Best Way To Clean Weathertech Floor Mats

How To Clean Weathertech Floor Mats Ultimate Guide

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Since we use the car every day it gets dirty soon, our car face many challenges every day. Dust, dirt, snacks, food spills, water or road salt damage car mat. Keep your car mat stain free and new looks use WeatherTech floor mat. WeatherTech floor mat not only keep car floor dirt free also increase car interior beauty. Sometimes our lovely pets urinate car upholstery and that spread bad smell. If you use the best WeatherTech floor mat for your car protection it protects the car from the sudden damage.

On the other hand, your car will be more valuable when you sell your vehicle. WeatherTech floor mat protects the car floor from dust, debris and crack and also gives good looking for your car. WeatherTech floor mat does not need great maintenance just follow some tips that help you to keep your Weathertech floor neat and clean. In this article, we discuss the best way to clean WeatherTech floor mats.

Benefits of weathertech type floor mats


Weathertech floor mats durable, strong, waterproof, and made from heavy-duty rubber. More flexible, stronger than any type of rubber mat. Make car surface smooth but not easily damaged by shoe friction.

Ensure Interior Protection:

WeatherTech floor mas cover the foot area of your vehicle, provide the best possible protection. Most of the WeatherTech floor mat made from rubber like flexible material and it’s completely waterproof. Set properly edge to edge of floor it’s protect up the sides of the car. Protect car floor from snow, sleet, rain, salt and keeps floors  stain free.

Trap dirt:

Most of the WeatherTech floor mat is waterproof and not absorb moister. Always keep surface dry, not require extra care. WeatherTech floor mat famous for trapping dirt, fine dust, sand.


Some users think the WeatherTech floor mat price too high, but this idea absolutely wrong. You will get your desire WeatherTech floor mat at affordable price.

Easy to maintain and clean:

WeatherTech floor mat easy to maintain and clean, not require any special care. Remove sticky messy just spray mat cleaner.

Increase Visual appeal:

You have option to choose different colors, design, and size WeatherTech floor mat.  Increase visual appeal and make your car more attractive.

Different Types of weathertech floor mats

1. Rubber floor mats:

Rubber car mat durable and waterproof. Perfect for rainy day because of waterproof not absorb water keep moisture or water in place. Rubber car mat most popular for it’s extraordinary durability. Rubber floor capture moisture and dirt that keep surface clean. Interlocking rubber mats outdoor also good for the car.

2. Weathertech carpeted floor mat

Weathertech carpeted floor mat protect your car from dirt, dust, muddy, and shoe friction. Trap dirt in carpeted floor mat, made from synthetic weave fibers. Make car floor reliable for rainy day use or wet road use.

Top Brands


Weathertech most used car mats make your car interior look attractive. Weathertech company start journey for more than 30 years now, since 1988. This company gain customer satisfaction for the quality full product. Strong, durable, waterproof, smooth, and high-quality car mats. Not have harmful PVCs and not contain any harmful element. Attractive and different designs, color mats available at affordable price. Eco friendly, 100% recyclable so that not harmful to the environment.

Husky Liners:

Husky Liners weathertech mats focused on trucks and SUVs. This model mats not available in many cars. Husky Liners weathertech has three category these are Weatherbeater, X-Act Contour, and Heavy Duty. Northern frontier toughliner floor liners one kind of husky liners.

All of these mats property almost the same and price is the average range.

Motor Trend:

Motor Trend mats function almost the same as Husky Liners and Weathertech. Fit Motor Trend mats just using a pair of scissors. Durable, waterproof, odorless, eco friendly, not harmful for the environment, and 100% recyclable.Easy to clean and maintain, choose mats for your car at an affordable price.

Follow Key Features Before Buying 10 best luxury car mats :

Safe ride:

The ideal mats make your journey safe and comfortable. Effectively save your car from spillage and dirt. Water not move through the mats if you use the best mats just storage water one place. That keeps your feet free from water.

Backing system:

The backing system is an important feature of car mats. If mats lock properly with a car it’s not move. Lock prevent mats from sliding all over the car.

Identify thickness:

Mats lifespan may measure by mats thickness amounts. Thick mats more durable and better than thin mats. Thick  mat heavy that’s why not move or slide during driving period. Thick car mats less crack, dry fast, vulnerable, and durable. Sustain in heavy dust, fine dirt, water, snow, and gravel.

Some important feature:


Choose mats that suit your car, make your car attractive. If you use the same mats throughout the year chooses all-weather mats, that is suitable for all seasons.

Match color:

Pick the mats that match your car interior. Otherwise, your car will become less attractive and look ugly.

Match Design:

All brands mat design not same but most of the mat company offer different patterns and features design. You may match mat design with car logo. It’s the most popular matching system and makes your car smart.

Fit mat:

Mat fitting task may annoying task, most of the users avoid this. Before the buying mat must check this features.

How To Clean Weathertech Floor Mats?

1. Shake mats gently:

The car floor mat becomes messy because of mud, salt, sand and anything else. After bringing out mats from car shake mat gently so that loose dust and small particle dropdown. Not need to use water this process, it’s eliminate large unnecessary messy from mats.

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2. Use hose clean dirt:

If you have garden hose spray nozzle use this hose  wash away dust from the mat. Before use hose  make sure no mud or anything else on mats. If you have no hose take a damp sponge to clean up the dust from the mat. You can see below hose pipe make you task easy and fast.

TITAN 25FT Garden Hose


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TITAN 25FT Garden Hose

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Product Description:

TITAN 25FT Metal Garden Hose made with pure Stainless Steel so that safe from corrosion and rust. 360 degree nozzle include with hose so that you can use this for every  watering  purpose. Lightweight design, easy to storage and handle. Weather proof, puncture proof, not need any effort while using this best hose pipe. Aluminum connectors use for this hose, it’s ensure leak-resistant so that not lost any water drop.


  • Weight 3.75 pounds.
  • Made with Stainless Steel.
  • Suitable for all watering task.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Easy to storage and use.
  • 2 year warrenty.

3. Use a pressure washer:

You can be used pressure washer instead of hose pipe. If you wash full car not need to bring out weathertech floor mats from car. Control your pressure washer force otherwise it’s damage weathertech floor. You can  clean yourwhole car using pressure washer.

4. Make scrub clean up mat:

Make a liquid solution of liquid soap water, mix solution take cloth or brush scrub mats, scrub both sides of mats. Never use harsh mat cleaner they will crake mats or damage mat surface.  The silicone-based cleaner also not suitable for WeatherTech Floor Mats because it makes the floor slippery.

5. Let them soak:

After scrub the WeatherTech Floor Mats let them soak carefully. Most of the car dirt are tough to remove so that if you scrub and soak your WeatherTech Floor Mats it’s very easy to remove tough stain.

6. Brush out the dirt:

After completing scrub and soak task, next remove dirt with brush. Never use normal brush for removing dirt. Most of the brush has  weak bristles, so that it’s not properly remove grime and make your task slow. This cheap brush bristle are waeak and may crake on surface. Use best brush which is specially made for WeatherTech Floor Mats. Here we recommend some brush which specially made for cleaning WeatherTech Floor Mats.

Nanoskin Black 8.5″ Carpet & Floormat Scrub

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Pack Tire Brush, Stiff Bristle Wheel Cleaning Brush

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5. Make dry Floor Mat:

After complete scrub work again uses hose clean up soap properly. You can use a dry towel to remove excess water from the mat or air dry mat. Check properly before reinstall mat on the car. Here we shear a vedio which help you clean weathertech  floor mat.


How To Make WeatherTech Mats Look New Again?

1. Shake mat properly:

After removing retention hooks from mats shake floor mat so that dust cleans up. You can use dry cloth or sponge to remove dust from the mat.

2. Use soapy water in bathtub clean mat:

In this cleaning process fill up the half bathtub with water and few drops mild dish. Never use a harsh cleaner that damage mat and silicone-based products make mat slippery.

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3. Soak up mats on bathtub:

When you have no garden hose soak up mats on the bathtub. If the mat is soo messy then soak up it at least one hour and scrub with sponge both sides of the sponge. If dirt stays after bathtub cleaning again wash the mat with clean water. Remove excess water with a dry cloth or let air dry mat.

How to clean car mats?

  • Keep your mat out of the car
  • Use vacuum removes dust, dirt and allergy particle
  • Shake gently mats remove loosen dirt
  • Wash mats with laundry soap and baking soda.
  • Use pressure water to remove dirt from mats.
  • Air dry car mat.


Cleaning  WeatherTech Floor Mats is not a very hard task, just you need to follow the perfect cleaning process and which product suitable for WeatherTech Floor Mats.

Related question [FAQs]

1. Can you pressure wash WeatherTech mats?

Answer: Garden hose spray nozzle useful to remove dirt from the mat. Pressure wash very effectively to remove dirt from the mat. So that you can use pressure wash WeatherTech mats.

2. How do you clean WeatherTech car mats?

Answer: Cleaning technique of  WeatherTech car mats:

  • After removing mats from the car shake it gently so that loose particle dropdown.
  • If you have garden hose spray nozzle use it washes away excess dirt from the mat.
  • Make a solution with soapy detergent and water, apply the solution with cloth on mat.
  • Never use harsh cleaning products on WeatherTech car mats.
  • After a clean mat wipes down  it with dry towel.

3. Can you use Armor All on WeatherTech floor mats?


Armor All not suitable for WeatherTech floor mats, because of it’s make floor mats slippery. So it’s better not to use this kind of product.

 4. Where can i find weathertech floor mats?

Weathertech floor mats very common and necessary product for car users. You may buy weathertech from the near super shop or online order. If you busy and not enough time order from the bellow website:

  • WeatherTech.
  • Warlmat.
  • Home Depoat.

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