How To Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets Of Grease

How To Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets Of Grease?

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Kitchen becomes messy because of preparing food, cutting vegetables, different types of stain. Kitchen cabinet gets messy for tear, smoke of cooking, grease. So cabinet needs clean regular basis otherwise a long time messy tough to remove. If the Kitchen cabinet not clean regularly it’s loss glassy decay day by day and becomes less attractive. For deep cleaning, we can use baking soda to remove grease and it’s also helo to increase its brightness. Here we discuss some tricks about how to clean wood kitchen cabinets of grease. These tips will help you done cleaning work easily and effectively.

How To Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets Of Grease?

What we need:

    • Sponges
    • Spray bottle
    • Vinegar, baking soda
    • Murphy’s oil soap
    • Dish wash soap
    • Clean cloth or towel

1. Wipe down cabinets after cooking:

Try to wipe down cabinets after cooking, grease particles are sticky and tough to remove. Regular wipe cabinets help remove tough spills and keep glossy of it. Not wipe cabinet with damp cloth because it’s warp wood of cabinets.

2. Prepare solution with vinegar and water:

Mix one cup of vinegar with cup of water, this solution very popular for cleaning cabinets. You can use this solution every day and no side effect of it. You can also use degreaser solution for cleaning cabinets. After apply wipe down cabinets with dry cloth or towel.

3. Clean grease with dish soap and water:

Clean cabinets grease with dish soap and warm water. Take few drops of dish soap and bowl of warm water mix them gently. Soak up a sponge or cloth and wipe cabinet. After apply take dry towel or cloth remove excess water.

4. Clean inside of cabinets:

Different food keeps on cabinet that makes spills on surface. Remove these spills need regular cleaning of cabinets. If too many spills have then stored food on airtight container. Clean inside cabinet after a week with vinegar and warm water or dish soap. You can use dinner on cabinet that helps cabinet from spills.

5. Clean cabinets dust:

Take clean cloth or towel wipe excess dust inside and outside of cabinets. Regular dust remove makes work easy while you want deep cleaning.

6. Use oil soap cleaner:

Oil soap wood cleaner is very popular than vinegar and dish soap, and also better cleaner from them. This cleaner used for cleaning grease and tough spills from cabinets without any damage to wooden surface. Murphy’s Oil is very popular for removing spills and grease.

7. Make solution with baking soda and water:

Sometimes you find food spills which are very tough to remove, prepare thick solution with baking soda and water. It’s very effective remove tough spills if you not enough time just apply paste and let 15 minutes for dry when dry plucking dry paste.

8. Use wood polish increase glossy:

Furniture polish makes cabinets shine and gives attractive look. But choose polish which is specially made for wood.

9. Clean cabinet before applying polish:

Remove dust, spills, before apply polish otherwise it looks messy and color decay day by day. Apply polish with dry clean cloth and after apply polish use dry cloth so that polish can mix gently.


Clean grease from wooden cabinets is not very tough task. Just follow previous tips that will help you done this task easily and effectively. Happy cleaning!!

Related Question (FAQs)

1. How do I clean sticky wood cabinets?

Answer: Mix some drops of vinegar with bowl of warm water. Soak up sponge or clean cloth on this mixture and apply this on sticky cabinets.

2. How do you remove degrease wood cabinets?

Answer: Mix the same amount of vinegar and water on bowl and pure it on spray bottle. After spray, this solution wipes with clean cloth. You can use dishwasher instead of vinegar.

3. How do you use Murphy’s Oil Soap on cabinets?

Answer: Apply Murphy’s Oil with damp soap on spills area and wipe area with clean cloth. Clean entire area with oil soap with warm water and wipe area with clean water. This solution very effective removes spills and grease from cabinet.

4. Is Murphy’s oil soap good for wood cabinets?

Answer: Murphy’s oil soap used to deep clean wood cabinets, it’s removing sticky elements from cabinet, spills, and grease from kitchen cabinet. Murphy’s oil soap is good for wood cabinets and no side effects of this oil.

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