Is Vinyl Recyclable?

Is Vinyl Recyclable?

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Vinyl is the second largest selling plastic material all over the world. According to the U.S. Bureau, 33% of the new single-family used vinyl material for building construction. Vinyl material using increasing day by day for it’s attractive look and less maintenance. Vinyl is made from plastic, at first plastic melt at a high temperature after that vinyl produces. Vinyl sheet is enough tough and versatile so widely used in industries and residential purposes. As a statistics result more than fourteen billion pounds of vinyl are produced every year in North America. Vinyl can be recycled and produce a new vinyl sheet. But still, the question is how to recycle vinyl, and is it harmful to recycle process? Let’s discuss this question’s answer details.

Is vinyl recyclable?

Yes, vinyl can be recycled. Like other plastic products vinyl is widely used in United State. Normally Ethylene (43%) and  chlorine (57%)  are used in vinyl production. These two elements  heat at high temperatures as a result of chloride monomer gas produce. Recycling vinyl plastics is comparatively difficult because takes a long time. Vinyl product is a non-biodegradable so easy to use and clean. Another advantage of the vinyl product is not decomposing over time. Vinyl product is resistant to weather, chemicals, water, and acids. In short, vinyl is the best alternative to plastic. It is highly durable and safe for the environment.

Ways to Dispose of Vinyl:

As a result of its non-biodegradable nature and durability, many people buy new vinyl products. Recycling is a great way to dispose of vinyl. Many companies buy an old vinyl product and recycle it into a new one. It is also advisable to store your old vinyl product before handover the recycling company. Otherwise, it will be hard for recycling. Vinyl is a non-biodegradable material so easily recyclable. By recycling old vinyl products, new ones will be produced from the old ones. It helps to reduce waste that goes into landfills and prevents environmental pollution. Let’s see some ways to dispose of vinyl.

1. Sell old vinyl sheets:

Many people sell old vinyl sheets to recycling companies in United State. If your neighbors or any people are interested in buying old vinyl or vinyl records sell it to them. For rare albums or collectors vinyl records, you will get enough prices. If you don’t find any options to sell them physically go online for the online method. Note down the vinyl barcode or catalog number and attach it to the box. Over the internet, you will get a good price for old vinyl.

2. Decorate home with old vinyl or vinyl Records:

Old vinyl or vinyl records can be used to decorate home. Using some old albums you can hang our favorite artist’s records. It’s a very simple method; just need some hook a mobile, and some vinyl records. Drill a hole in the wall and insert a hook, after that

hang the album from the hook. If you are hast a party place in your home, you can use a vinyl sticker to print the party name or artist name. It’s an easy method, just need some craft glue.

3. Donate vinyl nearby local library:

Vinyl can be donated nearby local library. Libraries are always in need of new material. If you have old vinyl or vinyl records ask the library responsible person. You can also visit the local recycling center and take some old vinyl to recycle them in their facility. For example, the United States Federal deposit has an annual and special fund for collecting old vinyl.

4. Participate in the Vinyl collection community:

Participate in some projects which collect old vinyl from nearby cities or communities. If you find some project participate in it and help community members to dispose of their waste material.

5. Gift your friends:

You can also give your old vinyl to your friends or family members. Using old vinyl or vinyl records makes a unique craft and gives your friend. For example, you can make a wall clock or storage box.

6. Dispose off in the right way:

If you want to dispose off your vinyl material, perform one of the above methods. Don’t dump it on the roadside, it will not good for the environment.

7. Make a table:

Use some old vinyl to make a table. It’s a very easy project, just need some old vinyl, gun glue, and a planter stand. You can use this table as a fun table, after that you can gift it to your friend.


Recycling vinyl is strongly advised because it will safe and environmentally friendly. Old vinyl or vinyl records can be recycled. This method is cost-effective so you will profit from it. If you have any queries related to Recycling Vinyl or recycling old vinyl or records please feel free to comment in the below section.

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