How To Clean A Broom Head?

How To Clean A Broom Head?

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Sweeping floor is a regular cleaning task for every homeowner. After every sweeping task gather lots of crumbs, dirt, pet hair, and many other household dirt. Sweeping results much depends on which type of broom used during cleaning. If the broom head gets old, user can’t get the required cleaning results. Dirty sponge, cloth, or other cleaning tools spread bacteria through the floor. So you need to know how to clean a broom? Best quality broom provide amazing cleaning floor at minimum time.

Here are some tips about how to clean a broom head?

Remove dust off:

After every sweeping or before starting to sweep remove dust from the broom. Take your broom away from your door and gently shake until dirt falling off. If any hair or other debris visible use your hand or a wide-tooth comb to remove it. Be aware of not any dirt back indoor of home and if you have allergy problem take extra protection. It’s the best way to clean a broom without hassle. Best dustpan with long handle easily clean tight space of the home.

Wash your broom:

Every week or every few weeks broom require deep cleaning but it depends on how dirty your floor is? High footsteps area broom requires every week deep cleaning. If you have a question about how to wash a broom follow this step.

Shake the dust off from the broom head, soak the broom in a cleaning solution. Take enough large buckets and prepare a cleaning solution to soak the broom head. Take a full bucket of warm water and a cleaning solution. But if you want to prepare a solution without traditional cleaning solution you have an option. Use liquid dish detergent and laundry detergent or baby soap. If you want to make the floor hygienic use a small amount of bleach. Gently mix this solution properly and soak head on it at least 35 minutes. Clean room broom properly follow this step and enjoy hygienic broom.

Sanitize the broom handle:

Now it’s time to clean the broom handle because the handle also contains bacteria. Many user’s common questions are how often do you wash your hands before sweeping? If you clean broom handle regularly not require wash hand frequently cleaning time. Spray the cleaning solution over the handle and wipe down the handle with a clean cloth.

Dry and store broom:

After soaking broom head with solution wash broom with clean tape water. Wash head gently until clean off. After that keep the broom on a well-ventilated surface. Otherwise, mildew will grow if the broom damp for a long time. Remember always keep your head up on your bristle it ensures the bristle dry fast. While broom becomes completely dry then store for next use.

Use multiple brooms for different surfaces:

Do you use the same broom for all of your needs? If the answer is yes it’s not a fair decision. If you use different broom for your home it avoids unintentionally spreading dirt. For example, bathroom contain different germs so if you use the same broom in the kitchen it’s spread germ in the kitchen. Use a different broom for the kitchen, bathroom, living, and outdoor. Never use outdoor broom indoor surface it also spread outdoor germ indoor area. Use the best outdoor angle broom for outdoor use. You may use an angled bristle outdoor patio broom for the garage.

How to clean a broom?

Remove dirt:

Remove all types of clog dirt, dust, and long hair from bristle. Use a brush or hand to remove everything. Always use the best dustpan with the handle that provides you amazing cleaning result. If you may use the vacuum cleaner removing fine dust. Some users say a broom is the best sweeping brush. If you have question how to clean a cobweb broom you can clean this broom same cleaning process.

Prepare cleaning solution:

Prepare a cleaning solution for your broom. Choose a bucket where the bristle easily submerge but not need to use the bathtub. Take a full bucket of warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Stair this solution until a bubble forms. If mop used in a wet area like bathroom and kitchen use bleach powder detergent for disinfectant.

Soak broom:

Now soak your broom in that soapy water for at least 30 minutes to an hour. If broom made with natural fiber soak broom for more than 15 minutes. Wash the dustpan with some soapy water.

Wash and dry:

After soaking bristle properly on soapy water wash broom under running water. Wash until dirt runs off and soap is completely gone. Then keep the broom open space area. While broom will completely dry store this for next use.

How to wash a broom?

Take a large bucket and make a cleaning solution with warm water, liquid dish soap, and bleach. Mix all of these ingredients properly and soak the broom for 30 minutes in this cleaning solution. After that wash broom under running water until dirty water runs off.

How to clean a broom with vinegar?

Best dustpan and brush provide best cleaning performance. Prepare a cleaning solution with warm water, one cup of vinegar, and few drops of dish soap. Mix all of this in a bucket, stair solution until bubbles form. Soak the broom in this solution for 30 minutes, then wash the broom and dry it in a well-ventilated area.

How to clean a dirty broom?

  • Remove dirt, dust, hair, and all types of clog debris from the broom. Then shake broom outdoor of the home so that all loosen dirt easily remove. Use the best soft-bristle broom for hardwood floors that keep the floor safe long period.
  • Make cleaning solution with warm water, liquid dish soap and vinegar or bleach. Mix them properly in a bucket, not in a bathtub. Then soak the broom in this solution for at least 30 minutes. After that wash broom with clean water.
  • Wash broom until dirt completely removes from bristle. After completing all of this task store broom for next use.

How to clean plastic broom bristles?

Prepare cleaning solution with mildly warm water, liquid dish soap, and bleach. Mix all of these ingredients in a large bucket and soak plastic broom bristles on it for 30 minutes. After that keep bristle under running water.

How to fix bent brush bristles?

Sometimes you discover broom not standing against a wall. This situation mainly occurs in outdoor broom. You can straighten the broom just follow some simple steps. You may also know how to fix plastic broom bristles or how to fix broom bristles from the below discussion.

  • Use a wire brush to search broken bristles. Then use scissors to cut broken bristle, wire brush also clean bristle that important before steaming.
  • Take a large pot to boil water, now hold your broom over the boiling water. Keep broom over boiling water until it is saturated with steam. Wait for 3 to 6 minutes for fully saturated with steam.
  • Now it’s time to cool the broom, wait for 2 to 3 minutes to properly cool the broom. Your broom is now flexible enough to straighten. If the broom is not perfectly straight, it requires more steam. After that again steam broom and hang this for cool. Now enjoy a straight and clean broom.

How to mop with a broom?

  • Choose a broom that is suitable for the floor, synthetic brooms suitable for the smooth floor. If your floor is rough choose a natural broom. Choose an angle edge broom that makes tight spaces cleaning easy and comfortable. Choose a comfortable height broom that keeps your body fit. Avoid heavy broom which is tough to move.
  • Start mopping floor from corner to center. Some people refer sweep floor from one end of the room and then move to another room. Remove carpet and doormat from the floor and clean properly.
  • After cleaning the floor Pull dirt in the dustpan, then trash dirt. Remember not wet your broom before starting mop. Hang broom while cleaning task complete because it prevents bent of the broom. After completing the cleaning task storage broom in specific area.


Broom is the only tool which need in our daily life. We can’t think a single day without using the broom. So need to take special care of your broom. Brush and broom cleaning task not too hard task. Follow our pro cleaning tips to keep your broom safe and clean.

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