How Clean Bamboo Floors 

How To Clean Bamboo Floors Without Streaks?

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The bamboo floor is strong, durable, eco-friendly and needs little maintenance. This floor also resists under huge stress, if properly take care bamboo floor it will sustain a long time. In this article, we discuss how clean bamboo floors.

How Clean Bamboo Floors Without Streaks? 

1. Sweep floor every day:

Sweep floor everyday grate way keeps floor cleaning. It minimizes work when need deep cleaning, Use fine-fiber or soft-bristle broom when sweep floor. The hard brush will scratch the floor when sweep ensures dry mop and keep dust in a particular place. If the place is large then divided floor small section it helps to done task fast and properly.

2.  Mop floor weekly:

Mop floor once a week, wet mop ensure clean up dirt and dust from the floor. Not use vinegar and ammonia for cleaning the floor. If the floor becomes excess messy then take water and divide into 4 parts take 1 part vinegar and 4 part water. Mix this solution properly and apply the floor, change the water when getting dirty. Ensure no excess water on the surface, because of the water-saturated wood floor.

3. Vacuum floor weekly:

Vacuum floor weekly that sucks up small dirt from the floor. Use vacuum made for a hardwood floor or vacuum with rubber wheel, hard bristle brush scratch on the surface. Here we shared a video about bamboo floor cleaning.

4. Clean spill with a damp cloth:

Different types of spills occur on the floor, the bamboo floor is highly absorbed than any other floor. Try to clean up spills immediately when it occurs. Use dampen cloth or sponge remove spills, you can pour plain water in a spray bottle for cleaning spills. It’s the best way to clean bamboo wood floors. Never use steel wool remove spills, it’s will scratch on the floor.

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1. Remove stain with appropriate cleaner:

Different types of drink stains occur on the floor every day, like tea, coffee, food stain, shoe stain. Remove this stain take a damp cloth and appropriate cleaner. Gently rub stain area not need a scrubbed stain area. After clean up stain, wipe the area with a clean cloth. If you want to know how to clean engineered bamboo floors? Follow this cleaning tricks.

2. Remove Shoe stain:

In high traffic areas, the bamboo floor becomes dirty soon, so the need to remove shoe stain from the floor. Use damp cloth and bamboo floor cleaner cleaning shoe stain. Never use oil floor cleaner because it’s not able to clean the bamboo floor.

Maintain proper temperature:

Protect your floor from direct sunlight, sunlight may crack floor surface or fade floor color. Try to maintain an indoor floor temperature within 60 to 80 °F. For maintaining temperature install thermometer in the home. Also, maintain room humidity within 40 to 60 percent. When move furniture maintain caution so that furniture, not scratch floor surface. You can use a rubber pad on the furniture below.

Use mat on damp place:

Bamboo floor absorbs liquid too quickly, use a mat on the damp area like the kitchen floor. Try remove spills immediately when it occurs.


Use mat save the floor from footstep and shoe spot. Keep mat on countertops and wet areas of the home. In rainy season and snowy season use mat indoor and outdoor of the home. Doormats save the floor from absorbing excess water and dirt. Happy bamboo floor cleaning!!

Related Question (FAQs)

1. Can you use vinegar and water to clean bamboo floors?

Answer: Excess amount of vinegar will damage the bamboo floor surface. Take vinegar and water 1:4 proportion. Mix this solution gently and mop surface, after mop remove excess water from the floor. This solution completely safe for both bamboo and hardwood floors.

2. How do I make my bamboo floors shine?

Answer: Follow tips to make bamboo floors shine:

  • Sweep the floor regularly and vacuum the floor weekly.
  • Remove spills immediately when it occurs.
  • Use doormats outside and indoor of home.
  • Use vinegar and water 1:4 proportion for deep cleaning floor.

3. Can you clean bamboo floors with water?

Answer:  The bamboo floor absorbs too much water than any other floor. Excess water warps floor surface and fades floor color. Try to dry the clean floor with sweep and vacuum. When different spills occur clean up spills with a damp cloth and wipe down dry cloth excess water.

4. How do you clean bamboo floors without streaks?


Mix 1:4 ratio vinegar and water and mop floor with this solution. It’s only used when the floor becomes serious messy. Never use bleach or any harsh floor cleaner, they will damage the floor surface. Excess amount of vinegar damage floor surface so should prepare a solution properly.

5. How to clean bamboo floors lumber liquidators?

Answer: Use vacuum cleaner keep bamboo floor dust, dirt and grime free. Not use vacuum with beater bar it’s scratch floor surface. Use natural floor cleaner for floor that is safe for bamboo wood floors.

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