How To Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors

How To Clean Matte Finish Hardwood Floors?

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Everyone wants to keep their floor clean, fresh, and amazing look. Floor become dirt fast because of lots of footsteps, children activity, different kind of home chores, pet hair. Protect floor from dust use floor mats inside and outside of home that help to absorb dirt from outside. Heavy rain and snowy weather impact floor condition so make shoe removal area keep floor protect. Wrong Vacuum sometimes scratch floor so use vacuum which is specially made for matte hardwood floor. If you know proper way how to clean matte finish hardwood floor it’s may help you doing task fast.

Here are some tricks clean matte finish hardwood floors

1. Use perfect vacuum:

Matte finish hardwood floors more sensitive than any other floor so it needs special care. Sometimes vacuum beater bar creates scratch on floor surface so use vacuum which is specially made for Matte hardwood floors. If you have pet then you should choose vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floor.

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2. Keep shoes off:

Our shoes contain nasty bacteria that make our home unhygienic. So make habit keep your shoes off, use doormats inside and outside of home. At rainy and snowy weather cover your floor with rugs that saves floor from excess entry of water from outdoor. Excess water damage floor condition and gradually decay floor glassy.

3. Use furniture pad:

Heavy furniture may scratch floor surface so use furniture pad. Be careful about moving furniture and try to not use rolling chairs, because it’s may scratch floor.

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4. Mop floor perfectly:

Before starting mop prepare solution with mild hot water with floor cleaner. Seeing label instruction prepare this solution. Take pad mop and soak up in prepare solution after this hold it 3 to 4 seconds so that excess waterfall down. Then mop floor and soak up excess water with clean towel.

5. Use perfect floor cleaner:

Use perfect floor cleaner for matte hardwood floor because of all kinds of floor cleaner not suitable for the hardwood floor. Some floor cleaner may create stain on surface and must use sponge or string mop because of hard mop damage on floor.

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How to clean hardwood floors naturally:

Take warm water with vinegar:

Clean wood floor with vinegar mild hot water, using vinegar you can easily clean kitchen counters and matte hardwood floor. Hard stain easily removed by using vinegar and also makes floor shine.

Mop floor with water, vinegar, and essential oil:

Before staring mop make solution with water, vinegar and essential oil that have nice fragrance and able to clean wood floor effectively.

Use Vinegar and Vegetable Oil clean floor:

If you think water damage your floor you will try vinegar and vegetable oil solution. It’s completely natural homemade recipe for cleaning floor. No side effect using remedies on floor and it also makes your floor shiny.

Use Plant Liquid Soap, Vinegar and Water mixture:

If you want to keep your floor naturally germ free then use Plant Liquid Soap, Vinegar and Water mixture. This m mixture makes your floor clean and hygienic.

How to remove stain from wood floor:

Remove dark spot from floor use steel wool, same tricks used for removing pet stains. If the spot did not remove then use vinegar on floor and keep it one hour soak up, take damp clean clean cloth and wipe dark spot area. Oil stain is may create regularly on wood floor but it’s very simple to remove oil stain from floor. Take soft cloth or mop spot area with detergent. If the spot did not remove first time then apply this procedure several times.


Matte hardwood floors were more attractive and shiny than any other floor. But because of more sensitive, it needs lots of maintenance. So be careful about Matte hardwood floors maintenance. Happy mopping!!

Related Question (FAQs)

1. What is a matte finish on hardwood floors?

Answer: Hardwood floor becomes most popular because of it’s attractive tile looking, glossy, durable and wet looking. Hardwood floor becomes gloss because of light reflected from it. Matte finish hardwood floors are one kind of hardwood floors it seems as real but less shine than hardwood floors.

2. How do you get the shine off hardwood floors?

Answer: Hardwood floor becomes shine because of reflecting light from it. So try to manage proper ventilation for hardwood floor. Apply denatured alcohol to wood that makes your floor more shine.

3. What is the best thing to use to clean wood floors?

Answer: Vacuum dust, dirt and pet hair from wood floor. Mop floor regular basis, use pad mop or string mop for floor. For natural clean use warm water with vinegar and mop floor.

4. Is Murphy’s oil soap good for wood floors?

Answer: Yes, Murphy’s oil soap good for wood floors.

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