What To Use To Clean Ceramic Floor Tile

How To Clean Textured Ceramic Tile Floors?

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Textured ceramic tiles floor become popular because of it’s durability, attractive look and less maintenance. Textured ceramic works as barrier between floor and messy. Like regular  floor, this floor not need huge maintenance. Let’s see how to clean textured ceramic tile floors without any professional person.

What is textured  ceramic tile flooring?

Textured tile is similar to normal tiles but the surface is more smooth and polished. Textured tile is specially used in wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom. Safe for wet surfaces and less slippery than normal tiles or polished surfaces. Different colors, textures and design textured tiles available for the home. Ceramic  tiles are hygienic and safe for human health and the environment.

Different types of ceramic textured tile floors:

Wave Tiles:

Wave tiles are one of the most popular and demandable tiles all of the time. This tile soft cozy design is very attractive. The ocean waves tiles most used in the bathroom wall. This versatile design makes space amazing.

Wood look tiles:

Wooden texture tiles look like vinyl plank floors. These tiles are used in the bedroom and make your bedroom attractive. You may use wood texture tiles instead of hardwood floors. Wood look tiles  are easy to clean and maintain. Different colors and design wood floor increase your home interior beauty.

Mosaic Tiles:

Mosaic Tiles is beautiful, attractive and less price tiles. You have the option to select different designs and textures of mosaic tiles. Mosaic  tiles specially design to make your kitchen cozy. Most of the time kitchen being wet so that need to keep surface hygienic. Keep the floor non-slippery and dry use mosaic tiles.

Elevation tiles:

Elevation tiles is new types of tiles that make your home brightening. You may use elevation tiles in the bedroom, kitchen, living room or bathroom.

Terracotta tiles:

Terracotta tiles is strong, durable and suitable for outdoor use. You may use terracotta tiles in the parking area, around the swimming pool or passage area. Curve design makes these tiles unique.

Benefits of ceramic tile Flooring

There are lots of benefits of the ceramic tile floor. Ceramic  tile floors strong, durable, attractive and easy to clean. Here are some benefits of ceramic tile floor.

  • Ceramic tile floor increases your home interior beauty and makes the floor attractive.
  • Strong, durable and suitable for any type of environment.
  • After using this tile small room looks bigger.
  • Suitable for the wet surface like kitchen and bathroom.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

How To Clean Textured Ceramic Tile Floors?

1. Vacuum floor at least twice a week:

An easy way to keep clean ceramic floor is vacuum floor at least twice a week. Use vacuum without beater bar because it’s scratch surface. Vacuum which is made for tiles floor use this type of vacuum, if you are busy mop floor remove dust and dirt.

2. Mop tile floor every day:

Mop floor with warm water, before mopping floor vacuum floor properly. If water gets dirty then change it and pour clean water again. When mop floor avoids sponge mop and uses mop that not create scratch on surface. If floor is glossy become less  then try to mop floor regularly.

3. Mop New ceramic floor once a week:

If you want to know how to mop ceramic tile floors follow this tricks. If your floor is new and glazed not need wet mop regularly. Vacuum floor before mop, take full bucket of mildly-warm water and gallon of dish soap. Change water when it becomes dirty if you use dish soap then mop floor with clean water again.

What To Use To Clean Ceramic Floor Tile

4. Mop floor with clean towel:

After complete wet mop then starts dry mop that removes excess water. Unglazed tiles more sensitive than glazed tiles, wet unglazed tiles porous pick up dirt, dirt very fast and become dirty soon. So it’s necessary dry mop of ceramic tiles.

5. Wet floor removes stain:

Pre-wet floor surface before applies stain removal chemical. If wet tiles before apply chemicals it absorbs water and it will help to remove stain easily.

6. Clean floor with warm water and dish soap:

Clean floor with Scrub, in this process, take full bucket of mildly warm water with gallon of dish soap. Apply this solution floor using nylon or natural bristle brush and wait 10 or 15 minutes until this solution dry on floor. After dry rinse floor with clean water if not clean properly then use spray commercial floor cleaner.

7. Remove tough stain use acid or chemical floor cleaner:

Sometimes different tough stain need remove and normal floor cleaner not able remove this stain. Use acid floor cleaner or chemical floor cleaner when need removes tough stain. Must follow using caution before apply and follow instruction of apply. Never use abrasive floor cleaner that scratch on floor or decay floor glossy.

8. Enhance grout glossy:

Pour bucket with 2 gallons of warm water, half cup vinegar, and Murphy Oil. Mix this solution gently and apply this solution grout with toothbrush. Try not apply this solution on tiles, let dry solution on grout.

Does steam cleaning  damage  grout?

In steam cleaner not require any type of cleaning solution. Only hot vapor remove dirt from the floor and make the floor hygienic. Only steam not harmful for grout but if any cleaning solution is mixed with steam it’s may harmful for grout.

How To Clean Old Bathroom Floor Tiles?

The bathroom is the most wet place of home. For soap scum, hard water spots and washing factors make bathroom tile dirty. If you have a question about how to clean textured bathroom wall tiles or how to clean rough bathroom floor  tiles these steps solve your problem. Here are Some tricks to clean old bathroom floor tiles.

Maintain routine clean:

Maintain routine clean to keep bathroom shiny and hygienic. Mop bathroom  tile with one bucket of hot water and all-purpose cleaner. For removing tough stain pour this solution in a spray bottle. After that wipe stain with a wet sponge.

Use homemade cleaner:

Baking soda and vinegar is the ideal homemade cleaner for tiles. Prepare a cleaning solution with half cup vinegar, half cup ammonia and one fourth cup borate detergent. Take one bucket of hot water and mix all of these ingredients. Stir gently and clean bathroom tiles with this solution.

Clean dirty grout:

Dirty grout is the most annoying  fact of bathroom tiles. Make a thick paste with tartar cream and lemon juice. Use a toothbrush to apply the paste to dirty grout. Wait 5 minutes to sit this paste on grout. Then wipe grout with a wet sponge.

How to clean textured ceramic tile floors using steam mop?

Using a steam mop is the best way to clean textured ceramic tile floors. If you think steam mop harmful for textured ceramic tile floors your idea wrong. Hot steam pull all types of dirt from the floor and makes the floor hygienic. Using steam mop you also clean porcelain and all types of natural stone floors. If you hate using cleaning solutions you have good news steam cleaner not need any type of cleaning solution. Here are some tips to steam ceramic tile floors.

Vacuum floor before starting steam:

Remove all types of loosen dust, dirt and household debris from floors. If any loose dirt rest in floor steam cleaner not properly work. You may use a vacuum cleaner for removing fine dust. If you not have a vacuum cleaner don’t worry sweep the floor properly.

Attach microfiber pad on steam mop:

Put a microfiber pad on the steam mop, normally three pads available with one steam cleaner. Replace steam cleaner while it’s become too dirty. One pad is suitable for a single large room or two small room.

Steam mop floor:

After setting mop now start mop floor from the corner to the middle of the room. Not hold mop one place long time it’s may crack or damage the floor. Slowly move mop from corner to middle of the room. If any tough stain not remove again steam this area.

Let floor dry:

After steaming  the floor let the area air dry. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to completely dry. When dry the area you notice an amazing clean floor.

How to clean a tile floor?

Cleaning  tile not too hard just need to follow some simple steps. Here are some pro tips how to clean new ceramic tile floors.

  • Vacuum your floor regularly it’s the best way to keep the floor dust free. If you not have vacuum sweep the floor gently.
  • Make baking soda solution with full bucket warm water. Stir this properly  then apply this on your floor. Wait 5 minutes then mop the floor with clean water.
  • Make a paste with the same amount of distilled vinegar and water. Mix them properly after that apply on dirty ceramic floor and wipe with a wet sponge.

How to clean rough textured tiles?

The textured tile floor is strong, durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor of the home. Textured tile is smooth but if it not care properly after some years textured ceramic tile becomes rough. Here complete guide of below topic:

  • How to clean rough tile floors?
  • How do you clean rough ceramic?
  • How do i clean ceramic tile floors?

If you follow our steps you can easily clean the ceramic tile floor. Let’s start

Vacuum floors regularly:

Before vacuuming remove all types of large dirt, toy and paper from the floor. Vacuum floor regular basis it is the best way to clean rough tile floor. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter that removes allergy  from the air.

Mop floor:

Take tile floor cleaner and a full bucket of water. Mop floor with tiles floor cleaner gently. Wait sometimes to sit solution on the floor then again mop floor with clean water.

Make baking soda solution:

If need to deep clean the tile floor prepare a solution with half tablespoon baking soda, half tablespoon lemon and a full bucket of water. Mix this ingredients  properly then mop the floor gently.

Remove tough stain:

Tough stain is a very common incident on the tile floor. Make a paste with vinegar and water. Apply this paste over the tough stain and wait 5 minutes to sit this paste. Take a toothbrush to scrub the stain and then wipe the stain with a damp cloth.


Ceramic tiles did not allow heavy soil, in wet weather use door mates. When any spills occur take cloth and soak up with warm water and wipe spills. Use door mates interior and exterior of house and if need uses extra carpet or rugs on floor. Must shoes keep off after entering home, wipe pet messy as soon as possible.

Related Question (FAQs)

1.What is the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors?

Answer: Pour full bucket on mild-warm water, half cup of vinegar and dish soap. Mix this solution gently and apply this with mop. Must vacuum floor before wet mop, you can use commercial floor cleaner or acid floor cleaner for removing tough stain.

2. Can you use Mr Clean on ceramic tile floors?

Answer: Yes, you can use Mr clean on ceramic tile floor must-see application process from manual.

3. How do you clean unglazed ceramic tiles?

Answer: Clean unglazed ceramic tiles floor with Scrub, pour full bucket of mildly warm water with gallon of dish soap. Apply this on floor using nylon or natural bristle brush and wait 10 or 15 minutes until this solution dry on floor. After dry rinse floor with clean water if not clean properly than use spay commercial floor cleaner.

4. Is Vinegar safe for tile and grout?

Answer: Full bucket of mildly warm water with half cup of vinegar is best natural floor cleaner for tile and grout. Never use bleach on tiles floor because it’s decay glossy of tiles floor. So that vinegar safe for tile and grout.

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