How To Get Deck Stain Off Vinyl Siding?

How To Get Deck Stain Off Vinyl Siding?

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Vinyl siding deck stain is a common issue faced by homeowners, especially in locations with warm climates. There are plenty of methods to remove the paint but sometimes you will find some certain stains which are hard to remove. If you have old vinyl siding with stain deck remove it before painting. Let’s see some methods about how to remove stains from vinyl siding.

Popular methods to remove paint from vinyl siding:

  • Laundry or dish detergent and water solution
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Mineral spirits
  • Graffiti remover

How to get deck stain off vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is very tough, durable, and requires less maintenance. It’s a cheap and best alternative to wood siding. Vinyl siding offers variety of colors, thickness and textures. If you want to paint old vinyl siding firstly remove the old deck stain from it. Otherwise, the new layers of paint will not stick properly to vinyl siding because of oil deposits. Let’s see methods of removing paint from vinyl siding.

Detergent and water solution:

Water-based paint is very easy to remove; you can remove paint by applying the homemade solution. Prepare a solution using one tablespoon of laundry detergent and three cups of water. Now pour it into a spray bottle and gently shake. Apply to the stained area and wait a few minutes to sit the solution. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the stain, after that wash with clean water.

Rubbing alcohol:

You can use rubbing alcohol instead of detergent and water solution for removing oil-based paint stains. Apply rubbing alcohol over the stained area and wipe clean cloth. Rub the area until the stain is visible. For small affected areas use a toothbrush for removing the stain. After removing the stain clean the area with water.

Mineral spirits:

Apply a small amount of mineral spirit over the affected area. Wait at least 5 to 10 minutes to sit the mineral spirit. Now scrub the area with a brush, and repeat the process until removing the stain.

Graffiti remover:

If you don’t like the above process don’t worry you have an option. Use graffiti remover spray paint on the affected area. Now spray the solution on the stained area, and use a brush to scrub the area. After that rinse, the area with clean water, and remember the excess amount of solution leaves a permanent stain on the surface.

How to remove wood stain from vinyl siding?

Water-based stain is easy to remove from vinyl siding but removing stubborn stains will take time. Let’s see some methods to remove wood stain from vinyl siding.

Deck stain remover:

Use a deck stain remover to remove a wood stain from vinyl siding. This method is widely used and very popular. Apply deck stain remover on the stained area, wait a few minutes to sit the stain remover then wipe the area with a clean cloth. Repeat the process until removing the stain completely.

Dish soap:

Prepare a cleaning solution with a few drops of dish soap and 2 cups of water. Pour it into a spray bottle and mix properly. Now apply on the stained area and after drying wipe down with a clean cloth or sponge.

Orange oil-based cleaner:

Orange oil-based cleaner is used for cleaning all types of stains from vinyl siding. Apply the solution to the stained area and spread with a soft cloth. This cleaner easily removes sticky wood stains without ruining the surface.


Pine-Sol can also be used to remove sticky wood stains quickly. Apply pine-sol to the affected area and wait a few minutes to dry the solution. After that use a brush to scrub the stain and wipe down the area with clean water.

PVC cleaner:

PVC pipe cleaner is another strong wood cleaner that is made from polyvinyl chloride. Apply this cleaner to the stained area using a soft cloth and after that wipe down the area with clean water.

Oxalic acid:

Oxalic acid is a common household item, easily remove stain from wood. Prepare a cleaning solution with 5-6 tablespoons of oxalic acid and a gallon of warm water. Mix this solution properly and apply to stain, after that wipe with a sponge.

Goo Gone:

Goo gone is a readymade cleaning solution that effectively removes stains from wood. Just apply on the stained area and wipe down after drying. This product is a kind of solvent so safe for vinyl siding.


Vinyl siding is a popular choice for many homeowners. Removing stain from vinyl siding deck is not a too hard task, just follow the above tips. If you face any problem in removing stains from vinyl siding please post a comment below, we will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

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