protect subfloor from moisture, wear and tear of underlayment. Remove all types of nails scrap, glue and existing paint from subfloor. Apply a self-leveling compound if you see any uneven area. After complete all of this task, properly clean subfloor for vinyl plank flooring with a broom. Vinyl floor user has question what is best subfloor for vinyl flooring and best subfloor for vinyl plank flooring, it’s much depends on floor users budget and their existing floor condition.

3. Laying plywood on floor:

Take full measurement of your floor so that understand how many panels you will need to cover the floor. Standard plywood panels size 4×8 feet, cut the panels in a straight line. Start laying panels from the corner to the middle of the room. Try to laying boards perpendicular to floor because this system provide maximum strength of the underlayment. Keep at least 2’’ free space between the subfloor and plywood panel. Expansion gap is very important fact for vinyl floor. If you not keep proper Expansion gap vinyl floor, it will buckle or warp at high temperature.

4. Fix the underlayment:

Using desire tools drive nails through the underlayment. Pneumatic nail gun well known driving tools because it can control the drive depth without any manual task. Pneumatic nail gun gently drive the nails enough properly but not overcome vinyl subfloor. Choose  right nail gun for driving nails, ideal galvanized nails or screws size 5/8’’. Avoid to use extra-long nails because it may cross vinyl subfloor. Avoid uncoated staples, nails, or screws because they will discolor the vinyl floor. Also avoid drywall screws because it not suitable for plywood and sometimes create crack through  underlayment. Start driving the nail from corner to middle of underlayment. Now your new plywood underlayment for vinyl is ready to use.

Do i need underlayment for vinyl flooring on plywood?

Yes, you need plywood underlay for vinyl plank flooring. Some users recommend plywood is the best underlayment for vinyl flooring. But remember never use any crack or void  plywood underlayment. Because it decreases floor lifespan. Now you know do you need underlay for vinyl plank flooring on plywood, so start installation plywood underlayment for vinyl flooring.


Underlayment is one of the key steps of vinyl flooring, because it ensure durability of a vinyl floor. Underlayment provides a stable foundation for the subfloor, also prevents moisture and other contaminants from the subfloor.  Installing vinyl plank flooring on subfloor  not too difficult. But remember that simple mistake may cause big failures.

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