How To Remove Vinyl Flooring Glue From Wood?

How To Remove Vinyl Flooring Glue From Wood?

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Vinyl flooring is strong, attractive and durable for indoor and outdoor use. An ideal choice for living rooms, hallways and all types of high traffic areas. If you are trying to remove the glue from vinyl flooring this guide will help you. This guide is about how to remove vinyl flooring glue from the wood and how to remove vinyl tiles from the wood floor at minimum time.

Materials need to remove vinyl flooring glue from wood:

All of these materials need to remove vinyl flooring glue from wood.

Pry bar: Pry bar pull out two different objects at a time without damaging the wall or surface.

A block of wood: Works as a pry bar that remove baseboards from the wall.

Rubber mallet: Useful handy tool used for pulling out the baseboards from the surface.

Utility knife: Use to cut the vinyl plank.

Scraper: One of the most useful tools used to separate the glued from the wood surface.

Heat gun: Use to heat the vinyl flooring adhesive so that it becomes loose.

Work gloves: Wear protective hand gloves for safety.

Steps how to remove vinyl flooring glue from wood?

Follow the below steps to remove vinyl flooring glue from wood.

Remove the quarter-round base:

If your flooring has quarter-round molding to cover the space, use a pry bar to pull out the object. Now remove existing baseboards before starting the floor installation process. Place a wood block against the wall and keep at least two to three inches of free space to insert the pry bar. If you find any difficulty inserting a pry bar use a rubber mallet to force it. Start your pulling task with pry bar from one corner to the next.

Cut around the flooring adhesive:

Another benefit of vinyl flooring is adhesive not required all over the floor. Only require glued just around the perimeter of the plank so that it’s easy to remove. The middle part of the floor is laid loose so that not require too much time to remove the glue. Use a utility knife to cut off the flooring glue, make sure the blade is sharp enough. Remember to cut planks parallel to the walls, not cut too deep because it will damage the planks. If you have a large floor try to cut narrow strips that make your task easy and fast.

Remove glue from flooring:

Now remove glue from the floor with a scrapper, avoid chipping the wood and hold your scraper at a 45° angle during the task. If you hold the scraper effective way it minimize your working time. Most of the scrapers are not able to come out of glue. So divide the floor into small sections and use your hand to peel back the flooring. If your floor is old it’s comparatively easy to remove glue from the flooring.

Use a heat gun to remove leftover adhesive:

Use a heat gun to make hard adhesive lose and soft help to remove adhesive easily. Plug your heat gun and wait for sufficient heat. Now keep the heat gun half or inches distance from the vinyl flooring. The heat gun makes your task easy because it softens up the floor adhesive. Use a scraper to remove softened glue for better results hold the scraper 45° angle. If the adhesive turn over hard again follows these steps to make the adhesive soft and loose. It’s the best way to remove vinyl flooring without damaging the surface.

Trash the adhesive:

Now trash the adhesive and ready your floor for the next installation. If you face any problems see the YouTube video for guidance. Now you know how to remove vinyl glue from wood floors and how to remove vinyl tile glue from the wood floor like a professional person.


Now you know how to get vinyl glue off hardwood floors with some simple tools. Make your glue removing task easy and times saving collect all necessary tools before starting work. To remove the vinyl flooring glue from wood is easy and simple, but your floor must be clean and dry. If you not clean the floor properly you will face chipping problem.

How to remove vinyl flooring glue from plywood?

Remove vinyl flooring glue from plywood following these steps.

  • Use a scrubbing brush to clean the surface of the plywood.
  • Use a scraper to remove glue which is available in most hardware stores or department stores.
  • If adhesive is hard use a heat gun to soften the vinyl flooring glue and then scrape away with a scraper.
  • If small pieces of vinyl flooring are left on the plywood repeat the previous step again and then trash.

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