How To Clean An Air Purifier Filter Ultimate Guide

How To Clean An Air Purifier Filter Ultimate Guide

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Air purifier is easy to maintain and clean up if HEPA filter is Washable or permanent. Two types of air purifiers available in market: washable and non-washable. Wash your air HEPA filter with warm water and soapy cleaner within 30 days. Clean non-washable filter with damp cloth, after cleaning use dry cloth rinse excess amount of water.

How to clean holmes air purifier filter?

What we need to clean an air purifier filter:

  1. The screwdriver does not need all types of model
  2. Vacuum for pick up dirt
  3. New model Carbon Filter
  4. New model HEPA Filter

Visual indicator presents most of the air purifiers that indicate replacement and cleaning time. If the indicator does not present your air filter don’t worry, normally the best time to change the filter every 3-6 months. Before changing filter must-read guidance of product. Unplugged before start cleaning air purifier, also turn off power.

1. Clean exterior pre-filters of purifier:

Exterior pre-filter collects fine dust, dirt, pet hair and invisible fiber from indoor air. Use soft bristles vacuum for suck up dirt and after vacuuming use damp cloth to clean filter.

2. Open air filter cover and remove it:

Almost all air filter cover with easy-open tabs. That is the present backside of the filter and easy to remove. Air filter open by hand but larger models need screwdriver. If you not able find how to remove air filter cover then check the manual or search online specific problem.

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3. Remove Air Filter:

Air filter picks up mold, mildew, and bacteria from the air, so it contains lots of nasty elements. After removing air filters keep it on the dustbin and be careful any dirt not back on the home.

4. Fit New Air Filter:

Normally air filters used one-way airflow and contain germ from indoor air. All kind of air filters installation system is not the same. So check the manual paper before installation. Firstly Pull polluted air at pre-filter, then a carbon filter, and finally a HEPA filter.

5. Fix New Air Filter Cover:

When new air filter install tasks done then replace filter cover. Make sure screws fitted guide holes otherwise air filter not work properly.


6. Test for Operation:

Complete all task plug and test for operation because some filter does not work for improper installation. Sometimes filter damage for improper installation because it’s damage internal part of filter, indicator light rarely signal to improve the installation process.


Cleaning air purifiers is not very hard task just follow our all steps to clean. If you get confused then search online or see the cleaning manual. Happy cleaning!!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Can HEPA filters be washed and reused?

Answer: Yes, you can wash HEPA filter without ruining internal part. Regular cleaning HEPA filter  enhance cleaning performance. Most of HEPA filter is washable, so HEPA filter is also reused.

2. Do air purifiers need to be cleaned?

Answer: Most of air purifier has dirt Visual indicator that notices you cleaning time. Air purifiers need clean within 30 days otherwise it’s not working properly. If air purifier is washable wash it with warm water and soapy solution. After wash pre-filter rinse with clean cloth.

3. How do I clean my Honeywell air purifier filter?

Answer: Yes, you can clean Honeywell air purifier filter following below method:

  1. Before start  your cleaning unplug your air purifier. If dirt Visual indicator presents that good but if not present try to clean HEPA filter within 30 days.
  2. Clean Exterior Pre-Filters of air purifier because it’s suck dirt particle from air. If pre-filter is washable then wash it and if non-washable then take dampen cloth to clean it.
  3. Remove old air filter, if it’s reusable than use it after wash. Change your filter and keep old filter dustbin and ensure no dust back to home.
  4. Now install a new air purifier.
  5. Finally, check your air purifier with plugin. Be sure screws are fitted properly. Sometimes air purifiers did not work for proper installation.

4. How do you clean a non-washable HEPA filter?

Answer: Firstly remove pre-filter from air purifier then use vacuum picks up dirt, dust and other dirt particles from it. Take dampen cloth and clean HEPA filter properly after doing this task take clean cloth and wipe down HEPA filter.

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