How To Control Pests At Home

Yard Pest Control Near Me

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Pest is common household organisms live inside and outside of the home. Inside pests are very harmful to us because they spread different kinds of diseases. The most common insect in the home are ants, beetles, centipedes, wasps and Bees, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders. They can be easily controlled follow some instructions and use some pest control products. In this article, we discuss how to pests control near me at home.

Yard Pest Control Near Me

1. Find out place of pest:

The pest which lives our home they make their living place from where they can easily find out their food and safely lay down. So we should find out this place and kill this pest, all types of pest are not harmful to us. Keep home pest-free vacuum home regularly and keep a clean place where they like to live in.

2. Allow only flowing water in the home:

  • Most of the insect-like standing water and select this water live in.
  • Repair all plumbing and sanitary fixtures.
  • Remove all standing water from plants and car tires.
  • Never allow any type of standing water inside and outside of the home.

3. Sealed all dry food and keep clean kitchen:

Pest is like to eat dry food so that always keep dry food airtight container. Cockroaches are very weak in dry food and sugar food so that always protects food with a food cover. We keep our food in the kitchen so that the insect is very attracted to the kitchen. Remove spills immediately when it occurs and wash dish after every meal, wash sink properly. Binbag covers with a plastic bag so that insect, not entire bingbag. The place where keep Pet food it’s also a favorite place for pest so vacuum pet food place regularly. Fresh fruit also attracts pests to keep fresh food proper place.

4. Keep home neat and clean: 

Clean place pests can’t grow up and lay down, Most of the pest like to live in nasty places. Use vacuum removes pest home-like cut own spider home, suck up Cockroaches eggs, clean plastic bag. The clean cloth keeps a safe place and not allow any types of paper stacks home.

5. Remove all crack from home:

Different types of crack present at home and this place are favorite for the insect. Most insects select this crack place to live in, sealed all types of cracks from home. Sealed all plumbing leaked and not allow any standing water on the home.

6. Use less toxic pesticides:

Use Dust boric acid kill ants, cockroaches, silverfish it’s less harmful to humans but harmful for the insect. You can use tamper-resistant for kitchen insect, apply this on side of foo, cookery. This is less toxic pesticides and safer than sprays. Keep all of these products away from children and pets.

7. Use volatile pesticides for serious pest control:

When pest does not kill with less toxic pesticides then use volatile pesticides. Use volatile pesticides only when pest does not control with less effective pesticides. Apply products in small areas like cracks and places where pests live in. Never apply this product to food and kitchen because these products are very harmful to humans.

8. Call profession person:

When you can’t control pest on the home then call profession person to kill the pest, it will help you live in a pest-free home.


Try to keep clean home regular and vacuum home properly. Insect lives in a dark and dirty place, so that keep clean all dark and congested places in a home.

FAQs about yard pest control near me

1. What are the 3 methods of pest control?

Answer: The 3 methods of pest control

  • Biological pest control
  • Physical pest control
  • Chemical pest control

 2. How can we control household pests?


  • Not allow standing water on the home.
  • Remove all plumbing leakage on a home.
  • Sealed all crack on home and keep home neat and clean.
  • Remove water from the plant and vacuum the pet good side.

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