Cricut Vinyl Storage Ideas

Cricut Vinyl Storage Ideas

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Vinyl Cricut gets messy soon if not organized properly. When I am going to organize vinyl Cricut supplies and materials I faced some problems. After that I found cricut Vinyl Storage Ideas that work well for me. Setting up vinyl storage ideas was not hard at all. I made a lot of research before buying all the materials. So I am sharing the pictures of my vinyl Cricut storage and organization. I hope it will help you to get ideas on how to organize your cricut vinyl supplies easier.

Different cricut vinyl storage ideas

Let’s see cricut vinyl storage ideas for your home.

Overhead Storage:

If you do not have enough storage space choose overhead cricut vinyl storage. Make a DIY storage rack with a simple nail gun. You can install overhead vinyl cricut in a garage, basement, or bedroom wall. This storage idea is enough strong so you can put all the vinyl Cricut materials. You can hang tools, images, paper, cards, and other things on this storage.

Use rolling rack:

While your storage space is small choose a  rolling rack vinyl cricut storage. You can fit this small rack in tight space like desk side or bedside table. You can decorate the rolling rack with different colors and designs of vinyl.

Floating shelves:

If your storage areas are small and cluttered you can choose floating shelves for vinyl storage Cricut. You can install this shelf behind the door or side of the table. You can save some space by using this kind of storage idea.

Self-adhesive wall hooks:

The self-adhesive wall hooks storage idea is very common and popular. I have seen lots of people using self-adhesive wall hooks to hang their cricut vinyl supplies. This is an affordable and simple solution for storing your vinyl Cricut supplies. It is very easy to install these wall hooks because you only need to buy self-adhesive wall hooks for doing this job. You can stick it on your wall near the door. Now you can easily access your tools and supplies.

Vertical storage:

The vertical storage idea is very useful and applicable to small storage areas. You can easily fit your vinyl supplies in vertical storage. If you do not have enough wall space you can choose this storage method.

Tote bag:

You can use lady’s bags to organize vinyl supplies, this is the easiest storage idea not require any budget. But I don’t recommend using this storage idea for a long time.

Wheel Storage:

Another best storage idea to fit your cricut supplies is wheel storage. You can use wheel storage in many different ways because you can easily move it anywhere without any effort.

Baskets storage:

Basket storage is another best storage idea for small spaces. If your space not has enough space to do overhead or vertical storage choose basket storage. This kind of vinyl Cricut organization idea is only for small or medium size vinyl supplies and materials. You can easily store your images, papers, and tools in baskets.

Wire Basket Storage:

If you like color-code baskets choose wire basket storage, in this storage feature baskets are mounted directly onto the wall. Wire Basket Storage is versatile and lightweight. You can easily organize your vinyl Cricut materials in this storage together.

Wine rack:

If you have an old wine rack. you may use that for vinyl storage. But if you not have wine rank you can also buy a low-cost wine rack online. A wine rack will be the perfect vinyl storage idea for tight space. Don’t worry about maintenance because the Wine rack is lightweight and requires less maintenance.

Pipe storage:

In this storage feature, PVC pipes are used you can find them anywhere. You can customize the size and height of pipes to fit your tools.


If you want a clean, organized and attractive-looking home, you can use vinyl Cricut storage ideas. Now I am sharing some pictures of my room where I installed all my vinyl Cricut supplies and tools. Keep in mind that all these storage ideas are for a small place like basements, bedrooms, or apartments. If you have a large room or some other space use more creative and sophisticated vinyl storage ideas.

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