how to fix vinyl flooring lifting at edges

How To Fix Vinyl Flooring Lifting At Edges?

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Vinyl flooring lifting at edges is a common problem for vinyl floor users. There are variety of reasons for vinyl flooring lifting at the edges,  most common reason are standing water, wear and tear for heavy furniture or incorrect installation. Here we shear guide about how to fix vinyl flooring lifting at edges.

How to fix vinyl flooring that is lifting?

Remove old vinyl plank flooring and properly clean debris. Remove all the stress that is making edges lift up, also remove heavy furniture. Now follow below steps:

  • Remove the molding and baseboards
  • Pull out old vinyl and adhesive
  • Apply new adhesive
  • Install a new vinyl plank

Why vinyl flooring lifting at edges?

Vinyl plank flooring lifts at the edges for a lot of different reasons. Weather is one of the most common reasons. Floating vinyl floor lifting at edges for swelling so don’t worry if you already face this. Another reason are wet floors, high humidity such as bathrooms or kitchens. If your floor is a floating and gets warm or wet it’s start expand in high temperature. Glued-down flooring start lifting at edges if adhesive not spread properly. If water or cleaning product not dry properly after cleaning floor adhesive will weak and planks start lifting. Now let’s discuss details:

  • Remove the molding and baseboards:

First steps in this task is remove the molding and baseboards, not need to think what the reason was. Identify the lifting area and gently remove them, not remove area which isn’t lifting. If your floor is floating pull the lift molding with a pry bar, after that task repair floor again.

  • Pull out old vinyl and adhesive:

This step is applicable for floating vinyl floor user because adhesive not used in most of floating vinyl floor. Manually remove lifting vinyl with a knife or any other tools. But if adhesive used in your vinyl floor use hairdryer loose glue. Make sure the surface is dry, you may use scraper lift up the adhesive.

  • Apply new adhesive:

If you install new plank apply sufficient glue, otherwise plank will lifting at edge. Apply enough adhesive so that glue will reach entire subfloor surface. If your glue is for single plank, apply some glue on back of other plank. That will firmly stick two plank long time without any repair. Normally planks will shrink or expand over time so you need purchase new plank after several years.

  • Replace the Plank:

If your existing plank cracked or buckle due to weather change replace the plank. Check corner plank before installing new plank because you don’t know what amount of plank you require to replace. If there is no cracked or buckle at edges check lumber angle. Purchase 20 percent extra vinyl plank flooring for sudden repair. Make sure plank is enough wide so that underlayment will save plank from heavy furniture damage.

How to fix vinyl plank flooring that is lifting?

In hot temperature vinyl floor start expand so that adhesive become weak and vinyl flooring lifting at edges. You can solve how to fix vinyl floor coming up or how to fix peeling vinyl flooring
or how to fix vinyl plank flooring that is coming up or how to fix warped vinyl plank flooring problems from this guide. Follow below steps to fix vinyl plank flooring that is lifting. These are:

  • Apply Proper Adhesive:

Apply a top-quality adhesive during floor installation process. Most of the Inexpensive adhesives become loose within few days. Remember that use need to know how to use  adhesive properly. All of the adhesive working time no same, so follow  manufacturer instructions before applying on floor.

  • Roll the floor:

After installation of plank and applying  adhesive roll 100-pound roller top of floor. Heavy roller stick floor and make a strong bonding with subfloor. That prevent sudden buckle or lifting.

  • Sunlight and Window Treatments:

Direct heat and sunlight expand adhesive  and plank so that vinyl floor start buckling. Prevent such incident seal nearby windows. You may use UV film or glass tint to prevent direct sunlight through windows.


Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners because it is a durable flooring and easy to clean. If your lvt flooring lifting you will face some difficulty. Because vinyl flooring not flexible like other  types of flooring. If you not understand your floor current condition hire a professional to fix lifting problem.

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