How To Remove Dust From Air?

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Dust is a common air pollutant nowadays which is generated for our daily activities. But too much dust adverse to health, some household dust created by dry skin and allergy problems. Every person creates 1/3 ounce of dead skin in each week. Our daily household work creates dust, but it’s easy to reduce. Here are some tips on remove dust from air and how to get rid of dust in the air. Read this article carefully and solve your problem without any hassle.

How to Get Rid of Dust in the air?

Dust is a very common natural element so don’t worry about that. If you want to know how to get rid of dust particles in the room and how to get rid of dust particles in the air this guide will help you. Reduce the amount of floating dust in the air following some simple steps.

  1. Use an air purifier:

Using an air purifier is the best and easy way to reduce dust from your home. Place an air purifier in the home that get rid of the dust of the home. Air purifiers pull dust from the air and store in filter. Air purifier not only trap dust particles also trap mold spores, allergens and bacteria from the air. If you are affected by allergy use a well-branded  air purifier that keep safe you from harmful dust. The air purifier with True HEPA filter trap fine dust and it is the most popular air purifier. True HEPA filters trap 99.97% dust particles as small as 0.3 microns in size from indoor air. Activated Carbon filters trap dust and reduced bad smells from the air at a time. Also reduce cigarette smoke and cooking smell from the air. HEPA filter air purifier with carbon filter always keeps your indoor air fresh and comfortable.

  1. Reduce growing dust:

If you have question how to get rid of dust floating in the air and how to get rid of construction dust in the air this step will help you. Using an air purifier reduces the amount of dust in your house, but it not perfectly remove dust. Use a wet cloth to wipe excess dust surface. Some dust reduce products are available but not perfectly remove dust. Most of the time floating dust move after using such product. Keep your indoor air healthy reduce growing dust in the home.

  1. Sweep floor:

Regular sweeping floor reduces the amount of dust indoor air. Sweep floor from corner to middle of the room. You may use a cleaning solution that makes the floor hygienic. Use a doormat in front of your door that stuck shoe dust.

  1. Use vacuum regularly:

Vacuum your home regular at least once a week, it is another easy way to reduce dust. Use dust vacuum with HEPA filter that sucks dust from the air and also keep air allergy free. After 2 or 3 months change the HEPA filter otherwise it clogged with dirt. If the HEPA filter not change in time dust again back to your home and you can’t get the desire cleaning result. Try to vacuum your home once a week.

  1. Wash cover once a week:

Most of the people seem dust come from outside but this idea not right at all. Our skin and hair regular growth produces some dust, you find it on your bed. If you have pets you also find the same dirt from  your pet. So need to wash your bed cover and sofa cover once a week.

  1. Change AC filter:

AC is the common home using product. Like vacuum cleaner and air purifier AC also have filter where dust store. You should change the AC filter after every 3 or 4 months. Otherwise, dust back in your home again.

  1. Wipe photo frame and other clutter:

Wipe photo frame and other wall hanging items regularly. It’s the easy way to keep home dust free. Clean book self, windows and another dusty area every week. Clean carpet, area rugs and doormat regularly.

  1. Take meal in a certain place:

Always eat food in a certain place it’s very healthy habit. Because if food spread on the floor it’s unhygienic for health. After completing every cooking clean your kitchen properly.

  1. Use dustbin:

It is an important point for every home owner. Using a dustbin is the best way to get rid of dust in home. Always keep your dust in a certain place and then trash it. Without using a dustbin you can’t keep your home dust free.

Why is there so much dust in my house?

Normally dust produces from our daily household work, outside shoes and pet dirt. All of this occurs while dirt sits on the carpet and all over the home, it makes indoor air dusty. Regularly vacuuming reduce lots amount of dust from indoor air.

Does opening windows reduce dust?

It’s a very common and important question in our daily life. Always keep windows open not reduce indoor house dust. Always open windows sometimes increase the amount of dust and it is harmful to health.

How to get rid of floating dust?

Keep indoor air free from floating dust follow below tips:

  • Use air purifier indoor of home with HEPA filter. Replace the filter after every 3 or 4 months otherwise dust will back in the air.
  • Vacuum home at least once a week and keep your pets always clean.
  • Use a doormat in front of the door.
  • Wash every sheet once a week.
  • Sweep floor regularly to reduce the amount of dust.
  • Change AC HEPA filter in time.

Final words:

If anyone thinks to keep home totally dust free it’s quite hard but not impossible. Only regular cleaning and proper maintenance keep your home dust free. If you follow all of these tips it’s very easy to keep your home always dust free.

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