Best Way To Clean House Siding

Best Way To Clean House Siding

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Although Cleaning home outside seems a very hard task but actually, it’s not very hard to clean. If you have a garden hose use it clean home, cleaning home with a garden hose is very easy. Pressure washing use to remove tough stain from home outside. If the house not too dirty just need to follow some tricks and cleaning tools. In this article, we discuss the best way to clean house siding. Here we also discuss how to clean vinyl siding without killing plants.

Best Way To Clean House Siding

1. Clean home dry weather:

A warm day is the best choice to Clean home outside because warm day help to dry, wet home fast. Snowy and rainy weather not suitable clean home outside, wind weather also not suitable because liquid cleaning product back to weather for wind. If the home becomes more messy wait at least dry weather.

2. Secure door and window with tape:

Secure all of the electric fixtures with tape, plastic cover, must close properly window, door. Cover window and glass plastic cover with tape. Also, a cover ventilator and all fixtures connect with outside of the home. Cover garden plants and tools while cleaning outside the home. If you decorate the yard with furniture, move them to secure place before clean house siding, also keep pets and kids inside of the home.

3. Remove home outside stain:

Use water, scrub brush and dish soap for cleaning stain from home not need to use a garden hose and pressure washer. Scrub stain until remove stain and apply this solution on tough stain several times. Use best brush for cleaning vinyl siding it’s make your cleaning task easy and effective.

4. Make solution kill fungus:

Make a solution with oxygen bleach, water, and dish wash liquid. Mix properly one-gallon water, ¼ cup oxygen bleach, and 1/8 cup dish wash liquid, mix gently this solution. Apply this outside home to remove mildew and harmful fungus. This solution is quite dangerous using without protection so wear hand gloves before using. Try to cover small areas first, be aware about plants.

5. Buy hose clean home outside:

Garden hose is one of the essential tools to clean hone if you have no garden hose buy a hose to the nozzle from the near super shop. Use a garden hose when the home becomes too dirty. Start hose from bottom to top of the home. Not need to cover large area initial time, try to cover small areas first. Not need to rinse home after using the hose, keep home air dry.

6. Use Pressure Washer:

Cleaning home with a Pressure washer is another popular way to clean home. Pressure nozzle is used by the following degrees. Normally 40 degrees angel is familiar to use Pressure nozzle, start cleaning from the bottom and when reach on top gradually increase degrees. Move pressure wash side to side and divided the cleaning area in the small section.


The clean siding of the home can be done just using two tools garden hose and pressure washer. Never use any cleaner without following the level of instruction. If you have no pressure washer or garden hose you can clean home manually.

FAQs about clean vinyl siding without killing plants


1. What exactly is mildew?

Answer:  Mildew is one kind of fungus that is growing up from plants and daily necessary organic products like wood, leather, steel.

2. Can you pressure wash siding?

Answer: Cleaning home with pressure wash is an easy and fast way than manual cleaning. Try to clean home with low pressure, that will not damage outside of the home. Use pressure wash from bottom to top of the building, If your home is one stored then you can easily wash home siding with a pressure wash.

3. How do you remove algae from siding?

Answer: Use a solution of water, oxygen bleach, dish wash detergent on algae. Make a solution with one-gallon water, ¼ cup oxygen bleach and 1/8 cup dish wash detergent. Apply this solution on algae that kill algae easily and effectively and using pressure washer algae also remove.

4. What is the best way to pressure wash a house?


  • Use low-pressure wash home, high pressure will damage the wall surface.
  • Start to clean from bottom to top of the house.
  • Divided cleaning area in the small section.
  • Clean side to the side area and the cover selected area.
  • Not need to rinse home after the wash side of the home.

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