How To Keep Clean Kitchen – Daily Habits For Clean Kitchen

How To Keep Clean Kitchen – Daily Habits For Clean Kitchen

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Kitchen is most uses place at home so that kitchen gets dirty soon. Keep kitchen neat and clean that’s help to lead healthy life. We made our food on kitchen so it’s important to keep kitchen hygienic. When kitchen properly organized it’s easy to find and cook any food. If you organized a sharp element it’s help from preventing sudden accidents. Here we discuss  how to keep clean the kitchen properly.

How to keep clean the kitchen properly?

1. Clean kitchen after every meal:

Wash dishes after every cooking and take meal, preparation cooking make messy kitchen. If you clean every dish after each meal it’s easy for you prepare next meal. After meal clean the table and keep leftovers food on airtight box and store them in refrigerator. Wash dish and dry them, also clean sink. Clean spills from countertops, floor.

2. Remove stain:

Remove stain when it occurs, use cloth or spoon clean solid waste and for liquid stain use cloth or sponge. Spray floor cleaner after clean area and wipe it, make sure no excess water stays on floor.

3. Empty countertops:

Keep a clean countertop that helps you do work fast and preparation food easily. Fresh food and vegetable keep on bowl or refrigerator. Non-frozen food keeps on kitchen table and kitchen appliances keep on rack.

4. Clean dustbin regularly:

Clean Kitchen garbage regularly otherwise grow nasty bacteria and spread bed smell. Use plastic bags on garbage disposal and wash dustbin once a week.

5. Keep shelf liners on kitchen:

Shelf liners help organized cupboards, store food and pantries. Kitchen sharp appliances also keep on Shelf liners. Clean shelf liners use cleaner spray and wipe down clean cloth, ensure air dry before store food.

6. Clean your refrigerator:

Refrigerator is most important food storage place where we store our fresh vegetable, fruits, leftover food. Try to clean your refrigerator always clean which helps to provide fresh smell. Clean refrigerator at least once a month, remove spills, wipe down drawers, shelves, and all surfaces.

7. Clean floor regularly:

The kitchen floor becomes messy because of food preparation, cutting foods. So it needs to clean regularly. Vacuum floor daily  and wipe daily messy.

8. Wash hand:

Wash hand after preparing food and clean area where you use for food preparation. Clean countertop, sink, stove with soapy cleaner and also wash your hand. After clean, this area wipes down with dry clean cloth.


Bacteria grow kitchen very fast from meat, fish, vegetable so keeps a clean kitchen regular basis. Wash kitchen towels every day, you may use multiple towels sets, kitchen sponge also clean after use. Happy cooking!!

Related Question (FAQs)

1. Why is it important to keep your kitchen clean?

Answer: Kitchen gets messy because of food preparation so it needs clean regular basis. Different types of bacteria grow kitchen and if not clean them that will be mixed with our food and affected family member diseases. Properly organized kitchen may help keep kitchen appliances better.

2. How do you keep a kitchen clean and hygienic following strict guidelines?

Answer: Key guidelines are:

  • Clean table, kitchen after every meal.
  • Remove every spill when they occur.
  • Trash kitchen wastage garbage bag daily.
  • Clean floor with vacuum every day and wash floor once a week.
  • Store leftover food in airtight containers.
  • Clean slove, countertops, sink after every cooking.
  • Wash kitchen towel regularly and use multiset kitchen towel.

3. How do I keep my kitchen floor clean?

Answer: Keep clean kitchen floor follow below tips:

  • Vacuum your kitchen floor regularly and clean floor after every cook.
  • Wipe down with floor cleaner.
  • Not allow your pet on kitchen because they spread their hair.
  • Use vinegar with warm water for cleaning floor.

4. What are 5 food safety rules?

Answer: 5 food safety:

  • Wash hand after taking food and preparation of food.
  • Use different cutting boards for meat, fish, and vegetable.
  • Store leftover food in airtight containers.
  • Always cook safe temperatures and not left kitchen while cooking.
  • Store food-safe temperature and always keep kitchen neat and clean.

5. What are the four golden rules of food safety?

Answer: Golden rules of food safety:

  • Wash your hand after preparation of food, always keep kitchen clean.
  • Store frozen food within 2 hours, use different cutting boards for meats, fish, and vegetables.
  • Always maintain suitable temperature while cooking, store leftover food on container.
  • Use multi set o towel clean kitchen and wash them after every use.

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