Is loose lay vinyl flooring good

Is Loose Lay vinyl Flooring Good?

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If you’re looking for a flooring option that’s both comfortable and easy to maintain, loose lay vinyl flooring might be a good choice for you. This flooring easy to clean and replace, popular choice for less footsteps area. Here we discuss about is loose lay vinyl flooring good, let’s discuss.

What Is Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring?

Loose lay vinyl is one type of rubber backing floor lay over the subfloor. Specialty of this floor is not  require any type of adhesive, fasteners or groove to hold a plank. Loose lay flooring plank generates friction that holds the existing plank without any support. This extraordinary floor is smooth, easy to install and slightly looks like traditional vinyl flooring.

Advantages of loose lay vinyl flooring:

1. Easy To Install:

Loose lay vinyl flooring is easy to install, not need to follow any special instructions. The loose planks and the rubber backing make strong bonding and keep planks in place. If you have any confusion about stick of planks, add some adhesive but loose lay vinyl flooring not need any adhesive to hold planks. The loose plank and rubber baking create an incredible firm foundation, which makes this flooring system extraordinary. Easily install on an existing subfloor so that much time-consuming. But ensure the existing subfloor is clean and moisture-free.

2. Not expand:

Most of the vinyl plank flooring expand or buckle due to temperature change but loose lay vinyl floor not expand due to temperature change. So don’t require any expansion gap during floor installation.

Traditional vinyl floor requires expansion gap otherwise floor becomes damage due to temperature change. Some flooring experts recommend this floor suitable for damp place. Ideal choice for bathroom and basement area.

3. Easy to remove:

Any type of adhesive not used in loose lay vinyl flooring. So that it’s easy to remove or repair without an experienced person. You can easily use this floor anywhere of home. When you shift your home, just pull out this flooring and again install your new home. That saves your time, energy and money.

4. Durable

In some cases loose lay vinyl flooring is comparatively durable than traditional vinyl plank flooring. Not require any types of adhesive during installation so that plank joint not weak after time.

5. Affordable:

Best loose lay vinyl flooring is economical and easy to install. Plank and rubber backing keeps plank flooring in place without any adhesive. So not required to hire any professional person to install flooring. Loose lay vinyl flooring installation cost around $3 to $8 but price will vary with the brand.

Disadvantages of loose lay vinyl flooring:

From users reviews we collect some disadvantages of loose lay vinyl flooring.

Suitable for low-traffic areas:

Loose lay vinyl flooring ideal for low traffic areas. Because any types of adhesive not used with this flooring so that not ideal for high traffic areas. If used loose lay vinyl flooring on high traffic areas or apply heavy load on floor, it will lose grip within few days. This floor  ideal choose for less footsteps area like bathroom and basements.

Limited availability:

Loose lay vinyl has limited availability than traditional vinyl plank flooring. Variety of designs and colors loose lay vinyl flooring not available in the market.

Is loose lay vinyl flooring good?

We discuss all the advantage and disadvantage of loose lay flooring. Loose lay flooring is economical and easy to install without any professional person. This flooring system is durable for less footsteps area. Easy to remove and reinstall specially if you shift your home.

Is loose lay vinyl durable?

Loose lay vinyl floor ideal for less footsteps area like bathroom or basement. So if you use this flooring in such places you don’t require frequent change or reinstall floor.


Now you know all information about loose lay vinyl flooring. Different thickness plank available in the market, pick your desire thickness plank from there. Hopefully, this article information will help you make a decision about buying loose lay vinyl flooring. Happy flooring!!

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