How To Remove Dog Urine Stains From Concrete?

How To Remove Dog Urine Stains From Concrete?

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Our lovely puppy makes leisure time more enjoyable and memorable. But the joy becomes fade when the dog urinates and it’s bad smell spread all over the home. Dog urine contain ammonia which create a bad smell. The concrete floor is porous so that easily soak urine and create a bad smell. Here we shear tricks about how to remove dog urine stains from concrete?

Traditional concrete floor cleaning system not properly remove dog urine stain and odor. Need special care or wet vacuum removing dog urine stain. Dog urine affected concrete floor requires two-stage cleaning process. Otherwise, you can’t get your desire cleaning result. Sometimes well-branded carpet cleaners effectively remove dog urine stain from concrete. Most of the pet owners say traditional cleaner slightly remove dog stain from the carpet but urine odor totally remains. So that it’s important to know the proper cleaning procedure. It saves your time and money and provide your desire cleaning result.

How to identify dog urine stain and odor in concrete floor?

Sometimes it’s easy to find out the source of the odor, normally pet urinate around the place where he spends most of the time. If you not easily identify an area need to follow some tricks. While you move into a new home you don’t know the source of the odor. In this situation need tools that easily identify the source of the odor. Use U.V. light or black light to identify pet stain and odor. 

Before use, light close the door and window because it’s give the best result in dark. Hold light at least three feet distance from concrete floor and stain will stand out as blue, green, or yellow color on concrete. While you use light must check the wall because sometimes pet urinate wall joint and it’s not visible if you not scan the wall with U.V. light or black light. Use a cleaning solution to remove stain from the wall if stain not remove with cleaner remove the wall or use wall coating. 

How to remove dog urine stains from concrete?

Use TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) and hot water:

Concrete floor more porous if compare with tiles, marble, and wood floor. If liquid get enough time it deeply sits on the concrete surface it tough to get stains out of concrete. While urine get enough time it’s bond tightly to the concrete. Day after day this bonding become strong and deep. Sometimes this bonding procedure will continue for days or even months. While cleaning solution apply it’s slightly broken down bonding. But after certain time moisture is introduced again and make previous bonding.

Before removing dog urine stain identify the affected area. Take a full bucket of hot water and half a tablespoon TSP (Trisodium Phosphate). Mix them properly and apply on the affected area, wait at least 15 minutes to sit this properly. To get the more accurate cleaning result you may mix enzyme urine cleaner, take a hard brush to scrub the area. If the smell increase don’t worry, again pure hot water on it and use wet vacuum. For better result repeat this cleaning process again, in high traffic area sometimes this cleaning process require the third time. Trisodium Phosphate effectively kills harmful bacteria and make surface odor-free. After completing the cleaning task rinse floor with a pressure washer.

Apply pet enzyme cleaner:

Pet enzyme cleaner fight against dog urine odor, smell, and bacteria. It’s chemical substance break down urine into smaller bits. Also, make the surface hygienic and stunning. Pet enzyme cleaner provide better cleaning result in concrete than carpet and area rugs. Mix this solution on a gallon of water because it’s not available in a spray bottle. For better result wet affected area with water that reduce the amount of evaporating while applying this cleaner. Rocco & Roxie professional odor remover and also work better on concrete. Different types of pet enzyme cleaner available on market, avoid cleaner which need to mix carpet shampoo. Because of this cleaner, not enough strong for cleaning urine from concrete.

Why need sealing concrete:

Sealing the concrete floor prevent pet urine odor back from the surface again. Most of the pet owner do concrete sealing for reducing odor, concrete sealing ensure totally back odor. Different types of sealers available in the market but only the garage floor coating is the best for concrete floors. This coating permanently blocks odor molecules transferring system. So that odor not pass from the coating and ensure dog urine odor-free life.

Why need floor coating?

Always keep your floor free from dog urine stain and odor you may apply garage floor coating. It’s very easy and effective for preventing any kind of bad odor. Floor grinding or acid etching is required before applying the coating on the floor. If you can’t understand how to do garage floor coating see YouTube or flooring blog.


Because of the porous layer concrete easily allow to set all types of liquid. Keep the concrete floor free from stain and odor by using pet enzymatic cleaners that easily absorb concrete. Concrete also allows air transfer so that before applying any type of liquid cleaner wet affected area otherwise it will absorb the solution.

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