How To Make Rubber Floor Mats Shine

How To Make Rubber Floor Mats Shine?

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Rubber floor is soft, durable and suitable for high traffic areas. Rubber floor doesn’t trap dirt so requires a little maintenance. It’s hard to damage rubber floor with physical impact, regular cleaning keep floor new look. Variety of colors and designs make rubber floor attractive and unique. Rubber floor shine becomes fade over time, keep floor color bright long time follow some tricks. In this article, we discuss how to make rubber floor mats shine?

How to wash rubber floor mats?

Wash rubber floor not too hard task, you require some cleaning tools and desire cleaning solution. Let’s see details

1. Prepare cleaning solution:

Take 1 gallon of warm water and 1 table spoon dish soap. Mix them properly with hand, stir this solution until bubble form. It deeply remove dirt and germ from the rubber floor.

2. Use a damp cloth clean the surface:

Soak up a soft cloth or towel in the solution and wipe the surface gently. Wipe the whole area surface, if any tough messy leave repeats this process. Cloth will absorb dirt from the surface, if require use soft brush remove the stain. Not use an abrasive cleaning solution or cleaning tools.

3. Remove excess cleaning solution:

After cleaning the surface keep rubber mats under flowing water or bathtub. Running water removes excess solution from the rubber mats.

4. Remove sticky messy using rubbing alcohol:

Rubber floors are famous for sticky messy because it’s used in high traffic area. Remove sticky messy to use rubbing alcohol but not use regularly otherwise floor color become fade. Damp a cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently rinse sticky messy.

5. Air dry floor:

Allow rubber floor air dry after deep cleaning, open window and door of the room. Sometimes sunlight will break down rubber properties, so avoid the sunlight.  If mat color fade after washing use rubbing alcohol to make the rubber floor mat shine again.

How to remove sticky stains from rubber mat?

Rubber mats attract stains following simple tips to remove such sticky stains.

1. Make baking soda and warm water solution:

Different types of tough stains are visible on the rubber floor. Take 1 part of warm water and 3 parts of baking soda. Using spoon stir this solution continuously after a certain time it’s turned into a paste. Then add small amount of baking soda that makes paste thin, if required add a small amount of water.

2. Apply the paste:

Apply the paste on the tough stain and wait at least 5 minutes to sit the solution. Within 5 minutes this stain will soak, wipe down paste with a clean cloth. If the stain is not removed properly repeat this process again.

3. Scrub the floor using paste:

Make your stain removing task easy scrub the floor with paste. Use a toothbrush to remove the tough stain from the surface. Wipe excess paste with cloth, if the cleaning surface is large use stiff-bristled to remove the stain.

4. Use a spray bottle filled with vinegar:

Vinegar is very effective removing the tough stain from the floor mat. Vinegar work better than any floor cleaner and make floor mats shine. Take a spray bottle filled with vinegar and apply on mats.

How to clean rubber floor mats?

Follow our experts tips perfectly clean rubber flooring, from this topic you can also learn how to make rubber floor mats black again?

1. Remove large particle:

Bring out the rubber mats from the car or home. Collect large dirt particles like paper, leaves and toys floor mats. Shake the mats gently so that loosen particle fall. Hit the mats with the hard surface it’s remove fine dust, dirt, pet hair, gravel, and allergy particle from mats.

2. Clean mats with garden hose:

Clean mats more perfectly use a garden hose to remove dirt. Garden hose pressure wash away dirt from mats easily. After attaching hose with tape turn on water tape. Rubber mat is waterproof so not damaged for pressure wash. Hose pressure gently remove muddy, sticky dirt from mats, if you have not garden hose keep mats under running water.

3. Brush the mats:

Take 1 spoon of dish soap and 1 bucket of mild warm water. Stir the solution with hand until bubble form, take bristle brush to remove dirt. Apply the solution on mats and wait 5 minutes to sit the solution after that use stiff brush remove dirt. Firstly brush middle part of mats then brush the corner parts and nooks, if your mats soft and use soft stiff brush to scrub the mats.

4. Rinse the solution:

After completing the scrubbing task rinse the mats with a garden hose or running water. If any excess solution remain, it will wash away after.

5. Let mats dry:

Dry your mats after deep cleaning, rubber mat is waterproof so mildew will not grow. Take towel wipe excess water, now keep mat for air drying. Not dry under the direct sun because sunlight breaks down rubber mats’ property.

How to clean gym rubber floor mats?

1. Vacuum floor gently:

Vacuum floor regular basis, vacuum remove pet hair, small dirt and dust from mats. After vacuuming loosen dirt gently sweep floor otherwise rest of the messy turn floor color fade.

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2. Mop floor with warm water:

Make a solution with ¼ cup dish soap and one gallon of warm water. Mix this solution properly and mop the floor with this solution. If floor become heavy messy wait 5 to 10 minutes to soak up floor.  After scrubbing the floor use a brush for removing excess messy. After that use clean water to rinse the floor which make floor new look.

3. Avoid harsh floor cleaner:

Acidic floor cleaner is not a suitable flor rubber cleaner, it damages the floor surface. Harsh floor cleaner fades floor color or cracks floor surface. Detergent soap and water solution used regularly clean floor.

4. Let the area air dry:

Not need to remove excess water with dry cloth or towel, rubber floor less absorb water or any liquid solution. Let the wet area air dry, open your window for proper ventilation.

How to remove stains from rubber flooring mats?

1. Make a solution with vinegar and water:

Remove tough stain from the floor using the same amount of vinegar and water. Mix the solution properly and apply the floor with a cloth. After completing stain removal task allow air dry.

2. Remove oil-based stain with turpentine:

Oil-based stain tough to remove than any other stain, so it needs the strong cleaner. Turpentine acts as strong stain removal, able to remove the oil-based stain. Apply 3 tablespoons of turpentine on the stain and wait a few minutes to sit after that wipe down with a clean cloth. Turpentine is highly toxic so need caution before use. Wear hand gloves before using turpentine, keep away your pet and children when using turpentine.

3. Remove paint stains with paint thinner:

When a paint stain occurs remove it with paint thinner. Wear hand gloves when applying thinner on the stain. Take a clean cloth and wipe the stain with thinner, after completing remove stain mop area with warm water and dish soap. No need to remove excess water with a towel, let the area air dry.

Are rubber floor mats better than carpet?

Rubber floor mats and carpet both save floor from moisture and outdoor messy. Rubber floor mat is water-resistant so suitable for outdoor use on the other hand cotton or natural carpet not suitable for outdoor. For outdoor use rubber floor mats better than carpet but rubber mats require installation cost. Carpet not require any installation cost and more attractive than rubber floor.

How to seal rubber floor mats?

For sealing rubber floor mats apply a Neutral pH Cleaner/Degreaser on the mat. Gently rinse the mat thoroughly and allow air dry. Open door and window for proper ventilation For best results apply pH Cleaner/Degreaser in small sections.

Can you use armor all on rubber floor mats?

Yes, you can use armor all on rubber floor mats. Armor All® Protectant is weel known product for rubber floor. Armor All® Protectant protect rubber floor from cracking, UV damage and discoloration.


Rubber floor is more comfortable and water-resistant than a traditional floor. Wide range of colors and designs increases this floor popularity. Rubber floor installation cost is low and requires less maintenance. Perfect for high footsteps area like hospitals, playgrounds and commercial spaces. Keep your rubber floor mats clean and shine following our tips. Happy rubber flooring!!

Related Question (FAQs)

1. How can I make my rubber floor shine?

Answer: Follow these tips make rubber floor shine:

  • Vacuum or sweep floor regularly.
  • Make a solution with dish soap and warm water, mop floor with this solution after mop let the area air dry.
  • Always avoid harsh cleaner it will fade floor color.
  • Not need clean floor within 72 hours after installation.
  • Use the same amount of vinegar and water to remove stain from the floor.

2. How do you shine rubber car mats?

Answer: Some tips shine rubber car mats:

  • Sweep floor regularly.
  • Make a solution with liquid dish soap, rubber floor cleaner and warm water, mix solution properly and apply on mats.
  • After complete the mop work wipe area with a damp rag.
  • Try always to keep the floor neat and clean.

3. How do you make WeatherTech mats shiny?


  • Different types of dirt and dust stay on mats, shake mats so that dirt dropdown.
  • Use the hose and spray nozzle so that dirt wash away.
  • Make a scrub with dish soap and mild-warm water soak up the cloth and make a scrub on the floor, after air dry wipes down mats.

4. What is the best way to clean rubber car mats?


Car mats become messy because of lots of dust and oil grease. Normal rubber cleaner not able to clean car mats, so need a special cleaner to clean mats. After pulling out mats from the car shake it gently to remove excess dust. Use a garden hose to pressure wash then apply Meguiars Super Degreaser. Take brush spread this solution on mats after sometimes washing mats.

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