Best mopping technique Ultimate guide

Best mopping technique Ultimate guide

Most of time our leisure time we spend in our lovely home. The person who loves spends their leisure time with family member at home they can easily décor house beautifully just use some tricks. Being beautiful We should keep our home neat and clean. If you are pet owner your beloved pet makes your home messy, sometimes pet hair spread all over home. So need clean and vacuum your home regularly. Regular basis mop may help to keep your hygienic and clean.

If you follow best mopping technique it will help you done this job properly and saves your time.


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Best mopping technique


1. Mop once a week:

Our indoor floor surface dirt frequently because of pets hair, pets urine, children activity, household chores and lots of footsteps. Different types of floor mopping system is not same, for example hardwood floor need to mop once a week,  polished concrete floor need to mop twice a week, tiles floor mop twice or three times once a week.


Best mopping technique Ultimate guide


2. Move furniture before mop:

Before start mopping move your furniture and clear this area so that mopping tasks can be done easily. Move small furniture like table, chairs, carpet, corner racks in certain places. Not need to move large furniture and use rubber pad before moving furniture so that not create any scratch on surface.


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3. Before start mop vacuum floor properly:

To get perfect clean after mopping floor vacuum your floor properly before mop. Different types of floor need different vacuum clean. For example hardwood floor more sensitive than any other floor and needs vacuum which specially made of cleaning hardwood floor. Concrete floor strong and durable but may scratch heavy blow. Concrete floor need strong suction power vacuum.


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Before start mop vacuum small particle and all kinds of dust, dust, pet hair because without vacuum or sweep floor can’t not possible to clean properly.


4. Mix cleaning solution with warm water:

Before start mopping floor prepare solution of warm water, dish soap, bleach, and floor cleaner. Use proper cleaning product for your floor. Must check preparation process and amount of product used in solution. Keep your mop to soak up cleaning solution, properly soak up mop keep it 4 or 5 seconds in solution. After soaking up mop maximum time it absorbs excess water so that hold up mop drop-down excess water. You can use Wring out buckets fall dawn excess water, for hardwood floor try to wring try to Wring out water as much as you can because excess amounts of water may damage surface. Cleaning time after the forwarding area then mop back area, run 2 to 4-time mop dirty place and if you repeat this process same area dirty water spread all over surface.

5. Dampen cleaning pad:

you can use dampen cleaning pad instead of string mop process. For this task take clean pad and joint this with mop handle. Use same clean product and pour this solution in bottle spray. Before start mopping dampen pad and spray solution certain place. If the pad becomes dirty you can change this.


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6. Wash your mop and let it dry:

After complete mopping task removes pad and wash with detergent then keep it open air for dry. If you use string mop then drop dirty water and after wash hang it on hook for dry.

7. Let area dry:

Finished cleaning task let dry mopping area 30 minutes. Open window and door so that dry area fast. If excess water stays on floor then use clean towel soak up excess water from floor.

8. Arrange furniture certain place:

After finish mop work and dry mopping, area arrange furniture properly. Be careful that no scratching crate surface.


Mop floor is not very hard task, if follow cleaning tips properly it will be easy and effective. So if you need to note this step and make your clean enjoyable. 





  1. How do you properly mop a floor?

Answer: Here is some simple step of how properly you mop a floor:

  1. Mop floor once a week.
  2. Move furniture before mop.
  3. Before starting mop vacuum floor properly and collect large dirt
  4. Mix cleaning solution with warm water.
  5. Dampen cleaning pad so that remove dirt from floor
  6. Wash your mop after complete floor clean and let it dry
  7. Arrange furniture certain place.

 2. What is the best mop to use?

Answer: Here is 5 best mop

  • BISSELL Steam Mop
  • Professional Microfiber Mop
  • O-Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop 
  • Shark Pocket Mop
  • Homitt Spin Mop


 3. How do you mop without streaks?


Before start mopping floor prepare clean solution that exactly helps to remove dirt and makes floor clean. Take hot water with floor cleaner, bleach, vinegar mix this gently. See preparation formula before mixture that is present in cover of cleaning product.


4. Is mopping sanitary?

Answer: Clean mop keep your home neat and clean, which makes home hygienic that helps to lead healthy life. On other hands, dirty mop makes your home unhygienic. 






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