Is Cork Backing Good For Vinyl Flooring?

Is Cork Backing Good For Vinyl Flooring?

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Before installing cork baking for vinyl flooring you should know Is cork backing good for vinyl flooring. If you use cork backing it makes your floor comfortable and safe floor from tear. Cork backing is made from cork trees so environmentally friendly and does not react with vinyl chemicals. It offers a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Cork backing is good for hardwood and wood floors. Cork backing can be attached in many ways, you can use glue or adhesive.

What is cork flooring?

Cork flooring is made from a natural material that comes from cork trees. . After collecting cork bark it is boiled and processed into sheets, planks, or tiles. The natural cork is used as a flooring and furniture protection layer. Different shapes, sizes, or colors of cork flooring make your home versatile. If you want a beautiful, durable, and easy-care floor then cork backing is really good for you.

The Cork floor gives a warm look to the room and feels a soft touch on your feet. You can use this excellent flooring in the bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen rooms as well as living rooms. Moreover, cork backing is also beneficial for hardwood floors.

Benefits of cork flooring:

If you want to renovate your floor with new vinyl flooring you may choose cork flooring. It looks like a wood floor but easy-to-install and an affordable option for the other floors.

Flexible and soft:

It is a flexible and soft underfoot good choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. This comfortable flooring recommends for people who stand for long periods. I

Easy-to-clean and maintain:

Cork flooring has natural antibacterial qualities and doesn’t fade or yellow over time. If you want to keep your floor clean then you should use wood polish.  If you have a pet in your house you should use pet safe stain remover.

Looks good:

Cork flooring offers a variety of colors and patterns. You can choose a variety of textures and designs for cork flooring. It makes your home unique and versatile.

Cork flooring is environment friendly:

Cork flooring does not contain any harmful ingredients so safe for the environment. Cork is collected from the tree’s bark and keeps the rest of the cork tree growing. Harvesting cork tree lifespan of more than  230 years.

Cork is mold and mildew-resistant:

Cork is resistant to the growth of mildew, fungi, and bacteria. It protects your floors from mold damage. If sealed your floor properly it will be the best choice for allergy suffer people. Because this flooring is free from dust and does not release any chemicals.

Absorb heat:

Cork is popular in the cold state because absorbs heat. Excellent choice for bedrooms and children playrooms. Cork has natural heat absorption properties, making it a perfect choice for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, or any other spaces in your home that could benefit from a warm floor. Cork flooring insulation levels are much high than any traditional flooring.


Cork used for many centuries as an excellent fireproof wood because it is naturally fire resistant. It is certified by ASTM standards and widely used in many applications.

Cork flooring is an excellent alternative to wood flooring :

If you want to renovate your old wood floor replace it with cork backing. Because cork backing looks like a wood floor but cost less expensive than wood or other floors.

Easy to install:

There are different ways to install cork flooring. As a beginner clean your subfloor before installing cork flooring. After that find the center line, and start sticking. Cork flooring has excellent quality and low-cost prices.

No glue required:

If you install a small area of less than 300 square feet not require any glue or adhesive.  So save your time and money.

Is cork backing good for vinyl flooring?

Rubber cork backing leaves a stain on vinyl flooring. But great options are under the wood and tile flooring. Like cork, it is also mold and mildew resistant. Experts don’t recommend installing cork baking without a vapor barrier. Because it isn’t safe to use without any underlayment. Cork backing can be installed under hardwood and wood sub-floors. If your flooring has a moisture problem use cork baking because it absorbs moisture and always keeps flooring dry.


Cork baking is a great option for vinyl flooring. It’s easy to install, hard-wearing and provides long-lasting durability. Cork flooring is a fantastic choice for any room in your home, particularly playrooms and children’s bedrooms. You should always clean your floor with a damp mop and vacuum cleaner.

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