How To Clean Stained Linoleum

How To Clean Stained Linoleum Floor Ultimate Guide

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Linoleum floor widely use for long life durability, different styles, various color, and ultra comfort. You can install the linoleum floor the whole home at an affordable price. Due to made of wood not contain any harmful ingredient and also environment friendly. The linoleum floor easy to clean and maintain. Not require pro person, commercial cleaner keep linoleum floor clean and hygienic. But while any tough stain occur it needs special care to remove it. I used the linoleum floor from my childhood so I have enough experience about cleaning and remove stain from the linoleum floor. Now I am shear my experience of how to clean stained linoleum with less effort.

How To Clean Stained Linoleum Floors?

1.Vinegar And Baking Soda paste:

Make a paste with vinegar and baking soda, after mixing them properly apply on the stained area. Wait at least 5 minutes to sit it properly, then wipe down with clean cloth. If the stain not remove repeat this process again. After removing the stain clean floor with tape water.

2. Use dish soap and warm water:

Take a full bucket of mild-warm water, add few drops of dish soap on it. Mix them properly then wipe the stained area with microfiber mop. It’s the most used and popular stain removal process.

How to remove Yellow/Urine Stains From Linoleum White Floor?

1. Remove Yellow/Urine Stains From Linoleum White Floor

Before removing the yellow stain from the linoleum floor remove furniture like sofa, carpet, and doormat. Use a microfiber wet  mop  on the yellow area then apply baking soda on it. Wait 15 minutes to scrub the area. Then wipe the floor with clean water. Keep linoleum floor free from future yellow stains deep clean your floor at least once a week.

2. Clean linoleum floor using alcohol:

This cleaning process is done by using alcohol. You can easily clean your linoleum floor use alcohol with less effort. Here is alcohol contain fluids that is easily remove stain from linoleum floor.

  • Nail polish remover
  • Acetone liquid
  • Chlorine mix with bleach.
  • laundry Washing powder.

Apply this fluid on tough stain that easily remove stain from floor. Just wear gloves while applying fluid, not require too much effort removing stains. Clean floor with warm water after removing the tough stain. If use hydrochloric acid for the brilliant green floor, use light acid for the floor otherwise your floor may warp. Also, check gloves holes for more safety.

3. Clean linoleum floor with potassium permanganate:

Prepare a cleaning solution with manganese and small amount of vinegar. After mixing the solution properly take microfiber mop to apply the solution. Wait at least 10-20 minutes sit solution, while stain turn into brown wipe down solution with warm water. See the magic after using this cleaning solution.

4. Remove stained using bleach-based solutions:

Apply bleach-based solutions on the stained area and wait for5 to 20 minutes to sit solution. Time depends on stain age if the stain is old then require more tile to remove. After than wipe the certain area with warm water and enjoy stain free floor.

If linoleum floor stain not remove:

If you notice stain not remove properly after using the above tricks. Then use different cleaning tricks, while stain becomes old it’s tough to remove properly. But don’t worry, remove such old stains mechanically.

Cut around the stained floor, cut 3-5 cm from the borders of the spot, and take it out. Keep cut part under the valve for heating, this tricks definitely work. Because stain property not stable under heat so use this tricks for your tough stain linoleum floor.

Cleaning red stain on linoleum floor:

Sometimes red stains like cherry, raspberry, or cranberry juice occur on the linoleum floor. Apply hydrogen peroxide fluid on the stained area, wait 10 minutes to sit fluid. After that wipe down the stain with warm water, if red stain not an artificial stain definitely remove while applying hydrogen peroxide fluid.

Cleaning black spots on linoleum floor:

Black spots very common occurrence on the linoleum floor. The linoleum floor is most used in the bathroom and kitchen. Light color material fade linoleum floor color, after certain time it turns black spots. Use bathroom cleaner to remove such black spots.

How to remove pictures of mold under linoleum:

Mold under linoleum is very common incident on the linoleum floor. The leak of the linoleum floor cause mold growth. Normally mold growth occur under the toilet or tile flooring, it’s the perfect environment to growth mold. But don’t  worry about removing mold from the bathroom just follow below simple steps.

Step one:

Cover the mold affected area with plastic sheet, for extra caution use double flap plastic sheet. It’s prevent mold spread whole the bathroom.

Step two:

Take protective gloves and wear it, be sure not any leak on gloves. Using knife cut off mold affected area and keep this linoleum floor pieces in a garbage bag. Seal this bag immediately and put on the dustbin.

Step three:

Prepare a solution with the same amount of bleach and warm water. Mix them properly and apply under the linoleum floor. Take a brush to scrub the solution and wait to air dry solution.

Step four:

After completing all of this task replace the new linoleum floor on your bathroom and enjoy mold free linoleum floor.


I shear quick and most effective tips for cleaning your linoleum floor. After reading the full article hopefully, you easily remove all types of tough stain from the linoleum floor. Clean your dirty linoleum floor follow our cleaning tips with minimum effort.

Related Question (FAQs)

1. How to clean linoleum floors with bleach?

Answer: Bleach is well-known linoleum floor cleaner and it’s no side effect. Prepare baking soda paste with water and apply it on the stained area. Wait 5 minutes to scrub the area. After that wipe stain with warm water and see the magic of bleach.

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