How vacuum your car

How To Vacuum Your Car?

At the time of being a journey car become more dust, dirt unhygienic. That’s why the car needs to vacuum the proper way.  Allergy problems such as asthma responsible for dust particles and pet hair. If car clean right way below tips you enjoy a fresh ride in a clean car. Here discuss about how to vacuum your car.

Follow these tips before deep clean car

1. Clean Unnecessary items:

  • At the time Journey, you may take some personal items such as water bottle, towel, newspaper, paper bags, and cans. Remove this personal item and collect
  • Take off large pieces of dirt from the mats by shaking them over a wastebasket and then remove the stuck particles using the vacuum cleaner. At the time of cleaning large areas, you can use wide attachments.

2. Vacuum The Dirt That You Get When Brushing

  • Vacuum using attachments. For removing fine dust and dirt, vacuum using attachments such as low profile head and soft bristle brush.
  • Clean hidden areas: We should how to clean car seats so that all the parts can remain clean. The seating area should be vacuumed. Move the seats if can possible so that the cleaning process much easier. Move seat forward to clean the space backward or move the seat back to clean the space at the front. Try to move the seats so that it easy to clean the hidden areas.
  • Check if the carpet is stained or soiled. For cleaning carpet spray carpet cleaner on the affected areas as you follow the directions provided. Remove the cleaner from the carpet by vacuuming. Repeat the process If the area is not clean.
  • Apply freshener remove carpet odors:
  • Car carpet makes an unpleasant smell, which not expected for car rider. Try to use sprinkling air freshener removing bad smell if air freshener not available you can use baking soda. Before starting vacuuming carpet apply freshener several minutes so that odor not feel.

Tips On How To Vacuum Your Car

1. Take a powerful vacuum for cleaning car:

Be sure to use the right tools. Vacuuming a car, need a powerful vacuum cleaner and different types of brushes. All the parts of the car’s interior and some of them include soft, narrow and wide brushes.

Choose Powerful vacuum by which car clean wet and dry both situation and which vacuum get down into narrow crevices of your car’s interior. A vacuum cleaner that is used must have an Extendable hose what’s why it’s able to clean the outer and inner part with powerful suction. Try to use a vacuum which specifically made for cleaning the car.

2. Open Door For Proper Ventilation:

The open door before start vacuuming, all leaving door try to open so that it’s being easy to for vacuuming interior part of the car. Bad smell comes out for the opening door.

3.Collect Disposal Material:

Before start vacuuming takes garbage bags for collecting waste.  Collect disposal particles which not clean with vacuum cleaner. This trick makes work faster.

4. Replace Car Floor carpet :

Most of car vehicle different type of floor carpet for keeping car floor from dust and underfoot dirt. For this reason, the carpet used to save the carpet. For cleaning carpet first go ahead and lift the carpet from the floor and front and back seat. Clean carpet with a vacuum cleaner if wash essential deep clean then wash underfoot carpet.

Clean Inner part Of Car:

1. Use Powerful vacuum for Deep Clean:

The inner part of a car always covers with tiny dust cause its surface made up cloth. For this reason, a powerful vacuum cleaner needs vacuuming this inner part. Deep Cleaning purpose wider vacuum very effective but with a circle vacuum, this job is done easily. Deep Clean with vacuum uses powerful bristles of the brush which stir up dust from the car’s carpet.

2. Clean car inside:

After clean tiny particle then vacuums car inside. Vacuum seat from the front side to the outer side. To clean driver and passenger seat slide their seat and make area for vacuum pros and cons for vacuuming. Operate vacuum continuously unless seat and carpet completely free of dirt.

3. Again Vacuum For Deep Clean:

Vacuum again those areas are hard to clean. Operate vacuum  Powerful suction for cleaning dirt. Use vacuum trapped human hair or pet hair, dust, and other dirt from seat and carpet.

4. Vacuuming Carpet:

Pull on the carpet from floor and vacuum dust from it. Take garbage bags to keep dirt, dust and tiny particle. After cleaning the carpet check any staining present in the carpet. Normally a car carpet made of leather or synthetic material so that it’s not possible to wash the carpet, try mop car carpet and wipe the whole area gently. At last shake carpet if any particle stays on the carpet.

In our article we discuss how to vacuum a car, now we think if you want to vacuum your car like a pro you can do this job easily because we recommend watching the below video.  In these thirty minutes, the video presenter talks about the perfect way of vacuuming your car like a pro using a Metropolitan Vac ‘N’ Blo Compact Vacuum. Metropolitan Vac ‘N’ Blo Compact Vacuum designed for vacuuming the car. This vacuum has a compact and powerful worth.

Some important features and benefits about of the Metro Vac N Blo:

  • specifically designed for vacuuming car
  • Small compact size for easy storage
  • Powerful suction
  • easy to move and very lightweight
  • The vacuum is durable all-metal design, high-quality components, and switch
  • easy to clean out and expose the filter
  • Made of a lot of tool accessories to get into all those hard to reach places and turbo heads.


There are no shortcuts when vacuuming a car. Take your time, and work systematically in sections. A good way to approach the job is in four sections — starting on the driver’s seat and making your way towards the back of the car.


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