Colors That Make You Happy And Energetic

Colors That Make You Happy And Energetic

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When we see different colors our brains release different chemicals, colors closely linked with mind. Some colors make us happy, sad, emotional so that colors impact our physical and emotional levels. We discuss in our article about colors that make you happy and energetic.

Colors that make you happy and energetic

1. Yellow For Inspiration:

Yellow color remembers us of sunlight. This color like sun rays and makes inspiration to live. Sometimes yellow color uses as warning signs and in hope. Kim says:” Yellow creates positive energy and makes happiness.’’

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2. Green For Relax:

Green color makes you refresh and relax. Green is most relaxable color for eyes and makes give rest of eyes. Green is best color for making any design and decorates any place, this color also brings positive energy.

3. Blue For Relation:

Blue color popular for decorating and help increase productivity of sleep also improve rest. Dark blue corporate designs color which explains professional feel. Light blues explain relax mode, friendly relation. If you think deeply to see all social sites like Facebook and Twitter made with light blue color. This color also has a known lower blood pressure color.

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4. Purple For Luxury:

Purple is dramatic and historical color that means explain luxury. This color makes you romantic and relaxes your mode. You can use purple color in your bedroom making your time more exciting and make creative.

5. Orange For Energetic:

Orange color makes you happy and energetic. Like red color, it’s used to enhance attention and create friendly invite. This color more used for buying product. If anyone used this color on home kitchen is best place used this color.

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6. Black For Unhappiness:

Black is only color that able to absorb all types of color. Sometimes it’s symbol of evil, in many cultures black color used as death and mourning. This color means away from light, unhappy life, depression.

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7. Pink For Romantic:

Pin is soft and romantic color that makes your environment clam. It’s a symbol of sweet and helps relieve anger, stress. Lighter pink color will be best color for kid’s room.

8. White For Freshness:

White is modern, simple and smart color. That makes your mind fresh and pure. It’s symbol of freshness, you can use this color of home. White makes room more specious, messy free, bright.

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9. Brown For Strength:

It’s a natural color and symbol of strength, security, and happiness. Brown is warm and friendly color.

10. Red For Love:

Red color means romance, hospitality, and red is symbol of love. This color much used in day of Christmas, this color increase love strength. On other hand red draw attention in design, if you won’t make any design attractive then use red color.

11. Grey For Formal:

Grey is smart and professional color. It explains your personality, formality and friendly relation. Grey is a claim and warm color.


In final word w want to say color explosion varies from person to person. Some color makes people happy and make another person irritated it depends on past culture and previous memory.

Reated Question (FAQs)

1. What are the happy colors?

Answer: Here are the happy colors:

  • Yellow For Inspiration
  • Green For Relax
  • Blue For Relation
  • Purple For Luxury
  • Orange For Energetic
  • Red For Love
  • Pink For Romantic
  • White For Freshness
  • Brown For Strength
  • Grey For Formal

2. What is the happiest color in the world?


The happiest color in the word is:

  • Yellow For Inspiration
  • Pink For Romantic
  • Orange For Energetic
  • Green For Relax:
  • Blue For Relation

3. What are high energy colors?


Red color is symbol of love and hospitality. Most of occasions we use red color because it’s also a welcoming and festive color. Red is high energy color than any colors and its wavelength is 610 – 740nm.

4. What colors boost your mood and energy?


Here is 10 popular colors boost your mood and energy:

  • Yellow For Energetic: Yellow color remember us about evergreen energy.
  • Green For Fresh: Green color makes you inspire.
  • Blue For Decorate: Blue color popular for soft color.
  • Purple For Dramatic: Purple is historical color.
  • Orange For Happy: Orange color makes you energetic.
  • Red For Hospitality: Red color means love and hospitality.
  • Pink For Claim: Pink is soft and lovely color that makes your claim.
  • White For Speach: White is light, fresh color.
  • Brown For Happiness: It’s a symbol of speech, security, and happiness.
  • Grey For Smart: Grey is formal and smart color.

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