kitchen vinyl flooring ideas pictures

Different Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Ideas Pictures

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Vinyl flooring is one of the great choice for the kitchen. Vinyl flooring easy-to-install, clean, and maintain. You can use this type of flooring in wet areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room.  There are many advantages of vinyl flooring, so you should consider it for your kitchen. Vinyl flooring is durable, slip-resistant, stain-resistant and moisture proof so suitable for any high footsteps area. This article we will shear some kitchen vinyl plank flooring ideas.

Different Kitchen Vinyl Flooring Ideas Pictures

Realistic wood vinyl kitchen floor:

If you love traditional wood kitchen floors, a realistic wood vinyl kitchen floor is the perfect choice for you. Realistic wood vinyl is 100% waterproof and easy to install without any professional person. You can also use this type of floor in other high traffic areas like the hallway, living room, and laundry room. Different styles and patterns of vinyl flooring are also available.

Patterned tile vinyl floor:

If you want to add a stylish and classy look to your kitchen, a patterned tile vinyl floor is a great choice for you. This type of flooring is strong, durable, and easy to install. This flooring is stain resistant so easy to clean, wipe down spills immediately when it will visible.

Geometric tile vinyl floor:

When you use geometric tile vinyl floor your room looks bigger. Wall-to-wall geometric tile vinyl makes your kitchen stylish and attractive. Zigzag style tile vinyl floors are 100% waterproof so don’t worry if your floor is wet.

Slate vinyl floor:

The slate vinyl floor provides fancy entering the kitchen. These stylish add a traditional look to your kitchen. Easy to clean, use a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning.

Bold pattern vinyl flooring:

Decorate your kitchen with fancy bold pattern vinyl flooring. Add a modern look to your kitchen with a black and white color combination. These bold pattern vinyl are 100% waterproof and slip resistant.

Parquet style vinyl flooring:

Parquet style vinyl flooring offers a stunning look at an affordable price. The most used parquet style vinyl flooring is grey shade that reflects light. Less shrink when touch in high temperature or summer season.

Create your own pattern vinyl floor:

If you like the bold kitchen floor idea you have another option. You can create your own pattern bold kitchen floor tile idea without any risk. Simply use bold vinyl tile with glue and gently glue down them. Before you install vinyl flooring in your kitchen, make sure your floor is completely clean.

Wood design vinyl floor:

Wood design vinyl floor is another great option for your kitchen. When you need to make your kitchen stylish and elegant, wood design vinyl flooring is the best choice for you. This type of flooring is ideal for an open floor plan home or industrial style kitchen.

Pattern vinyl floor to create focal point:

In an open floor plan, when you want to separate your kitchen from other rooms choose a pattern vinyl floor. Pattern vinyl floors create a focal point in your kitchen without any cost. You can design your kitchen following your own pattern without any problems.

Natural stone effect vinyl floor:

In modern style kitchen design, natural stone effect vinyl floor flooring is a perfect choice. This type of flooring looks like natural stone. Natural stone vinyl is non-slip so can prevent slip accidents.

Mix vinyl floor:

When you want to add a rustic look to your kitchen choose mix vinyl floor. This type of flooring will add natural and contras look to your kitchen. Add a separate look between the kitchen and dining.

Match vinyl with kitchen cabinet:

You can match your vinyl flooring with the kitchen cabinet using a colorful vinyl sheet. This colorful flooring will make your kitchen classy and attractive. If you choose light color flooring it will reflect light. The cost of such vinyl flooring is affordable, you don’t need to purchase expensive kitchen cabinets for this flooring.

Solid color vinyl flooring:

If you don’t like pattern themed kitchen flooring choose solid color kitchen vinyl ideas. This type of flooring is perfect for a modern style kitchen. Solid color vinyl will create a bold look in your kitchen.


Choosing a flooring option for the kitchen is very important. Because our kitchen tackle lots of footsteps, food spill and stain every day. You should choose a flooring option which is easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl flooring is one of the best flooring options for the kitchen.  Vinyl flooring is durable, tough,  easy to clean and repair. If one corner of your flooring is damaged doesn’t need to replace the whole flooring. It’s the main advantage of this flooring, also doesn’t damage for tear and tear. You have the option to choose different colors and patterns of vinyl flooring for your kitchen. Vinyl flooring for kitchen ideas will make your home stylish and modern.

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