best tool to cut vinyl flooring

Best Tool To Cut Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl plank floors is strong, durable, and looks better than many other types of flooring. As a result, vinyl planks flooring popularity increasing day by day. However, one of the major problems caused by this type of flooring is slightly hard to cut if not use proper cutting tools. Vinyl floor doesn’t look good if there is an uneven cut. Vinyl plank flooring can be cut by hand but you need to use special tools to make the job easier. In this article, I will introduce you best tool to cut vinyl flooring that minimize the waste of vinyl plank flooring.

Tools require to cut vinyl flooring:

All of this below tools requires cutting vinyl flooring.

  • Utility knife
  • Laminate tile cutter
  • Hand saw
  • Table saw
  • Miter saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Circular saw
  • Dremel

What is the best tool to cut vinyl flooring?

If you cut vinyl floor properly it’s easy to install.  Not require rent heavy machinery to cut vinyl, let’s discuss in details.

Utility Knife:

Utility knife is a most popular tool to cut vinyl plank flooring. It should be sharp and durable so that minimize the waste of material. Utility knife also known as box cutter, prevent unnecessary piece to snap the plank across the scoreline. The major problem occur if the utility knife blade dull, it will create small crack on the plank, so choose sharp knife.

Tile Cutter:

Tile cutter is a perfect tool to cut vinyl plank flooring. Tile Cutter can produce multiple cuts at one time that make the job easier. Tile Cutter can also be used to trim small amount of vinyl plank. Remember not use ceramic tile cutters because it will crack the vinyl plank.

Hand saw:

If you ever cut the vinyl plank in between joist or studs, hand saw is the best choice. With hand saw you can easily make straight cuts to prevent flooring from over hanging . Hand saw is ideal for vinyl floor because it’s not damage the vinyl’s edges. Some homeowner says it is best tool to cut vinyl floor tiles.

Table saw:

Table saw can be used to make straight cuts, like cross cuts across the length of vinyl plank. It’s also widely during pre-installation of plank flooring and during installation of new door casing. Table Saw allows multiple cuts at a time that save your time.

Miter Saw:

Miter Saw is perfect tool to cut vinyl plank flooring. It can be used to make straight cuts, such as 90 degree cuts. The blade of miter saw moved toward the plank instead of pushed into the spinning blade. This allows the blade to cut straight across the length of the plank.


Jigsaw is probably one of the best tools to cut vinyl plank flooring. It has two adjustable blades that allow multiple cuts at a time. Jigsaw is perfect for cutting small tile and cut out vinyl flooring. Jigsaw is also a good choice for cutting vinyl flooring around door casings. It’s good choice if you are doing DIY project.

Circular Saw:

The handheld circular saw perfect for cutting vinyl plank flooring. It cuts the edge of the flooring so that comparatively cut vinyl floor deeply than utility knife. Circular saw is perfect choice for cutting garage or woodshop vinyl plank.


Dremel is another best tool to use to cut vinyl plank flooring, construction DIY material and remodeling home. Dremel cut the plank at high speed without damaging the edges of the plank.


If you use best tools to cut vinyl plank flooring your plank will not damage easily. Best cutting tool provide you straight and clean cuts that will help you install flooring easily. Don’t forget to read the installation instructions carefully before starting work. I hope you like this post, please share it with your friends on social media so they can learn about best tool to cut luxury vinyl plank flooring. Happy flooring!

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