Foam Back VS Cork Back Vinyl Flooring

Foam Back VS Cork Back Vinyl Flooring

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When you renovate a home there are lots of ways to decorate space. If you love vinyl flooring you may choose foam back or cork back vinyl flooring. They gained popularity for excellent durability and are the best alternative to traditional vinyl flooring. As a member of the vinyl flooring family, cork back vinyl flooring often provides better performance than traditional vinyl flooring.  This flooring is particularly suitable for high traffic areas or heavy industrial use such as warehouses, factories, and other places where smooth surfaces are required.

The design and construction of foam back vinyl flooring are entirely different from traditional vinyl products. The smooth surface is easy to clean and perfect for high traffic areas. Easy to install and remove without affecting adjoining materials or surface finishes.  The flooring is available in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Let’s see foam back vs cork back vinyl flooring which is better for your home.

What is Foam Back Flooring?

If you are looking for something that looks good, last longer, and cleans easily then foam back vinyl flooring is available in this category. This is the best alternative to traditional vinyl flooring as it is easy to maintain. No need to do special cleaning often because it’s hard to wear. The tiles can be installed in high traffic areas without damaging it’s surface or adjacent materials.

Foam back flooring made from different densities grades rubber. Foam back vinyl flooring is easily cleaned in a simple cleaning process without damaging the flooring surface. It is also easy to install and removed not required any professional person. However, there is not much difference between foam back flooring and cork back flooring. Both are durable, resilient, and versatile. You can make change the look of your home instantly by installing foam back flooring.

Pros of Foam Back Flooring:

Foam Back Flooring provides a soft and comfortable surface. If spend much time on your flooring for yoga or playing with a baby these flooring are best for you. This type of flooring is available in different colors, patterns, and styles.

  • If your dog or cat is having trouble getting around due to old age these floorings are the best choice for you.
  •  The flooring can be cleaned easily by hand or simple cleaning process. You can simply wipe the floor with a damp cloth, mopping with water, and dry it.
  • It is also very easy to install; this will help you to save time and money in the long run. No need to do special work to cut the pieces.

Cons of Foam Back Flooring:

  • Damaged by heavy furniture and appliances.
  • Not scratch resistance so need a furniture pad.

What is Cork Back Vinyl Flooring?

If you want something durable and long lasting cork back flooring is best for you. This is resistant to water, heat, and tear. It’s surface looks like natural wood material which gives it an attractive look. If you are looking for something that can be installed easily then cork back flooring is the best choice for you.

Cork back vinyl flooring is very easy to care for; you can simply mop it with water, vacuum it, and dust mop. It is scratch resistant, easy to clean, and best for high traffic areas. Cork back vinyl flooring made from cork oak tree.

Pros of Cork Back Vinyl Flooring:

Cork back flooring is soft, durable, and similar to traditional vinyl flooring. Safe for the wet area because the floor is made from a non-slip material.

  • Made from cork oak trees not contain any harmful material so safe for the environment.
  • Cork back flooring is moisture resistant so ideal for use in kitchens, laundry areas, and another wet surfaces.
  • Cork back flooring acts like noise insulation, so if spending a long time at home this is the best choice for you.

Cons of Cork Back Vinyl Flooring:

  • Flooring color becomes the fade presence of direct sunlight.
  • Cork back vinyl flooring requires water sealing otherwise floor lifespan will decrease.
  • Cork back flooring is not suitable for pet owners because the floor is damaged by pets.

Foam back vs cork back vinyl flooring:

When you decide to use vinyl flooring in your home both foam back and cork back vinyl flooring are the best choice.  However, there are a few differences between cork back and foam back vinyl flooring. You already know some drawbacks of cork back vs foam back vinyl flooring.

Foam back vinyl flooring is best for exercise and yoga purposes.  Easy to clean, maintain, and install. It will give you a soft surface to walk on bare feet.

Cork back flooring is eco-friendly and allows to walk easily.  There is no need for a furniture pad because it’s scratch resistant and not very slippery. The lifespan of cork back vinyl flooring is more than foam back vinyl flooring. You can install this excellent flooring in any part of the home including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry space, and outside.


As we discussed above, vinyl flooring cork back vs foam back flooring.  If you are a pet owner or need a safer surface then cork back flooring is the best choice for your home. The durability of both floorings is great. If you have enough time to install the new floor then go to foam back flooring. But if you do have not time but looking smarter home then go with cork back vinyl flooring. Hope this article will help you choose the perfect flooring for your home.

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