How to cut vinyl flooring around toilet

How To Cut Vinyl Flooring Around Toilet?

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When it comes to renovating or designing your bathroom, vinyl flooring is one of the most popular choice. However, before installing vinyl flooring around your toilet you follow some simple steps. In this article, we will cover everything about cutting vinyl flooring around a toilet. This tips on how to cut vinyl flooring around toilet reduce the risk of damage. Let’s start to learn everything you need to know!

How to cut vinyl floor tiles around a toilet?

There are a few basic steps follow when cutting vinyl floor tiles around your toilet. Start by measuring the dimensions of your toilet and marking out the area where you want to cut the vinyl flooring. Keep enough clearance between the edge of the toilet and the vinyl floor. From this guide also learn how to cut around a toilet with vinyl tiles? Let’s start.

Make a plan and cutting the tiles:

Before cutting vinyl around a toilet you need some sheet or paper surrounding the toilet. Make a plan about your vinyl and create gridlines.

Gridlines will help you easily cut the vinyl around the toilet. Next, mark off where you want to start and end your cuts. Make sure that all of your measurements are accurate so that there won’t be any surprises when it comes time to install the vinyl around the toilet. Keep at least 2 inches of spaces around your toilet finished and vinyl floor.

Create a pattern:

To create a template or pattern for your vinyl floor that provides you actual measurement. Cutting vinyl plank flooring around toilet is not easy because there are a lot of curves involved with it. It may be easier if you could have someone else help drill or pound in some tiles, it also ensures straight. You will need one sheet of paper as well as a pen and ruler to follow the pattern that has already been created. Now estimate your vinyl and the number of vinyl sheets you will need.

Place these estimates sheets of paper on toilet and cut out with pair of scissors to the parallel slits. Leave 0.25 inches free space on both sides of vinyl sheet. If your previous toilet has an angular base, you may have to avoid diagonal cut vinyl at both ends. Now cut parallel slits to the corresponding sheet of paper, leave some space for safety. Lay down each sheet of paper corresponding to the vinyl, leave enough space between tiles for grout lines. Use plastic spacers that are used to set vinyl in place. Make sure that you are accurate on each vinyl placement otherwise bubbles in your grouts can ruin your fresh vinyl look or even cracks.

Cut the shape:

This step cut vinyl flooring that draw on the sheet paper. You may use a utility knife for cutting vinyl floor tiles around toilet, now place vinyl flooring around your toilet. These steps about how to cut vinyl plank flooring around toilet and how to cut vinyl floor around toilet? Before the vinyl cutting process wear safety gloves and a mask, gloves protect your hands from the sharp edges of the vinyl. Now you know about how to cut vinyl floor tiles around a toilet?

Smooth vinyl edges:

After cutting the vinyl with a knife smooth rough edges on every side. If you find any dust on vinyl wipe down with a clean cloth.

Install vinyl floor and seal the toilet:

It’s time to install vinyl floor around toilet, start from farthest away from the toilet flange. It the accurate way how to fit vinyl flooring around a toilet?  Mark your desired grid pattern that makes your task easy and also save your time. Seal the toilet to prevent moisture, bacteria and mold growth. Following this process put vinyl tile around a toilet, without damaging the surface. This way actual process of how to put vinyl tile around a toilet and how to fit vinyl tiles around a toilet?


If you want to learn how to lay vinyl plank flooring around a toilet and how can I fit vinyl tiles around my outside toilets? This article is the best guide in bathroom remodeling. We hope that now you understand about easiest practical steps for the installation of Vinyl Plank Floors around toilet.

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