How To Clean Stone Floors Ultimate Guide

How To Get Stains Out OF Natural Stone Ultimate Guide

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Stone tiles floor is the most popular flooring system because of durable and great looking. Stone floor loss it’s glossy within a few days if not care properly. Cleaning stone floor is not very hard, just need to follow some simple steps. Most of the stone cleaner is too alkaline or too acid that damage surface we need a neutral cleaner. In this article, we discuss how to clean stone floors.

Maintain routine clean:

1. Sweep floor regularly:

Try regular sweep floor, too much dirt make floor messy and scratch. Use soft bristle broom for the sweeping floor, sweep the floor with a soft broom every day.

2. Select the perfect vacuum: 

 The stone tiles floor stronger than any other floor, so it needs a strong suction power vacuum. Use hard floor vacuum cleaning Stone tiles floor. Try not to create any scratch on the floor surface while vacuuming.

3. Wet mop at least once a week:

Keep floor clean need wet mop weekly, wet mop wash away dirt and grime from the floor. Use floor cleaner on harder floors mopping floor. Use soft cloth or sponge mop cleaning the floor, never use a hard or harsh mop that scratch on the floor. Marble and limestone floor are more sensitive floor so it needs special care. Use marble floor cleaner on the floor that makes the floor clean and glossy. Must use soft mop while cleaning the floor.

Tips for Cleaning Grout

1. Scrub grout:

Two ties joint place called grout, different types of small dirt, dust make grout dirty. So it also needs to clean, all types of floor cleaning not suitable for a stone floor. Use the stone cleaner on soft stone, scrub the floor with stone cleaner grout, after air dry wipes down scrub with dampen cloth.

2. Clean grout with bleach:

Take a full bucket of water and divided it’s 10 parts. Then prepare a solution with 1 part bleach and 1 part water. Apply this solution on the group and make the scrub, after air dry solution wipes grout with damp sponge or towel.

3. Clean grout with vinegar:

When grout serious messy make a solution with one glass vinegar and one glass water. Apply the solution on messy grout and brush grout 35 seconds, after complete clean grout wipe grout with soft dampen sponge.

How to get stains out of natural stone?

Different spills occur on the floor surface, they not removed by normal floor cleaner. Remove Tea, coffee stains by using 12% hydrogen peroxide and a drop of ammonia. Sometimes our beloved pet urine on the floor and create bad smell this smell can be clean with this solution. Cleaning grease spills use acetone and lightly dab on messy area, wipe area damp cloth.


The marble stone floor is soft and sensitive so it needs clean regularly. In high traffic area use floor mates, it helps to save the floor from scratch and messy. Under shoes, floor mats save the floor and help to increase the life span of the floor. Happy stone floor cleaning!! 

Related questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best way to clean a stone floor?


The stone floor durable and strong than any other floor, but it needs proper maintenance. Use liquid soap with water cleaning stone floor, soft stone floor use soft floor cleaner. After the mopped floor with this solution wipe down excess water from the floor with a clean towel. Always try to use soft cloth or sponge mopping floor.

2. How do you shine a stone floor?

 Answer: Make a solution with two spoons of detergent and one-gallon water. Mop floor gently with this solution, it makes your floor more attractive. Kitchen floor and countertops mop with a normal stone cleaner. 

3. How do you clean porous stones?

Answer: Some tips clean porous stones:

  • Sweep the floor regularly with soft cloth pr sponge.
  • Vacuum floor sucks up small particle from the floor, use hard floor vacuum so that no scratch create on the floor surface.
  • Mop floor with soft stone cleaner, wipe the floor with a damp cloth after complete mop.
  • Make a solution with dish detergent and water, apply the solution on the stone floor.
  • Never use glass cleaner on the stone floor.

4. What is the best natural stone cleaner?

Answer: Make a solution with mild-warm water and dishwashing. Mix this solution properly and mop the floor with this solution. Change the water when getting dirty, wipe the floor with clean town remove excess water from the floor. 

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