Best Spot Cleaners For Carpet 2023

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Make our home more attractive we use different colors and size carpet. Always keep carpet neat and clean is not an easy task. If you are pet lover you must know your lovely pet urinate anywhere of home  at any time. Pet odor spread bad smell which spoil the welcoming environment of the home. Make carpet cleaning task fast and easy we select the best spot cleaners for carpet for you.

After lots of research, we select this best spot cleaners product for you. This best portable spot cleaners for carpet stains not only clean carpet, also keep your carpet odor-free. Easily clean hard to reach area and you also get satisfactory results.

Why choose a carpet spot cleaner?

Keep carpet spot free, hygienic and bad odor-free choose carpet spot and stain cleaner machine. The best carpet spot cleaner machine is the combination of steam and vacuum cleaner. All types of handheld carpet cleaner machine or pet spot cleaner machine perfectly removes stubborn stains from upholstery, carpet, couch and car carpet. Here I explain you the importance of choosing the best spot cleaner machine and handheld carpet cleaner. So let’s start


Most of the carpet cleaner or small handheld carpet cleaner is lightweight and compact. So easy to move and operate, not require too much storage space. If any sudden spills occur remove them using handheld carpet and upholstery cleaner. Remove your pet messy using the best handheld carpet cleaner for pets.

Easy to use:

Most portable handheld carpet cleaners are easy to use. Just plug in a cord and attach the hose with carpet cleaner then start your cleaning task. If cleaning hose size three inches or more than three inches it smartly removes the stain. For industry carpet cleaner machines three inch hose size is standard. Normally small size cleaning hose messy stuck and kills your time. So choose a standard size cleaning hose and enjoy your cleaning.


Best portable carpet cleaner deeply clean your carpet. Normally carpet cleaner or portable carpet steam cleaner is a combination of vacuum and steam cleaner. So that vacuum sucks messy from carpet and steam vapor removes stain from carpet. Hot steam kills all types of harmful bacteria from the carpet and makes the carpet hygienic.


Carpet cleaner or best portable carpet cleaner for cars made to follow experts suggestions. So not harmful for your carpet and the manufacturer recommend a cleaning solution also safe for carpet.

Affordable price:

If you think spot cleaner machine or best pet spot cleaner machine price is too high you are wrong. You will get different functions, brands and sizes of carpet cleaner machines at an affordable price.

Looks better:

A clean carpet looks better than a dirty carpet. The best spot cleaner machine for carpet removes all types of tough spots from the carpet within a few minutes. Save your time and make you relax.

Quick Look: Our Top Spot Cleaners For Carpet (Comparison Table) 

At A Glance: 5 Best Spot Cleaners For Carpet

1. Best Choice: BISSELL SpotClean Pet  Pro  Portable Carpet  Cleaner

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BISSELL SpotClean Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner provide powerful suction and clean pet stains, odor and dirt from the carpet. Large dirt tank cleans long carpet without emptying and filling the dirt tank. Different types of stain create on carpet surfaces like coffee, oil, soil. Stain trapper easily removes tough stain from carpet and keep carpet odor-free. 22 feet long Power cord help to clean rugs, stairs, and upholstery without unplugging Pet Pro Portable Carpet Cleaner. Powerful suction removes pet spots, stains, bad odor from carpet and keeps home allergy-free. Not only the best for cleaning carpet also good for stairs, upholstery, sofa, and doormats.


  • Power Rating: 5.7 amperes.
  • Power cord length 22 feet.
  • 3 inch brush tool included with this vacuum.
  • 2x professional pet urine Eliminator remove pet odor.
  • Weigh Only 13.2 lbs.

2. Best Budget: BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

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When you use this excellent Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner not need to break out your full-size carpet every time. This best portable spot cleaners for carpet stains scrubbing carpet, upholstery and sofa with less effort. Clean up ugly pet messy from every hard to reach area. Best carpet spot cleaners for pet stains also remove perfectly pet allergy from the carpet. An ideal choice for the pet owner and allergy affected person. This best Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner not safe for vegetable dye rugs. If you think this Portable cleaner not safe for your colorful carpet switch off the hot water setting system. Flexible hose removes tough stain from carpet and keeps carpet odor-free.


  • Power Rating: 9 Amps.
  • Dirt tank capacity 48 ounces.
  • Hose length 4 feet.
  • Stain cleaning tool wide 3″
  • Remove both wet and dry messy.
  • Lightweight design, weigh under 10 lbs.

3. Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner 

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Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner scrub the carpet with hot water so that bacteria don’t move from the floors to the carpet and the whole area of the home. You can easily clean your carpet with this cleaner and this cleaner easy to use. Just refill the clean hot water tank without man-handle. All types of soap not perfect this carpet cleaner so that before use see the manual paper. Clean up all types of pet messy from carpeted stairs, area rugs, upholstery, and doormats. Powerful suction provides hygienic deep cleaning of your carpet. Tough stain and extract pet spots remove from carpet and also remove bad odor from carpet. Not worry about cleaning hose just plug the port on the back and flush out all types of debris from the hose.


  • Weigh less than 9 lbs.
  • Large dirt cup and dirty water capacity: 36 Ounces.
  • Hose length 5ft.
  • Self-cleaning hose.
  • Easy to store.

4. Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Vacuum

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Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Vacuum best for removing the tough stain from area rugs and carpet. If you use Rug Doctor portable machine detergent with this Spot Cleaner Vacuum you can clean your carpet hassle-free.Cleaning tank capacity 0.5 gallons which collect lots of dirt without emptying the tank. Lightweight design and easy to pull, travel through the area rug, carpet. Hose length 5-foot which easily clean hard to reach corners of carpet. Tough pet stains, oils, wine, coffee, food and different types of household tough stains easily remove with this best portable spot cleaners for carpet stains. This cleaner scrubs carpet surface with hard rotating bristles brush. Eliminate pet bad odor from area rugs and carpet. It’s not only best for cleaning carpet also removes messy from pet beds, mattresses, furniture, and vehicles.


  • Removable tanks keep separate dirty and clean water.
  • Easy to move & storage.
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to use.
  • You can easily roll this cleaner from one spot to the next spot.
  • Hose length 5-foot.
  • Cleaning tank capacity 0.5 gallons.

5. BISSELL SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner

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BISSELL SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner best handheld carpet cleaning tool which remove pet stain and pet odor from carpet with powerful suction. Ideal choice for high-traffic area carpet, stairs, upholstery, auto interiors fabric. 3-inch Tough Stain Tool remove every household stains from carpet and area rugs. You can filling and emptying water and solution without any hassle. Suck up tough pet stains and odor from carpet and all fabric furniture.


  • 3″ Tough Stain tool.
  • Heat wave technology help to contain hot water warm.
  • Easy to empty and fill dirt tank.
  • Easy to carry and store.

Different types of spot cleaner:

Extraction carpet machines:

In extraction machines carpet is cleaned using suction with hot water and cleaning solution. Two tanks are available in every extraction machine, one for clean water and another one for dirty water. This machine not use steam water, so no risk of burning the carpet. Ideal cleaning machine for carpet, rugs and upholstery. Machine manufacturers suggest for using their cleaning solution don’t try another cleaning solution it will be harmful to your carpet.

Steam cleaners:

Steam cleaner very popular for removing stains, internal heating element boil water in this machine. While coming to boiling point steam pressurized through the nozzle. Steam cleaner is best for removing tough stains so don’t use it for suction purposes. Different categories of steam cleaners are available in the market, these are vapor cleaners, carpet cleaners, portable spot cleaners, portable carpet cleaners and upholstery steam cleaners. Steam cleaners remove stains with vapor so not safe for fabrics and upholstery. Use it on hard surfaces like tile, slate, concrete, marble and other hard floors.

Spot cleaner for carpet Buying guide:

Food spills like wine, juice, sauce is a very common incident in our daily life. All of these spills make your carpet messy within a second. Pet stain is also a very common carpet spot, use the best spot carpet cleaner for pet stains.
Different colors, sizes, models of portable carpet cleaners are available in the market. From them pick your carpet cleaner at an affordable price. What kind of stains are you likely to clean? Do you have kids who frequently spill juice or food? Do you have limited mobility? Before buying the best spot cleaner for carpet ensure all of these questions answered because it’s help you find the best product.

Job Size and Type:

Messy size and types are important issues because it’s will help you make decisions about Is it a huge mess that’s taken over your entire carpet? Or did your beloved dog make a mess behind the couch? Small carpet cleaner ideal for entire home carpets. Normally entire home carpet lay down from wall to wall in every room. So portable rug cleaner or spot steam cleaner for carpet is the best for tiny stains. Best spot cleaner machine for carpet with handheld tool easily reach tight spaces or under furniture area. If you are confused about what portable shampooer is the best for your carpet? Or what is the best spot cleaner for carpet? This discussion will help you make a decision.


Carpet cleaning is not a joke so making cleaning tasks comfortable best product choice is very important. Drag big machines make you tired and also kill time. In industry, areas need large carpet cleaner and this weight is much heavier than a portable carpet cleaner. Most of these carpet cleaners
have wheel support that is easy to move over a large area. For small apartments need light and manageable Portable shampooers. It’s easy to carry and smartly clean under furniture area. If your puppy makes carpet messy use the best spot carpet cleaner for pets or portable steam cleaner.

Cleaning ease:

Cleaning ease is an important feature of carpet cleaner machines. Most of the spot shot carpet cleaners have wide removal tanks. A wide opening or removal tank easily empties dirty water from the machine.


Suction is one of the most important factor for extraction machines. Without strong or adequate suction moisture or a small amount of water left on the carpet. That damage carpet fiber and sometimes mold will grow. So choose carpet cleaners with higher wattage powerful motor.


Check your product warranty before buying a portable carpet spot cleaner. Carpet cleaners tackle lots of messy every day so that any part becomes damaged suddenly. So need repair or exchange any time. The standard warranty time of a portable carpet spot cleaner is one to two years. If transporting warranty include with product, manufacturer will pay if any damage visible after transport.
Remember what types of the spot you want to remove with this cleaner. Check your product cleaning capability before buying one. Check the cleaning attachment which is perfect for your carpet. If you need more information about the warranty or anything else call the manufacturer support number.

Water Tank:

A water tank is an important feature of carpet cleaners. Normally Large tank attaches with a large size carpet cleaner and a mini size tank attaches with a small carpet cleaner. Large tank suitable for open space but make a problem if water away from cleaning surface. How are you going to lug this thing up the stairs? It’s a very common question if anyone cleans stairs. For cleaning, stairs choose a mini tank carpet cleaner. It’s easy to move from one room to another.


The price depends on what size carpet cleaner you need or what you want to spend on a handheld carpet cleaner. Mini carpet cleaner ideal for home carpet. But mini carpet cleaner not suitable for high traffic areas. Carpet cleaner buy decision sometimes depends on what you need the carpet cleaner for and how much you intend to clean. Some mini carpet cleaner is less expensive but enough smart for cleaning the entire home carpet.

If anyone says large carpet machines provide the best service and mini carpet cleaners provide the worst one it’s not right. Many inexpensive and small carpet cleaners provide excellent service. But if you not have enough time to clean carpet, hire spot cleaner machine rental with a professional person on average 0.44$ to 0.50$ rate per square foot.

If you are a student or live in a small or semi-large apartment handheld carpet cleaner is best for you. Bissell carpet spot cleaner machine or spot carpet cleaner machine removes all types of tough stains from carpet with a few minutes. If you are confused about the best spot cleaner machine for carpet check spot cleaner machine before buying.
I recommend you choose a small carpet spot cleaner machine for your lovely carpet.
Small spot cleaner carpet machine easy to move and operate, also not require enough space to store. Specially during party time, it’s easy to clean up the mini stain with the best carpet spot cleaner machine.

Cleaning attachment Variety:

If you have already decided on a handheld carpet cleaner spot machine it’s time to choose the attached cleaning path and variety. For industry standards, three inch cleaning path is best. Choose a spot rug cleaner machine which not stuck and remove stain smoothly. Normally wide path cleaning attachment is the best upholstery cleaner for all types of fabric. Wide cleaning path smartly reaches tight space of upholstery and stairs. A wide path spot cleaner machine for carpet also saves time. While you need immediate spot cleaning for removing juice, pets messy or food spills wide path spot cleaner machine provides you the best service.

Battery Size:

For the best spot carpet cleaner machine battery power and size is an important feature. If you notice a spot carpet cleaner machine struggling to remove a stain or any abnormal sound it will catch fire any time. The good news for you this situation mostly occurs in industrial rug spot cleaner machines or large spot cleaner machines for carpet.
In handheld spot cleaner carpet machine have a packs punch system that works when fighting against spills, tiny spots and other household spills. Normally small carpet spot cleaner machines provide maximum cleaning performance even it’s battery size small.
So before buying an upholstery spot cleaner machine or best spot carpet cleaner machine check max power and battery size.

Carpet spot cleaner prices

Carpet spot cleaner price depends on size and brand. Normally carpet spot cleaner price range vary from under 50$ to above 150$. So let’s get an idea about spot carpet cleaner prices.


Expensive spot bot carpet cleaner price range $100 to $150. This type of machine has multiple cleaning functions with a long hose. Because of hands-free, smartly tackle pet stains and any types of tough stain.


Mid-price range carpet spot cleaner features slightly different than an expensive machine. Remove pet stains and other food spills within a few minutes. Normally 3 feet to 4 feet long hose available with this type of machine. Tank capacity 35 to 40 ounces that contains enough water. Heating elements adjust in some models that make stain removal task easy. Mid-range carpet cleaner machine price 100$ to 150$.


An inexpensive carpet cleaner machine is most popular and ideal for removing tiny stains. Inexpensive handheld carpet cleaner or handheld pet carpet cleaner or handheld carpet steam cleaner price below 50$. For removing immediate and beverage stains small handheld carpet cleaner is the ideal choice.

Some tips follow before buying handheld car carpet cleaner:

Car carpet tackles everyday outdoor dust, sand, muddy, shoe messy, pet hair and other outdoor messy. Keep your car carpet stain-free should follow some tips.

Choose a long cord and hose:

Choose at least 15 feet long hose and 5 feet long cord. Long hose easily removes tough stain from car carpet. Reach vehicle tight space without extra effort and not require extra hose clean large car. With a long cord, a handheld car carpet cleaner easily cleans a large carpet without moving the cord.

Choose self-cleaning model:

Choose self-cleaning carpet cleaner for your car carpet. Some manufacturers offer self-cleaning carpet machine that saves your time. In a self-cleaning machine just switch the button and then hose automatic flush dirt, wet messy mold and bacteria. The self-cleaning model saves you from the extra cleaning job.

Take care water tank:

Check the water tank before buying a car carpet cleaner machine. Car carpet dirty soon for lots of outdoor messy, mildew and other bacteria. Mildew grow fast if not take care of the carpet. Some manufacturers offers special water tank that locks in place so that dirty water not fall even if machine move. After every cleaning properly remove debris from the machine so that mildew and other bacteria not leave on the water tank. Always completely dry tank after every cleaning that increases machine life span.


Before start cleaning carpet add cleaning solution with water, otherwise, you wasted cleaning solution. We hope our recommended products make your carpet a new look. Happy carpet cleaning!!

FAQs about Spot Cleaners For Carpet

What is the best spot remover for carpet?

Answer: Best spot remover for carpet:

  • BISSELL SpotClean Pet  Pro  Portable Carpet  Cleaner
  • BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
  • Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner
  • Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner Vacuum
  • BISSELL SpotClean Portable Carpet Cleaner

Which is better for carpet and upholstery, a steam cleaner or an extraction machine?


A steam cleaner is a traditional and most popular cleaning machine. Steam cleaner is ideal for hard floors like tile, concrete, marble and mosaic. Steam cleaner hot vapor damage fabric and upholstery, especially if your carpet is colorfast. If compared steam cleaner with extraction machine which is best for carpet? The positive answer towards extraction machines but some extraction machines cleaning solution damage carpet. So before buying extraction machines for carpet, check which cleaning formula is best for your carpet. The extraction machine is the first choice for a professional carpet cleaner.

Do extraction machines come with a cleaning solution?


A sample of cleaning solution provides with every extraction machine or carpet cleaner. The amount of sample cleaning solution is small and perfect for removing a tiny stain. This sample solution amount not perfect for cleaning frequent spills of carpet.

Can spot cleaners get out old stains?


Most of the spot cleaners remove new and old stains from the carpet. New stain is easy to remove but the old stain is tough to remove specially if it is completely dry. So use spot cleaner with a cleaning solution keep your carpet stain-free.

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