Best Vacuums for Laminate Floors

[5 Top Picks] Best Vacuums for Laminate Floors in [2020]

Commercial space becomes messy soon for lots of foot-steps. But home floor become messy because of household work. The laminate floor is attractive and beautiful but it’s quite hard to maintain than hardwood floor. If the laminate floor does not care properly it’s decay soon. The wet mop is risky for the laminate floor and vacuum beater bar may create scratch on floor.

So the laminate floor needs special care. Sometimes seeing online advertising we confused about which vacuum perfect for the laminate floor. Avoid this confusing situation we make best vacuum for laminate floors reviews for you which helps you choosing perfect vacuum for you.


How choose the best Vacuum For Laminate Floor (Buying guide)

Laminate flooring not suitable for wet or moist mop so that before buy best vacuum for laminate floors and carpet some facts should follow:

  • What types of carpet used and are carpet used on stairs at your home.
  • If any pets are lived.
  • Gather knowledge of different types of vacuum liked upright, canister, stick, robotic, etc and remember if you have specific choice.
  • Quality brands at reasonable price.
  • Warranty time.
  • Suction power and time.
  • Corded or cordless and bag or bagless
  • Suitable for carpet or stair cleaning.

Quick Look: Our Top Vacuum Cleaners For Laminate Floors (Comparison Table)


Name Type

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356

2. Dyson V6


3. Shark Rocket DeluxePro Shark
4. Dyson Cyclone V10 Dyson
5. Dirt Devil SD20505  Dirt Devil


 At A Glance: Best Vacuum For Laminate Floors Reviews


The best vacuum for laminate floors and pets able to suck small dirt and pets hair without creating any kind of scratch on the surface so let’s see our top selection.

1. Best Choice: Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV356E Best vacuum for laminate wood floors


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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E best vacuums for both concrete floors and laminate floors. If you use a lovely carpet this vacuum is perfect for you. This best vacuum mop for laminate floors has powerful motor with three different roller brushes that brush able to pick up pet hair and small debris from floor. Shark Navigator vacuum mainly popular for cleaning corners zone and easily clean sofas, windows, stairs with no scratch on the surface. This best stick vacuum for laminate floors has strong suction power with excellent filtration technology. It’s an excellent HEPA filterable to pick up 99.97 percent of allergens from air and make indoor air allergy-free. So you don’t need to buy an indoor air purifier, many specialists recommended this vacuum for asthmatic patients. Necessary accessories like brush, a dusting brush, and a crevice tool also available with this vacuum.


  • Two types are upright, bagless.
  • Weight 13.7 pounds
  • Cord 30 feet long
  • Filtration type HEPA filter
  • HEPA filter picks up 99.9% dust.


  • Comparatively low priced
  • Strong suction power
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable multiple floors
  • Able to pick up small dust and pet hair
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Long-time warranty (5 years)


  • Hair stuck up problem roller brush
  • Heavyweight


2. Best Budget: Dyson V6 Best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors and carpet


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If anyone chooses lightweight and cordless vacuum two in one then the Dyson V6 Vacuum is best option. Dyson V6 Vacuum is amazing suction power and no hassle of a cord. If compared with stick vacuum  Dyson V6 Vacuum is better the stick vacuums. It’s weight only 4.5 pounds and easy to move on. This best cordless stick vacuum for laminate floors is suitable to clean all types of floor including the laminated floor. It can clean corner zone easily and battery offer 20 minutes of runtime.


  • Motorhead is Wider and able to clean all types of floors.
  • Most powerful stick vacuum
  • Fully charged battery able to run 20 minutes
  • Easily balanced ups and downs area.
  • Easy to empty.


  • Suction power 100AW
  • Filter is washable
  • Motorized able to clean all types of floors.


  • HEPA filter can’t capture allergens.
  • It has no additional cleaner head option.


3.  Shark Rocket DeluxePro Best shark vacuum for laminate floors and carpet


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Due to sensitive floor laminate floor need special vacuum which keeps floor scratch-free. Shark rocket deluxe pro vacuum is perfect choice for laminate floors and this best vacuum for pet hair on laminate floors made by SharkNinja company. This Best vacuum for laminate floors and rugs able to clean floor-to-ceiling and suck up small dirt hard-to-reach corners. The SharkNinja rocket vacuum has strong suction power and able to deep clean your carpet. Vacuum weight less than 9 pounds and easy to move on. Powerful LED lights need when lighting rooms clean. This best type of vacuum cleaner for laminate floors has pet motorized brush, which sucks up all kinds of pet hair and dirt and makes your indoor air fresh.


  • Due to small weight, it’s move without putting any pressure
  • It has excellent control while cleaning around furniture.
  • Perfect choice for pet lovers because it has standard True Pet motorized brush which picks up pet hair easily.
  • Strong suction power and able to deep clean your carpet.


  • Pick up(long+short) of hairs.
  • Strong suction power and suitable for carpet deep cleaning.
  • Lightweight and versatile.


  • Roller brush damage for hair clogging.
  • Can’t remove dust-allergy.


4. Dyson Cyclone V10 Best vacuum for laminate floors 2020  


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Shark Rocket Ultra-Light model-HV300 vacuum is durable and ideal vacuum for laminate floor which remove dirt and fine dust from hard floors and carpets. Thi best vacuum for laminate floors and pet hair price comparatively less other vacuum and runs up more than one hour one charge. Dyson V10 scored best cordless vacuums and handle both carpets and hard floors together. Made with Two cleaning modes used different needs control with a button. This best vacuum cleaner for laminate and tile floors has two excellent options first one after clean carpet dirt contain in dirt cup and another option use soft roller cleaner that removes debris and dust more than 40 minutes.


  • Strong suction power than any cord-free vacuum.
  • HEPA filter sucks up HEPA filtration captures 99.97% small dirt.
  • Able to reach under low furniture.
  • Can clean pet hair and caret together.
  • Clean easily all-around home and your car.
  • Runs more than 60 minutes one charge.


  • Lightweight and versatile.
  • Power Trigger.
  • Excellent Cleaning performance.
  • Less noisy.
  • Maximum suction power than Dyson V6 and V7 vacuums.


  • Large Motorhead handheld unit
  • Expensive than other Dyson vacuums


5. Dirt Devil SD20505 Best vacuum cleaner for laminate floors


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When you want better vacuum but this product needs small space than dirt devil power air corded bagless stick vacuum sd20505 is perfect vacuum for you. This best vacuum for laminate and tile floors perfect for the quick cleaning and weight of this product only 7 pounds. After completing the cleaning task you can keep this on the back of the door or book-self.


  • Powerful suction with Cyclonic Filtration.
  • Cord length 20 Foot with multiple power outlets
  • HEPA Filters are durable and replaceable.
  • Bagless vacuum and 2 years Warranty.


  • The dirt Cup is large.
  • The storage capacity is bigger.
  • Motor power 10 Amp.


  • Not have Cleaning Indicator.
  • Not suitable for rug or uneven carpets.

Final word:

At last of discussion, we say each product have some limitation. We want to suggest you best vacuum for laminate floors so that you can’t confused about seeing online advertisements before buy vacuum.


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