How To Install Vinyl Siding Mounting Block?

How To Install Vinyl Siding Mounting Block?

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Homeowners install a mounting block on vinyl siding for light fixtures, electrical boxes, and other purposes. Properly cutting through the siding ensure secure mounting. Install vinyl mounting block is slightly tough because most of the time installation goes wrong. On the other hand, if the mounting block weight is higher than vinyl siding it’s can’t handle the block. So you should select a lightweight mountain block for your home. So you should know the process of how to install vinyl siding mounting blocks properly.

What is a vinyl siding mounting block?

Vinyl siding mounting block help to fix electrical boxes, light fixtures, and other potential things. You can use mountable to secure window blinds and other window accessories.

A variety of potential color mounting blocks are available in any hardware store. You can use a mounting block to enhance the appearance of your home or business building.

Tools Needed For Installing Mounting Block On Existing Siding:

  • Mounting block set
  • Cutting tool
  • Utility knife
  • Protective gloves
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Screw gun
  • Drill Machine
  • Siding tool
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Safety goggles
  • Wire caps

If you have an old mounting block and electric box don’t buy these items again. You can use your existing one to fit new siding. However, you should not change the old mounting block with a new one. If you want to install new siding in your home you need a mounting block and electric box for the proper installation.

Installation process a mounting block on vinyl siding:

Purchase Mounting Block:

Buy mountain blocks from the hardware shop, a variety of potential color mounting blocks are available. For better appearance match mountain block color with existing vinyl siding. But if your mountain block color does not match with vinyl siding,  buy a small amount of paint that matches with vinyl siding. Many hardware stores provide a unique color mounting block.

Remove Ring from Mounting Block:

To secure mountain blocks trim rings are attached outside of the block. Now remove the trim ring from the block, and remove screws to ensure a successful project.

Cut Siding:

If your mountain blocks sizes are too long cut your siding. Proper cutting ensures siding is level with mountain blocks.  But if you are not able to cut mountain blocks properly, the block will not stick to the rest of your wall. Secure mountain blocks with screws, if you do not like to cut mountain blocks purchase a smooth mounting block.

Make your mountain blocks waterproof:

Painting your siding can make your mounting block waterproof. Many homeowners like to paint electrical fixtures, light fixtures, and other potential areas. You may use caulk, sealant, or tape to make the surface waterproof.

Ensure national electric code:

Follow the National Electric Code to avoid sudden electric hazards. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the National Electric Code contact with a certified electrician. If you are a beginner in this project you should hire an expert team to manage the task.

Install the mountable following package instructions:

Place the mountable on a level surface, and place the mounting block in the proper location. Hold down screws and fix the mountable block correctly. If the mountable block color does not match with the siding paint your block. Secure electric wires underneath the outdoor light that reduces sudden accidents. Ensure that the electric wires are not visible through the siding.

Can you mount directly to vinyl siding?

No, you can’t mount directly to the siding. You should use a block to mount electronic equipment and plumbing. You may use siding hooks to hang things from vinyl siding. Handy hooks are available in the hardware store which is used to hang things. You can use a siding hook for hanging potted plants or light fixtures.

How to install mounting block on existing vinyl siding?

Installing a mountain block on the existing vinyl siding you shouldn’t buy new siding. From this topic, you also learn how to install vinyl siding light mounting blocks and how to install vinyl siding mounting blocks? You can use old mounting block in this job. Before starting, this project makes sure your mountain size is the same as the existing vinyl siding. If your mountain block size does not match with existing vinyl siding cut the mountain block. Now use screws to fix the mountain block with siding. Make your block waterproof from sudden electric accidents.


Installing a mounting block on vinyl siding is a little tough because you will not get the actual size. Purchase lightweight Mounting blocks that stick properly with siding. Follow the National Electric Code before installation. Use caulk, sealant, or tape to make your block waterproof.

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