Can I Use A Swiffer On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Can You Use A Swiffer On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

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Luxury vinyl flooring becomes the most wanted and popular flooring system in the United States. Vinyl plank flooring  install new apartment, house, and also renovation projects. Like linoleum floors luxury vinyl plank floors not warped or yellowed within few years. Luxury floor cleaning  system slightly different than traditional floor cleaning. So that user’s sometimes being confused swiffer is safe or not safe for vinyl floors. Today we discuss can you use a Swiffer on vinyl plank flooring?

It’s easy to install vinyl plank flooring like laminate floors. Not require a pro person to maintain or clean floors. Swiffer cleaning kits make lvp floors cleaning  tasks smooth. Swiffer also safe and keep always new look vinyl planks floors. Here we deeply discuss how to use swiffer on vinyl floors.

Can you use a Swiffer on vinyl plank flooring?

Swiffer cleaning kit safe both wet and dry lvp floors. Regular cleaning keeps vinyl floors shiny and new look without extra effort. Some commercial floor cleaners safe for hardwood or laminate floors. But vinyl plank  floors withstanding  against some kinds of cleaner. So you should more care about floors cleaners.

It’s easy to maintain luxury vinyl plank flooring. Some user complains their surface damage within few days after installing. If vinyl plank floors not clean properly it m become dull and unattractive. So that only Proper cleaning  tricks keep vinyl plank floors long life durability.

Why use Swiffer on vinyl plank flooring?

1. Safe for the floor:

While we maintain regular  floor cleaning normally use traditional mop. Not concern about cloth or rug of the mop. Towel or rough cloth not suitable for vinyl plank floors. Better if you choose swiffer cleaning kits for your lovely floors. It’s completely safe and not create any bad impression on your floors.

2. Save your time:

In traditional floor cleaning system, you need to sweep your floor first after that clean floors with a mop. Finally, wipe the floor with a clean cloth or rug. Need to follow this cleaning circle at least once a week. It’s like a battle task and also kill your time. On Swiffer wetjet you will get all of this cleaning process at a time. That makes your task easier and saves your time. Not need extra hassle like traditional cleaning. Reduce back stress:

If you are a back pain patient  Swiffer is the perfect cleaning kit for you. You can be cleaned your whole floor without giving any stress on your back.

How to take care of a vinyl plank floor like pro?

  • Use doormats or carpet to keep floors shiny long  time.
  • Avoid using steam cleaners on luxury vinyl plank floors.
  • Use a vacuum without beater bar, because it’s may scratch on floors.
  • Use furniture pads under furniture.
  • Avoid using roller furniture on the floor.
  • Use a soft bristle brush during the cleaning period.
  • Never use a knife or any harsh instrument while removing any tough spills.

How To Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank floors required low maintenance. Easy to clean just follow some cleaning  tricks and enjoy shiny floors. Here we shear some pro tips about cleaning luxury vinyl plank floors.

1. Move dirt:

Remove all types of large dirt from the floor like paper, large dirt, plants, kitchen appliances, toys etc. Pull carpet or doormat before deep cleaning floor.

2. Vacuum floor:

You already know about it so that not require to introduce with it. Use vacuum twice a day if floors become excess messy. Avoid vacuum with beater bar it’s may scratch floors.

3. Clean floor fast:

If you have high traffic floors not let sit the dirt. Excess messy may scratch on floor and also make floors dull. Try to clean the floor while people leave the room.

4. Wet mop floor:

it’s  time to wet mop floors, try to wet mop floor after dry cleaning. It keeps the floor shiny and also hygienic. Take one cup of vinegar and a full bucket of mild hot water. Mix them properly then mop the floor with a soft cloth or microfiber mop. Avoid using any commercial floor cleaner, it’s permanently damage the floor. After wet mop change dirty water and again mop floor with clean water.

5. Remove tough stains:

Stain is a very common incident in vinyl plank flooring. If stain not remove with regular basis cleaning take dishwashing  soap or vinegar with tap water. Apply it on the stain with a scrub pad and gently wipe the affected area. If the stain not removes properly repeat this process.

6. Let air dry floors:

Never leave the vinyl plank floor wet, it’s permanently dull floor colors. After completing wet clean open window and door to dry floor naturally.

How to use the Swiffer for the best result?

If you know how to use swiffer properly it makes your cleaning task easier. Here some tips to use swiffer on floors.

Step 1

Remove dirty clothes from the swiffer and add new clean cloth middle of the Swiffer. If you are confused see the manual paper or youtube video.

Step 2:

Mop your every corner zone of home. If your floor is too messy do mopping tasks carefully. Proper mopping  provides you clean and hygienic floors.

Step 3:

After completing the mopping task adequately removes the Swiffer. Follow the same method after every mopping task.


Vinyl  Plank Floor used in high traffic area so that require regular cleaning. It’s durable, nonporous, and not need too much maintenance. Keep your vinyl floors new look long time following our pro cleaning tips. Happy vinyl plank flooring cleaning!!

Related Question (FAQs)

1. Can you use Swiffer WetJet on luxury vinyl flooring?

Cleaning  luxury vinyl plank floors and Vinyl Plank floors almost the same. Luxury vinyl plank floors require extra care than vinyl plank floors. Use Swiffer WetJet cleaning  kits and liquid solutions for cleaning luxury vinyl plank floors.

2. Can I use Pine Sol on vinyl plank flooring?

Pine-Sol  floor cleaners is very popular  floor cleaner. It’s also good for vinyl plank flooring, using pine sol you can easily remove tough stains from vinyl floors. Take 1/4th cup of pine sol in mild warm water. Mix them properly and then gently mop the floor. Pine sol clean floor and make floor stain-free at a time.

3. Can you use Windex on vinyl floors?

Although Windex is used for cleaning  glass it’s also used for cleaning floors. Because of glass cleaner, it has a limit to it’s harness. Vinyl plank floors caring slightly different from traditional floors. Commercial cleaning solution not safe for vinyl plank floors. If your floors become messy fast need to use floors cleaner everyday use Windex cleaner.

4. Is Lysol cleaner safe for vinyl floors?

Lysol cleaner use for disinfects surface without damaging floors. Vinyl Plank floor is nonporous so that Lysol safe for vinyl floors. Because of attractive vinyl plank floors mostly installed high traffic area like the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. So that it’s required to disinfect regularly. Used Lysol cleaner in such high traffic area.

5. Will vinegar damage vinyl floors?

Vinegar is a popular homemade floor cleaner. Take one cup of vinegar in a full gallon of water, mix them properly apply the floor with the mop. Vinegar is safe for vinyl plank floors, it’s clean and make hygienic floor at a time. Vinegar is eco friendly and non-toxic floor cleaner so that safe for kids and pets. Use diluted vinegar for cleaning the floor except for the kitchen.

6. Why use Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit?

Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit specially designed for vinyl plank floors. Harsh and commercial floor cleaner not safe for vinyl plank floors. So that requires homemade floor cleaner and rough mop also dangerous for vinyl plank floors. Keep the floor clean and safe use Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit. It’s safely clean the floor just spray the solution on the floor and use a mop to clean the floor.

7. Can you wet mop vinyl plank flooring?

The wet mop is a popular and traditional floor cleaning  system. Because of non-porous wet mop safe for vinyl plank floors. The vinyl floor is used in high traffic areas so that it requires regular cleaning. Vinyl plank floors allow 4 to 6 times wet mop every week.

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