How To Clean Linoleum Floors With Ground In Dirt?

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Linoleum floor is strong, durable, eco-friendly, and known from the 18th century. For long lifespan, durability, attractive look and cheap price linoleum floor demand increase day after day. Linoleum floor easy to clean and maintain with less effort. Most of the linoleum floor users seem it’s hard to maintain linoleum floor, clear users confusion here I will discuss how to clean linoleum floors with ground in dirt.

What is linoleum flooring? 

People being confused about linoleum and vinyl floors. Linoleum is combination of oil, flax seeds, jute, cork powders, wood flours, and tree pine resins. Mix all these ingredients and apply them to jute or canvas backing. After that, it’s prepared for commercial and residential use.

Different Types of linoleum:

Sheet Linoleum: 

Most used and popular flooring system, widest patterns, and multiple colors available in sheet linoleum floor. Proper skilled person require to install these floors.

Linoleum Tile Floor:

Linoleum tile floor shape is small and similar to tile, stone, and ceramic floor. This type of floor is eco-friendly, easy to carry, and handle. This anti-allergen floor most used in hospital, medical college, nursing home, and the food industry. More water resistance than the traditional floor and require less maintenance. Being strong and durable perfect choice for high traffic area and suitable for stand upon for long periods.

Floating Linoleum Floor:

The kitchen is the most used place at home and become messy soon. So the kitchen requires less absorb messy surface and floating linoleum floor is the best choice for it. Floating linoleum floor not require any adhesive property lock, that’s why more safe. Suitable for the high messy area and makes your room great looking.

Forbo Linoleum floor:

Forbo linoleum floor popular for dirt-camouflaging technology. Forbo Linoleum floor is also known as Artoleum® Graphic, Scala, Piazza, Passione, etc. Most resistant to heat than other linoleum floor, suitable for warm place.

Solid color linoleum floor: 

Solid color linoleum floor offers different colors, shade, and design floor. Popular for long durability, attractive look, and various color.

Flecked linoleum floor:

Flecked linoleum floor makes any room more attractive and unique.

Patterned Linoleum floor:

Offer various color, design, and pattern flooring system, require pro person to install it.

Benefits of using linoleum floor:

  • Enhance home beauty and make your room more attractive, for traditional look linoleum floor is the perfect choice.
  • Offers different colors, design, pattern floors, and more thick than ceramic or tiles floor.
  • Not contain any harmful ingredients like VOC, eco-friendly, heat resistance, water-resistance, and suitable high traffic area.
  • Require less maintenance and less absorb messy.

How to clean linoleum floors with ground in dirt?

Cleaning linoleum floors not require pro person. You can easily clean the linoleum floor just follow some simple tips. Here I shear linoleum floors cleaning tips, let’s see:

Things Will Require:

  • Use vacuum cleaner or broom or sweep
  • Bucket
  • Mop
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Dish soap
  • Mild warm water
  • Clean Cloth

Use vacuum cleaner or broom:

Before start the cleaning task remove all types of large dirt, dust, small particle using vacuum cleaner or broom. Vacuum cleaner loose dirt from the surface that makes deep cleaning task easy. Pick up the right vacuum cleaner for your floor otherwise, vacuum beater bar may scratch on the surface. Instead of vacuum cleaner, you may sweep the floor that also removes fine dirt from the floor.

Apply cleaning solution:

For deep cleaning floor apply homemade cleaning solution or natural floor cleaner. Prepare a cleaning solution with one bucket of clean water, dish soap and a few drops of vinegar. Apply the solution on the dirt area and scrub the area. Wait a few minutes and use mop clean the area. Not require pressure to remove dirt gently mop the area. If you can’t desire the cleaning result then repeat this cleaning process again. Use brush remove tough stain from the surface but not use stiff nylon brush.

Remove tough stain:

Different types of household stains create on the floor like: coffee, tea, wine, grease. Require special care to remove tough spills. Use baking soda to remove tough spills, apply baking soda paste on the stained area. Wait sometime to scrub the area then take wet rug to wipe the stain. Repeat this process if the stain not remove in the first time.

Let dry area:

After completing the cleaning task dry your floor properly. Turn on your floor on open window for air dry. Now enjoy your clean and hygienic floor.

Best way to steam clean linoleum floors:

Using steam cleaner you can easily remove visible and invisible dirt from linoleum floors. Not require pro person just follow simple cleaning tips. Steam cleaner kill 99.99% of the germs and viruses from the surface and it’s also safe for your floor. Let’s see how to steam clean linoleum floors.

Step 1:

Remove all types of visible and large dirt particles from the floor like paper, toys, books. Use vacuum cleaner or broom to remove fine dust. If possible move furniture certain place that makes your steaming task more accurate.

Step 2:

Fill the water in the steam mop and plug the mop. After a certain period, it’s starting to boil and then prepare your mop for the steaming task. Must check the manual paper before start the mopping task.

Step 3:

After complete mop preparing task, start mopping from one corner zone of the room. Then mop the middle of the room, while see any tough satin spend something this place. Be careful if you need to backward the surface, because hot steam may burn your foot.

Step 4:

After complete the steaming task, turn on the fan or open window to dry the surface. Normally steam mop fast dry than manual cleaning.

Pro cleaning tips for the linoleum floors:

  • Vacuum or sweep or broom linoleum floors everyday. Fine dust, dirt silence enemy for linoleum floors. It slowly damages the linoleum floor surface and makes the floor ugly. Fade floor color and gradually decrease floor lifespan.
  • Try to not use vacuum beater bar because it’s may scratch on the floor.
  • Not use commercial floor cleaner or harsh chemicals on the floor. Never use stiff brush to remove tough stains.
  • After applying the cleaning solution on the floor clean the floor with fresh water otherwise, the cleaner will leave stains.
  • Before using steam mop be sure which is best for your floor.
  • After complete the cleaning task let dry the floor properly otherwise watermark will leave.
  • Never standing water or flooding the floor with water.
  • Use homemade linoleum floor polish that is much safe.
  • Before stripping the floor use linoleum floor stripping products that are much safe.


Do proper research before cleaning up the linoleum floor, if require search online for better result. The linoleum floor is my favorite flooring system for it’s long life span and durability. One of my friend use ceramic floor and while I compare cleaning period I see linoleum floor require too much less maintenance than the ceramic floor. Normally Linoleum floor life span 25 years and if linoleum floor users properly maintain this floor it’s lifespan will be 40 years.

Related Question (FAQs)

1.How to clean linoleum floors with bleach?

Bleach is popular cleaning product for linoleum floors and also safe for linoleum floors. Prepare a cleaning solution with ¾ cup of bleach and a full bucket of water. Mix them properly apply on the floor with microfiber mop.

2.Can you steam clean linoleum floors?

Yes, you steam clean linoleum floors and steam cleaner provide you extraordinary cleaning result. But before pick up the steam mop be sure which one best for your lovely floor.

3.How to strip linoleum floors?

Properly clean your floor before stripping linoleum floors. After that using old mop dipped your solution and apply it on the floor before floor stripping. Not strip full of your floor, start stripping from one corner like 10-square-foot floor. It’s make stripping fast and easy than tradition.

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