How To Clean Stained Concrete Floors

How To Clean Stained Concrete Floors?

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Concrete floor is a popular and durable modern building construction material. The concrete floor is attractive, durable and strong enough for using outdoor, basements, driveway, garage. Sealed Concrete floor is stain resistance, heat resistant and water-resistant. Sealed concrete prevent dust, mildew, mold, grease, rust, and other messy. The concrete floor needs regular cleaning otherwise improper cleaning leave permanent stains. As a concrete floor user, I know how to clean stained concrete floors and how to clean indoor concrete floors without a professional person.

Remember all cleaning solutions not suitable for concrete floors. For example garage concrete tackle oil, grease and other outdoor messy every day, so need strong cleaning solution. For less messy concrete floor require moderate strong cleaning solution. Now let’s talk about how to clean concrete floors and how to clean stained concrete floors indoors?

How to clean stained concrete floors?

Concrete stain is very common fact but sometimes tough stain hard to remove. Follow below steps for cleaning stained concrete floors.

1. Remove grease and oil stains:

If any grease or oil stain spots are visible on the floor, sprinkle some sawdust over the stain. Wait 12 hours to soak the stain, then remove it with a clean cloth. Normally these types of stains occurred on porous concrete like unsealed concrete. If your concrete floor is sealed or polished avoid this step.

2. Use broom to remove dirt:

Collect all types of debris from the floor like paper, toys and all types of large messy. Use a broom to remove fine dust and loosen dirt from the floor. Sweep floor properly to remove rest of messy.

3. Use vacuum cleaner:

Unsealed concrete floor is porous so that mold, mildew and bacteria easily grow on it. Use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that sucks mold, mildew, bacteria and allergy particle from the floor. Now you see oil and grease dirt completely remove but the stain is visible.

4. Apply detergent on stains:

Now let’s work to remove the stain from the floor, damp the stain with tap water. Sprinkle the detergent over the stained area and wait an hour to absorb the detergent. Detergent easily breaks down oil and grease chemical composition.

5. Scrub the stain with a brush:

Take boiling water and a scrub brush to eliminate the rest of the stain. Detergent easily reaches concrete porous and removes the stain. Now prepare a cleaning solution with 2-ounces of baking soda and mild warm full bucket water.

6. Mop the floor:

Take mop and soak on cleaning solution, carefully start mopping task from the corner of the room. Take a clean cloth to dry the floor or allow air dry.

How to clean concrete floors?

Concrete floor is decorative, attractive and the best alternative for an indoor floor. The concrete floor is non-porous and requires less maintenance. If the concrete floor becomes stained fast due to high footsteps or another reason, protect the floor with sealers. Here I will shear how to deep clean concrete floors without streaks and how to clean acid stained concrete floors.

Remove dirt:

Clear all visible debris from the concrete floor, then use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove fine dust. A vacuum cleaner with HEPA also sucks up allergies and other harmful particles from the floor.

Apply cleaning solution:

Apply concrete cleaning solution on floor then mop floor with clean water. Start mop from the corner of the room then covers the middle area. Change the water when it becomes too dirty,

Dry room:

After completing the cleaning task allow air dry or wipe the floor with a clean cloth. Avoid vinegar, lemon extract, ammonia, and bleach contain cleaning products. Concrete floor badly damages by this product. Use brooms, dust mops and vacuum cleaner with soft attachment during cleaning time. All of these cleaning ingredients and cleaning tools are safe for concrete floors. Now you know details about how to clean concrete floors indoors and how to clean interior concrete floors and how to clean concrete stained floors? So start your cleaning task and enjoy the stunning floor.

How to clean unsealed concrete floors?

Cleaning unsealed concrete floors is slightly difficult because it’s tough to understand how messy your floor is. After the cleaning process see your unsealed concrete floors look better. So let’s talk about how to clean unsealed concrete floors indoors and how to clean interior stained concrete floors?

Remove grease and oil stains:

Collect all visible messy from the floor then sweep the rest of the debris. Use a vacuum cleaner with an attached brush to remove dirt and fine dust. Apply powder dishwasher detergent on the stained area. If the stain is old and dry wet it with water. Wait for 40 to 45 minutes soak the stain with dishwasher detergent.

Apply warm water to soak stained area and scrub the stain with a stiff brush. Stain easily reach deep of unsealed floor so need special care. After scrubbing the stain, mop floor with distilled water. Take a clean cloth completely dry the floor.

If any stain is still visible like oil or grease requires another cleaning process. Sprinkle sawdust or cat litter over the stained area and let absorb it at least two days. Within two days this stain becomes weak and easily remove with a stiff brush.

Use homemade concrete floor cleaner:

Use homemade cleaner for cleaning unsealed concrete floors. Homemade floor cleaner is also best for painted, etched and sealed concrete. Prepare a cleaning solution with one-eighth cup dishwashing liquid and a full bucket of warm water. Mix them properly apply on the floor with a mop. This cleaning solution removes sticky messy from the floor.

Apply baking soda solution:

Baking soda is the best cleaning ingredient for concrete floors. Baking soda smartly removes bad odor and tough stains from the floor. Make a cleaning solution with half a cup of baking soda and ten liters of warm water. Mop floor with this excellent cleaning solution and enjoy stain-free concrete floor. For excessive messy concrete floor use a more strong homemade cleaning solution. Mix one-eighth cup of dishwashing liquid with the previous cleaning solution. This strong cleaning solution is completely safe for unsealed concrete floors.

Can you mop unsealed concrete?

Unsealed concrete floors porous and absorbent than a sealed concrete floors. The mop is safe for unsealed concrete floors, especially steam mop easily pulls off tough stains like oil and grease. So if anyone asks you “Can you steam mop an unsealed floor?” the answer is yes. Prevent electric shock don’t fill mop water reservoir during cleaning period.

Not require any cleaning agents with a steam mop because steam vapor perfectly remove stains from unsealed concrete. Don’t use a steam mop on fixtures like porcelain sinks because steam may damage fixtures.

Remove heavy mildew stains:

The steam mop also removes mildew stains from the floor and makes the floor bacteria-free. But if the stain is tough to remove prepare a cleaning solution with one cup of bleach and one gallon of water. Apply this cleaning solution on the unsealed concrete floor and scrub with a stiff brush. Wear protective gloves for hand safety.
You may use commercial floor cleaner instead of this cleaning solution. Pick up a safe commercial floor cleaner for your unsealed concrete floor. For best results follow manual paper instructions.

Avoid cleaning solution for unsealed concrete:

Some people use vinegar for cleaning unsealed concrete. Vinegar is well known floor cleaning ingredient but not safe for unsealed concrete floors. Sometimes vinegar left an unwanted mark on unsealed concrete.
Also, avoid mercury acid contain cleaning solution.

How to clean oil from concrete garage floors?

Oil stains on concrete garage floors very common fact so don’t worry if same incident occur with you. Sprinkle cat litter over the stained and wait overnight to sit stain. Now sweep cat litter and pour liquid dish soap over the stain. Wait at least one hour to soak the stain and use a brush scrub the stain. Liquid dish soap ingredients easily break down oil chemical bonding. Now enjoy oil and grease-free concrete garage floors.

How to clean polished concrete floors?

Polished concrete floors are extremely durable, they require regular cleaning and slightly maintenance. Polish concrete floors located in a high-traffic or commercial place. It’s easy to care about than an unsealed or sealed concrete floor. Now let’s talk about how to clean finished concrete floors and how to clean polished concrete floors indoors?

  • ​Soil and excess dust act as an abrasive on polish or finish concrete floors. Sometimes they damage polished concrete floors clarity and shine. Use broom or dust mop with microfiber pad removing messy from the floor. If require to clean a small area use mop and bucket for cleaning. For large space cleaning use an automatic floor scrubber with a non-abrasive pad.​
  • Use neutral floor cleaner or natural floor cleaner for wet mopping. Water and natural floor cleaner gently remove dirt from the floor, not require extra force.
  • ​If any spills or stains occur on the floor immediately wipe down the floor.
  • ​A tough stain like grease and oil requires enough time to remove. After completing the stain remove the task properly vacuum the floor.
  • ​Don’t soak cleaning solution on the surface and not let dry cleaning solution on polished concrete. Now you know how to clean polished concrete floors at home without a professional person.

How to clean and shine concrete floors?

The outdoor concrete floor gets dirty fast for muddy, sand, fine dust, dirt and other outside messy. Regular sweeping the floor with dish soap and water keeps the concrete floor clean and shine. Pressure washer with high water speed remove loosen dirt from concrete floor.

How to clean concrete floors after removing carpet?

Before cleaning the concrete floor after removing the carpet you require some cleaning tools. Don’t worry these tools available in any supermarket. The required materials are:

  • Hand-held floor scrape
  • Broom or light vacuum cleaner
  • Hot water
  • Towels or cotton cloth
  • A floor scrubber
  • Adhesive remover
  • A mop and bucket

Scrape the glue marks:

You find lots of glue marks on the concrete floor after removing carpet. Use handheld floor scraper for removing marks. Sharp blade joint with floor scraper that gets off glue from concrete floor. Sweep the floor after glue removing task.

Use broom or vacuum:

Use a broom with a dustpan to remove fine dust and debris. You may use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom. Make your floor completely dust free before applying cleaning solution. If the glue stain is still visible let’s go next step.

Apply boil water:

Apply boil water on glue marks, boil water is available and not contain any toxin. Maintain proper safety before applying boil water on the concrete floor. If the marks are new require a small amount of water but for old and tough stain requires large pot of water. Soak the stain with hot water at least 1-2 minutes.

Scrub out the adhesive:

Boil water loose gum marks, use concrete floor scrubber to remove rest of the marks. If any moistened glue is visible use a handheld scraper.

Apply adhesive glue remover:

After following this process if the glue is perfectly not removed require adhesive glue remover. This heavy-duty adhesive glue remover effectively removes glue and safe for concrete. Before applying heavy-duty adhesive glue remover wear hand gloves and masks for safety.

Use heat gun or iron:

If you notice some stubborn glue marks still visible use a heat gun or iron. Cover the affected area with a cotton towel and keep hot iron. Iron hot easily removes glue marks from the concrete floor.

Mop floor with a homemade solution:

After removing glue marks perfectly mop the floor with a cleaning solution. Take a full bucket of water and two tablespoons of liquid dish soap. Mix them properly, mop the floor with this cleaning solution. This solution effectively cleans your dirty concrete floor.

Dry concrete floor:

Open your window for air dry concrete floor overnight or use an oscillating fan. Not allow walking this area before carpeting. Perfectly dry floor is very important otherwise mildew will grow under the carpet.

Final Thoughts:

Now you know all process of cleaning stained concrete floors. Some concrete stain are tough to remove so need special care. Sealed your concrete floor because it’s increase floor life span. Seal prevent dirt, grime, oil and grease so require less maintenance.

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