Does Dawn Dish Soap Remove Oil From Concrete?

Does Dawn Dish Soap Remove Oil From Concrete?

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Dawn dish soap remove grease from the dish, also better for cleaning concrete and concrete garage floors. If you want to clean your floor natural way use dawn dish soap cleaning solution and enjoy stunning shiny floor. Concrete garage, driveway, and indoor surface become messy for lots of footstep, vehicle movement, and kids activity. Most of the concrete floor users common questions does dawn dish soap remove oil from concrete? All of this question answers you find this article, let’s start.

Concrete floor slightly different compare with tiles, marble, and wood floors. The concrete floor is porous so that it’s surface easily soak up oil. But it’s not so tough to remove just need to follow some simple steps. If you not want to use any type of commercial cleaner use natural cleaning element to keep the floor satin free and glassy. Here we share different ways to clean the concrete floor.

Popular Concrete-Floor Cleaning procedure:

Use sweep, vacuum, or broom to remove loose debris, large dirt and fine dust. Prepare a cleaning solution with warm or hot water and two tablespoons of dish soap. Mop the whole floor with this cleaning solution, if any stain tough to remove use baking soda paste or borax on the stained area. Use scrub brush to permanently remove stain from the surface.

Does Dawn dish soap remove oil from concrete?

Remove oil stain from concrete driveway and indoor concrete using dawn dish soap. Before starting the cleaning task removes all types of fine dust from the surface that makes your cleaning task easy. Damp oil stain surface so that dawn dish soap not vapor immediately. Apply dish soap on the oil stain area and wait few minutes to sit. Use a soft brush to remove stain properly and after that wipe floor with mild warm water.

Different ways to remove oil from concrete:

Remove stain using laundry detergent:

You can be used laundry detergent instead of Dawn dish soap to remove oil from concrete. For cleaning concrete floor cover oil stain surface with the powder laundry detergent. After that cover this area with clean water and wait a few minutes to scrub the area. Wipe or broom surface after a certain time, if the stain is visible use brush to remove it.

Remove stain using baking soda paste:

Remove oil from concrete baking soda is a popular concrete floor cleaning system. Make a paste with clean water and baking soda. Apply the paste to the oil area, wait until the paste become dry. Wipe paste and wash the floor with clean water.

Remove oil from concrete using coca-cola:

Oldest stain easily remove from concrete using coca-cola. But it’s only better for a small area, not good for large area surface. Direct apply coca-cola on the stained area and let it soak in overnight. After that wipe the stained area with rugs.

Remove oil from concrete using engine degreaser:

Remove oil stain from driveway, sidewalk, or garage floor using engine degreaser. Engine degreaser is heavy and toxic so that effectively break down oil substance. It is used to clean oil and remove engine grease. Get all of these cleaning advantage use engine degreaser in your concrete driveways, sidewalks, and garage. Pour engine degreaser on the oil stain area and wait 15 minutes to soak up stain after that wipe stain and enjoy oil free surface.

Does WD-40 Remove Oil Stains?

WD-40 well known and popular grease stain remover. Use this stain remover in concrete garage, driveway, indoor concrete surface. Direct spray WD-40 on the stained area and wait 30 minutes to sit this and scrub the stain with brush.


Because of the porous surface concrete floor become messy soon and it require regular cleaning. Concrete floors require deep cleaning once a week and vacuum or broom daily. While oil stain create on concrete floor clean this messy surface following article tips.

FAQs about tricks remove oil from concrete

1. How to remove hydraulic fluid from concrete?

Step 1:

Use dish soap and water:

Leaking car pipe hydraulic fluid fall on concrete driveway and garage. It quite hard to remove old hydraulic fluid stain from concrete. Wet stain affected area with water and apply dish soap on stain area, wait sometime to soak up the stain and use a nylon brush to remove the stain. After dry wipe the floor with clean cloth and use hydraulic fluid-free concrete floor.

Use trisodium phosphate and water:

Make cleaning solution 22 ounces trisodium phosphate (TSP) and a full bucket of tap water, also add calcium carbonate. Mix this solution properly, mix until turn into a thick paste. Pour it on the concrete floor wait until the dry surface, then take the brush to remove stain from the surface. While complete stain removing task use clean water for final clean.

2. How to remove cooking oil from concrete?

Broom, sweep or vacuum around the cooking oil surface it make cleaning task safe and easy. Don’t’ use pressure washer to remove dust from the surface because it push oil make stain deeper on concrete.

You may use a commercial cleaner to remove cooking oil from the surface and must wear protective hand gloves while applying it on the floor. Mop floor after removing the stain from concrete.

Use laundry detergent removing cooking oil from the concrete surface. Apply laundry detergent on the affected area using a stiff brush to scrub the area and let the area dry. Rinse dry laundry detergent and see the magic.

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