How To Remove Oil Stains From Concrete With Coke?

How To Remove Oil Stains From Concrete With Coke?

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At off pick hour our vehicle, cycle, motorcycle rest in the garage and driveway. This time oil and grease stain visible in the garage but it depends upon the car mechanical condition. While too much oil stain visible in the garage it spoils the garage outlook. Keep concrete garage floor free from oil stain require regular cleaning.

Oil stain removing task from concrete comparatively tough. Normal floor cleaner not able to remove properly oil stain, so need special care. Make your stain removing task easy here we discuss how to remove oil stains from concrete with coke? Let’s see in detail.

How to remove oil stains from concrete with coke?

Use coke to remove oil stains from concrete:

Most of the concrete floor users use traditional floor cleaner want to keep the floor stain free. But sometimes it’s not provide stunning result. Instead of traditional floor cleaner, you may use coke for cleaning the floor. Coke provide you stunning cleaning results without any streaks. Coke cleaning formula also make your neighbors wonder and make you happy. Also, save your time and money, not require too much energy. This cleaning task require below items:

  1. Cat litter small bag
  2. Few bottles of cola
  3. Stiff-bristle broom and bucket
  4. Ammonia free laundry detergent
  5. Chlorine bleach
  6. Eye protection glass and hand gloves
  7. Garden hose and clean cloth

Spread cat little over the stained area and grind it with your wearing shoes. After that sweep area and pour cola over the stained area. Take time to sit cola on the stained area, never throw the cola over the stained area. If you don’t know proper cleaning process for different types of oil stain call the local waste-management company for advance tips.

Scrub the area with a bristle broom, make sure the area damp with cola. Wait at least 20 minutes to fizz and stop the bubble. Wash the area with fresh water, you will see a grey color stain on the surface. Prepare a cleaning solution with one tablespoon of chlorine bleach, ammonia-free laundry detergent, and a full bucket of hot water. Always use ammonia-free laundry detergent because it produces lethal gas that similar to mustard gas.

Use muriatic acid to remove oil stains from concrete:

While oil stain is older and it’s tough to remove using coke. You may use muriatic acid to remove oil stains from concrete. Muriatic acid is very strong and dangerous so require protective eye glass and hand gloves. Being dangerous wear gloves and prepare a solution with 1:10 amount of muriatic acid and water. After mixing them properly pour it over the stained area. Use the broom to scrub the surface, not pour it around the stained area. Be aware during pour it, keep away children, pet while pouring it. Wait ten minutes to sit this solution and wash away after complete the cleaning task. Concrete floor owner common question is can muriatic acid damage concrete? This question answer is muriatic acid not harmful to concrete floors. It very effectively removes oil stain from concrete but require special care while mix and pour muriatic acid.


Coke is an amazing concrete floor cleaner and there is no bad effect of using coke. You can be easily clean any kind of oil stain from the concrete floor without effort. But coke is only better for cleaning a small area surface. It also saves your time, money, and provide you stunning cleaning result.

FAQs about remove oil stains from concrete with coke

1.What kind of acid do you use to clean concrete?

The most common and popular acid used to clean concrete muriatic acid (hydrochloric) and phosphoric acid. If stain is deep than concrete and normal floor cleaner not effectively remove stain use muriatic acid. It’s safe for concrete but require special caution while clean concrete.

2. Will baking soda damage concrete?

No, baking soda not damage the concrete floor. Baking soda most used as concrete floor cleaner. You can be easily clean your concrete floor using baking soda With less effort.

3. How to clean concrete with bleach and baking soda?


Effectively remove tough stains from the concrete floor using bleach. Take a full bucket of warm water with ¾ a cup of liquid bleach. Mix this solution properly and mop the stained area. Wait few minutes after sit solution remove bleach from concrete. Then mop the floor with clean water and enjoy stain free concrete floor.

Baking Soda:

Using baking soda clean the concrete floor without damage. Before start cleaning remove fine dust around the stained area. Damp stain area with water then cover stain area with baking soda. Wait some time to sit baking soda, then pour hot water on the stained area. Use a bristle brush to scrub the stain, if the stain tough to remove repeat this cleaning process.

4. How do you clean unsealed concrete floors?

Remove paper, household messy, baby toy and all types of large element from floor. If possible move heavy furniture it make your floor cleaning task accurate. Broom, sweep or vacuum your floor properly so that all kind of small dust remove from floor. Then mop floor with floor cleaner, wait few minutes to sit solution. After that remove floor cleaner and mop floor with fresh water. If stain is old and tough to remove use baking soda paste or coke or muriatic acid. Vacuum floor al least once a week and deep clean your floor twice a month.

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