Can You Paint Vinyl Siding On A Mobile Home?

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding On A Mobile Home?

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Metal or vinyl siding is used in most of the mobile homes. Vinyl siding is very tough and durable so ideal choice for mobile homes. Vinyl siding not damage for wear and tear just like other building materials. In the past painting over vinyl mobile homes was not popular. But now due to excellent paint technology paint on vinyl siding becomes popular.

If you are interested to know can you paint vinyl siding on a mobile home, you will get this question answered from here. You can use a paint sprayer, rollers, or paintbrushes to paint vinyl siding. If your vinyl siding contains texture paintbrushes and rollers to paint the surface. However, if your vinyl siding is flat paint sprayer will be best to paint the surface.

If you want to paint a whole home, firstly make a decision which part of the wall will be painted first. Paint from the highest to the lowest part of the wall. Prepare the surface for painting by cleaning it with soapy water. After that keeps the wall dry for 24 hours. The painting process of a mobile home is not much different from traditional homes. Continue reading to learn about the tasks can you actually paint vinyl siding without a professional person?

Can you paint vinyl siding on a mobile home?

Yes, you can paint vinyl siding on a mobile home. You can paint vinyl siding by yourself. Use brush, roller, or spray paint to paint on the vinyl siding. While painting on a mobile home choose the right type of paint. If you want to choose between spray paints or rollers paints, choose spray paints because it easier and time saving method compare with rollers or brushes. However, if you are not an expert on spray paint use rollers or brushes.

Why paint vinyl siding on a mobile home?

If you apply quality paint over vinyl siding it will not be damaged for wear and tear. Choose good quality paint for the entire wall or choose a technique painting. Let’s see some benefits of painting over vinyl siding on a mobile home.


Vinyl siding paint is cheap; the average cost of vinyl siding paint is about $1,500 – $4500. The standard home average cost of painting is about $6,000 – $10,000. So vinyl siding painting cost comparatively less than a standard home.

Quick to apply:

Painting over vinyl siding on a mobile home is faster than a traditional home. It takes about 3-4 days to complete the painting process depending on the size of the mobile home. For example, the standard size of the mobile home is 840 square feet with 2 coats of paint it will take 4 days if you are using a spray paint machine. If you use roller or brush it will need more time to paint the surface.

Home looking good:

Paint over vinyl siding on a mobile home makes your home more attractive. There are many colors available and you can select your desired color.


Paint exterior walls with vinyl siding to make the home durable. Many homeowners believe that painting over vinyl siding will prevent damage. But if you use good quality paint and technique of painting home will not be damaged for wear and tear.

Increases home value:

Paint over vinyl siding on a mobile home helps to increase the value of your home because you will get unique.

How to paint vinyl siding on a mobile home?

There are many techniques to paint over vinyl siding on a mobile home. If the mobile home is small and the paint job is not too complex, you should use a roller or brush painting technique. Use spray paint if it is more complex. For better results choose spray paint for vinyl siding that contains high-quality pigment. As far as possible avoid using gloss paints on a mobile home. Because gloss paints can damage the surface of the wall due to friction between two surfaces.

Clean the surface:

If you want to paint vinyl siding on a mobile home, firstly make sure the wall is clean. Wash the siding and let dry for 24 hours. If there is any dust left on the wall, wipe it with a soft cloth.

Wait for better weather:

Choose a sunny day for painting, the sun will dry paint at a minimum time. Avoid the wind weather and rainy day. If you want to apply two-coat paint usually it takes about five days to complete. So you must have enough time for painting.

Tape around openings to avoid spreading:

When you paint over vinyl siding on a mobile home it is better to tape around door and window frames. It will not make any damage to the wall. Otherwise, the paint will spread and make the rest of the space messy.


Now apply primer coat over the vinyl siding, primer coat will help to stick paint with the wall. After applying primer paint over the vinyl siding, apply the first paint coating. Need special care for corners area. After drying the first coat use a paint sealer to make the painting waterproof. Remove painter tape from the surface and enjoy a new home.


Painting over vinyl siding on a mobile home is not difficult. However, you must need to follow all the tips to prevent mistakes. The main thing is choosing a good quality paint for the vinyl siding. If you want to know more about painting on vinyl siding, feel free to comment. We will give you valuable tips and instructions.

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