How To Clean A Garage Floor Before Painting

How To Clean A Garage Floor Before Painting

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The cleaning garage floor is not a very easy task, garage floor become dirty fast because of lots of footsteps, moving the car, byke on the floor surface. Clean Garage floor using sweeps or mop floor. Need to know proper cleaning way that helps you clean garage floor like a pro. Routine clean floor increases floor lifespan and give floor new look. If your floor made of concrete clean with buffers or epoxy it’s require liquid soap to clean surface. In this article, we discuss how to clean a garage floor before painting.

How to clean a garage floor before painting?

1. Remove dirt and vehicle:

Remove all small particles from floor, you can use vacuum sucks up all small particles from floor. Some hard particles may scratch floor surfaces. Remove cars, bikes, spray bottles, shelves, boxes, car repairing tools and all necessary items from garage.

2. Cover wall with cloth:

Cover floor attaches to wall with cloth, use tape or pin attach cloth with wall. Attach cloth at least 3 feet from floor, so that wet mop does not damage porous of wall. Ensure all electric board covered with cloth, that save from sudden accident.

3. Clean and remove spills from floor:

Sweep floor before mop, that removes dust, dirt, debris from floor. Remove spills right way, use spill cleaner for remove spills. Use colth or towel remove spills from floor.

4. Apply lemon juice on the stain:

If your garage floor made with concrete apply lemon juice or vinegar on stain. If stain is tough to remove apply several times solution on the stain. Use muriatic acid and water solution if stain is soo tough to remove. Not apply vinegar on epoxy floor.

5. Remove oil stain:

Sometimes oil stain creates on floor surface for different reasons. It’s not clean with normal floor cleaner. Use cat litter for removing tough oil stain, apply cat litter on stain and left it over night. After dry this use towel or cloth for sweeping floor, use clean towel or cloth mop floor.

6. Make water and detergent scrub:

Remove grease stain use oil grease remover, if stain does not remove apply this several times. Before apply stain remover follows label of instruction. 

7. Make scrub with detergent:

Make solution with warm water and detergent and apply this on stain. Use brush apply solution after apply solution wait several tries until scrub not dry. Wet mop floor after dry this scrub.

8. Power washer clean too much dirt:

When floor become too dirty use washer cleaner cleaning floor. Spray solution on floor surface and wait 10 to 15 minutes for absorve solution, keep open garage floor drained water. Run buffer through floor surface, it’s work more powerful than hand clean.

How to clean epoxy garage floor:

1. Sweep floor at least once a week:

Epoxy garage floor did not need enough maintenance, sweep epoxy floor once a week. Use soft mop sweep floor otherwise, it’s scratch on surface.

2. Wash floor with ammonia :

Prepare solution with ½ gallon of ammonia and 1 gallon of water. Mop floor with this solution uses sponge mop or cloth mop. When complete mop task wipes excess water with dry towel. Never use detergent mop floor surface, always try to use soft mop.


Sometimes different types of spot from treatments or salt cre ate on epoxy floor. Clean this stain with mild warm water and sponge. Soak up sponge in warm water and gentely wipe o stain. Never use bleach cleaner on garage or epoxy floor. They may scratch on surface or fade surface color. Use these tips while clean garage floor, it will make your task easily and effectively. Happy garage cleaning!! 

Related Question (FAQs)

1. How do you prepare a concrete floor for painting?

Answer: Sweep floor before start cleaning, remove all small particles, dust, dirt before start mop. Mop floor with ¼ cup vinegar and one gallon of warm water. Mop floor with solution.

2. How do you clean a concrete floor?

Answer: Make solution with Castile soap, liquid detergent, floor cleaner, mix this gently and mop floor properly. After complete mop wipes down floor with dry towel or cloth.

 3. Is painting a garage floor a good idea?

Answer: Painting garage floor give floor intensive look, which makes floor more hard than previous. Create hard layer on top surface give extra protection on floor and save floor from decay.

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