What Color Makes A Small Room Look Bigger

Colors That Make A Small Room Look Bigger

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Everyone wants to make their home a creative and attractive look but sometimes it’s not possible because of lots of costs. If you are student or not able to bear money for decorating room you know makes a small room look bigger is not easy task. Our article will help you make some decisions about colors that make a small room look bigger following simply clever tricks.

Small rooms make you and your guests uncomfortable, some clever concept fools eyes and make rooms more spacious than it’s actually. Excellent color concept in room, proper light set up, arranging all of this are connect about this task.

What colors make your room look bigger?

1. Use light colors on Room:

 Use light and bright color on wall that makes room look bigger and brighter. Bright color more reflective and maximize natural light, make space open and bigger. On the hand, dark color makes room conjured, small and absorb color. Apply soft tones of off-white, light blue, pink color on room, this color seems makes room bigger and inviting.

2. Types of color should be used:

Apply single color on rooms it’s clever ways makes room bigger and brighter. Use just light single color wall up to ceiling. That seems make room higher and illusion of loftiness. If you want to use two colors in room you can do it but remember your choose color explains your taste. You can choose Two types of color easily for rooms, apply light color on bigger wall and apply comparatively dark color on small walls. That’s is clever idea that makes room bigger and attractive.

3. Allow natural light:

Allowing natural light on room makes room larger if you have not enough natural light than use light interior fixtures that makes room bigger. If you have enough natural light you make large window that reflects enough natural light. Keep a green plant or flower near window that makes fresh air.

4. Place mirror on wall:

Mirror reflects both natural and artificial light that seems makes room larger. If you placed mirror near window or center of the wall room seems more open and brighter. Therefore, light color reflect by mirror it also makes room larger.

5. Apply Monochromatic Colour on room:

Apply different shades of the same color it helps to make room bigger and blend color.

6. Apply Quality Paint:

Apply well branded and quality paint, low-quality paint seems to make room smaller. Pick bright color paint that makes everything bright and makes reflect. Avoid red, dark blue, dark purple, grey, black color, that colors make rooms congested and small.


In small homes try to use adjoining the same color that makes home attractive and seems to make home larger. In-room we use different types of paint, poster, showpieces sometimes they look unattractive, so try to use color this showpiece same color otherwise showpiece become less noticeable and less attractive. If you have lots of architectural features color them makes attractive and use same color all of the elements.

Related Question (FAQs)

1. Colors to make small rooms look bigger?

Answer: Make a small room look bigger follow this steps:

  • Paint wall and ceiling light color.
  • Avoid dark color on look it makes room smaller.
  • Placed mirror on wall.
  • Allow natural light on room or make large window for entry natural light.
  • Use light color on architecture features.

2. What color carpet makes a room look bigger?

Answer: Select light color for carpet that makes a room look bigger. Light color shades of pink, blue, green are better color for carpet. This color also relaxes you and reflects color.

3. What color makes a small bathroom look bigger?

Answer: Apply wall on white color, use white tiles, white vanity, white basin, white bathtub and so on. White color popular for brighter, reflect light, this color makes a small bathroom look bigger.

4. Should carpet be lighter or darker than walls?

Answer: Carpet color effect on room brighter, try to use bright color carpet. But if we make a cycle it helps to briefly detail walls color should be brighter than carpet color and ceiling should be lighter then light color. This color cycle helps to make room attractive and bigger. So try to use carpet is deeper than wall and ceiling.

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