Best mopping technique Ultimate guide

3 Simple Best Mopping Technique Ultimate Guide

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Most of time our leisure time we spend in our lovely home. The person who loves spend their leisure time with family at home they can easily décor house beautifully just use some tricks. If you are pet owner, you may know your beloved pet makes your home messy, sometimes pet hair spread all over home. So need vacuum and mop your home regularly. Regular basis mop and best mopping technique may help to keep your floor hygienic and clean.

Follow proper mopping technique:

Dirt will entire home even you take the best precautions. Only best mopping tools and best commercial floor cleaner remove dirt from the floor properly. Keep the floor clean and tidy follow the proper way to mop, otherwise dirt will not remove. Chief Cleaning Officer advice some cleaning pro tips. Most of the mopping common question are: 

  • How to clean dirty laminate floors?
  • How to clean dirty linoleum floors?
  • How to clean dusty wood floors?
  • How to clean greasy laminate floors?
  • How to clean hard floors?   
  • How to clean kitchen floors?      

You will get all of the above questions answer if you read our article.

Pick up the best mopping tools:

Pick up best mopping tool for your floor, that clean your floor at minimum effort. Most of the person confused about best floor cleaner solution and it’s the measure. Before mopping floor at random prepare a plan make mopping task more accurate.

Mop Frequently

Most used areas like living room, kitchen, entryways require mop frequently. Less used room like guest room, storeroom mop once a week or month. Before mop room vacuum first that loosen dirt. Kitchen is most used surface in a home. Use kitchen floor cleaners while mop kitchen. Kitchen floor mop slightly special because kitchen comparatively messy fast. Before kitchen floor clean use vacuum loosen dirt, it’s make your mopping task easy. Clorox floor mop is the best mop for kitchen floor, clorox sponge mop also better for kitchen floor. 

Take care your mop:

Care your mop, clean your mop regular basis otherwise, you can’t get your desire result. Cleaning mop head is essential work because messy mop head spread bacteria throughout the home. Clean mop head take one bucket of hot water but not boil water, soak mop head and then rinse it. Mop head contains bacteria so that not clean it under kitchen sink. If you have a question how to remove mop head?

Follow tips:

  • Twisting the mop head with your hands. If it turns then try to pull it out. 
  • Straight-up mop head during pulling time, otherwise it may break.
  • Use extra force if mop not remove.

Hang the mop in ventilated area after mopping task. Not keep damp mop close to the floor, because damp mop may damage floor. Dry floor after every damp mopping that keep floor long life. After certain time change old mop head and set new mop head. This cycle also same for hand mop.

How to mop using string mop and bucket?

For high traffic area or heavily soiled floors wipe floor twice with a damp mop. Not flood floor use dry mop, because dry mop loose heavy soil. If your floor sticky, clean sticky floors from edge to middle. Wash string mop head after clean floor and change dirty water after certain time. Use best microfiber string mop while mop floor.Follow this method clean sticky laminate floor and sticky hardwood floors. You can also clean sticky wood floors follow this mehod. Best string mop care your floor and increase floor life time. Let air dry sticky floor after mopping otherwise water marks will create. 

Pick up the best floor cleaner:

Pick up top floor cleaners for your floor, some floor cleaner may harm floor surface. Before use floor cleaner see manual paper, if use cleaner in wet surface use best wet floor cleaner.

How to mop a floor correctly?


Hardwood floor is very popular flooring system, very common question about hardwood floors:

  • How to mop a hardwood floor?
  • How to mop wood floor? 

Get your answer continue reading our article. If your hardwood floor polyurethane or wax use mild or pH-neutral soap. Avoid natural or commercial floor cleaner, not use damp mopping wood floors if wax floor. Use kitchen floor cleaner if use hardwood floor in kitchen. 

Never use nylon mop for wood or hardwood floor use best mops for hardwood floors.

Laminate floor:

Laminate floor weak in touch water, clean floor with dry mop and use best mop for laminate wood floor. Not use nylon or harsh cleaner always use best mop to clean laminate floors. It’s the best way to clean laminate hardwood flooring.


Vinyl floor most used for it’s attractive look and long life durability. Mop floor with vinegar keep floor new look use vinegar. For mopping vinyl floor, make a solution with apple cider vinegar and water. It’s easily remove spills from surface, if you pick best mop for vinyl wood floors and best cleaning product your floor, it’s glessy increase day after day.


The linoleum floor first used in America for more than 100 years and still now it’s used. For it’s durability most common question about linoleum  floor are:

  • How to clean dirty linoleum floors?
  • How to deep clean linoleum? 
  • How to clean dirt stained linoleum?
  • How to deep clean linoleum floors?
  • How to clean linoleum floors with ground in dirt? 
  • How to clean linoleum floors with bleach?
  • How to deep clean linoleum floor?

Keep linoleum floors glessy and new look use milder cleaner. Prepare a solution with few drops of dish soap and water. Pour it on spray bottle and apply this on floor during mopping period. Use best mop for linoleum floors make this attractive.

If you follow best mopping technique it will help you done any mopping task properly and saves your time.

Best mopping technique

1. Mop once a week:

Our indoor floor surface dirt frequently because of pets hair, pets urine, children activity, household chores and lots of footsteps. Different types of floor mopping system is not same, for example hardwood floor need to mop once a week,  polished concrete floor need to mop twice a week, tiles floor mop twice or three times once a week.


Best mopping technique Ultimate guide

2. Move furniture before mop:

Before start mopping move your furniture and clear this area so that mopping tasks can be done easily. Move small furniture like table, chairs, carpet, corner racks in certain places. Not need to move large furniture and use rubber pad before moving furniture so that not create any scratch on surface.

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3. Before start mop vacuum floor properly:

To get perfect clean after mopping floor vacuum your floor properly before mop. Different types of floor need different vacuum clean. For example the hardwood floor more sensitive than any other floor and needs vacuum which specially made of cleaning hardwood floor. Concrete floor strong and durable but may scratch heavy blow. Concrete floor need strong suction power vacuum.

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Before start mop vacuum small particle and all kinds of dust, dust, pet hair because without vacuum or sweep floor can’t not possible to clean properly.


4. Mix best mopping solution with warm water:

Before start mopping floor prepare mop cleaning solution with warm water, dish soap, bleach, and floor cleaner. Use best cleaner for floors,  must check preparation process and amount of product used in solution. Keep your lysol microfiber mop to soak up best floor cleaning solution, properly soak up mop keep it 4 or 5 seconds in best floor mopping solution. After soaking up lysol microfiber mop maximum time, it absorbs excess water so that hold up mop drop-down excess water. You can use best microfiber string mop out buckets fall dawn excess water, for hardwood floor try to wring try to Wring out water as much as you can because excess amounts of water may damage the surface. Clorox wide surface microfiber mop also better for removing dirt. Cleaning time after the forwarding area then mop back area, run 2 to 4-time mop dirty place and if you repeat this process the same area dirty water spread all over surface.

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5. Dampen cleaning pad:

you can use dampen cleaning pad instead of string mop process. For this task take clean pad and joint this with mop handle. Use same clean product and pour this solution in bottle spray. Before start mopping dampen pad and spray solution certain place. If the pad becomes dirty you can change this.


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6. Wash your mop and let it dry:

After complete mopping task removes pad and wash with detergent then keep it open air for dry. If you use string mop then drop dirty water and after wash hang it on hook for dry.

7. Let area dry:

Finished cleaning task let dry mopping area 30 minutes. Open window and door so that dry area fast. If excess water stays on floor then use clean towel soak up excess water from floor.

8. Arrange furniture certain place:

After finish mop work and dry mopping, area arrange furniture properly. Be careful that no scratching crate surface.


Mop floor is not very hard task, if follow cleaning tips properly it will be easy and effective. So if you need to note this step and make your clean enjoyable. 

Related Question (FAQ)

1. How do you properly mop a floor?

Answer: Here is some simple step of how properly you mop a floor:

  1. Mop floor once a week.
  2. Move furniture before mop.
  3. Before starting mop vacuum floor properly and collect large dirt
  4. Mix commercial floor cleaner solution with warm water.
  5. Dampen cleaning pad so that remove dirt from floor
  6. Wash your mop after complete floor clean and let it dry
  7. Arrange furniture certain place.

2. What is the best mop to use?

Answer: Here is 5 best mop

  • BISSELL Steam Mop
  • Professional Microfiber Mop
  • O-Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop 
  • Shark Pocket Mop
  • Homitt Spin Mop

3. How do you mop without streaks?


Before start mopping floor prepare clean solution that exactly helps to remove dirt and makes floor clean. If you want to know how to mop floors with vinegar? Take hot water with best disinfectant floor cleaner, bleach, vinegar mix this gently. See preparation formula before mixture that is present in cover of cleaning product.

4. Is mopping sanitary?

Answer: Clean mop keep your home neat and clean, which makes home hygienic that helps to lead healthy life. On other hands, dirty mop makes your home unhygienic. 

5. Can fabuloso be used on wood floors?

Yes, fabuloso be used on wood floors and it’s also safe for wood floors. You can be used fabuloso in hardwood, laminate matte hardwood floors.

6. Can you use bleach on laminate floors?

laminate floors surface is porous so that it’s soak bleach. Bleach decrease laminate floor color and may create stain on surface. That’s reason bleach not safe for laminate floors. 

7. Can you use murphy’s oil soap on bamboo floors?

Murphy’s oil soap popular floor cleaning procduct. It’s increase floor shine and keep floor stain free. murphy’s oil soap made from vegetable and it’s completely natural cleaning soap. But oily soap not good for bamboo floor, create cloudy haze and may streak on surface.

8. Does soap get dirty?

Soap made from polar and non-polar properties, it’s combination is great emulsifiers. That spread from one liquid to another, while we use soap it get dirty and remove dirt, grease, bacteria and grime from our hands.

9. How to change a mop head?

Hold mop head straight-up and turn it gently in direction. If it not remove then use more force, if not remove see vedio from online.

10. How to clean dirty laminate floors?

Use acetone/nail polish remover with white cloth for removeing tough spills like oil, paint, markers. Regular vacuum and sweep floor that makes floor more glossy. Never standing water on laminate floor surface. Not use bleach on laminate floors it’s fade floor colour. Not mop laminate floor with soap, water, oil-soap detergent. It’s the best way to clean laminate hardwood flooring.

11. How to clean dusty wood floors?

While wood floor become too dusty vacuum and dry mop not remove dust from floor. Use damp mop with wood floor cleaner. For best result mop corner to middle zone floor.

12. How to clean greasy laminate floors?

Grease is very common incedent laminate floor, keep laminate floors clean and grease free follow some tips. Make a solution with 2 parts hot water and 1 part white vinegar. Apply this solution on floors with mop, it’s easily remove grease from floors. Pick best tool to clean laminate floors it’s increase floor life durability.

13. How to clean hard floors?       

Hard floor used for it’s attractive look and long life durability. Keep hard floors clean and messy free use bona powerplus hardwood floor deep cleaner. You can also make homemade floor cleaner make solution with quarter-cup of dish soap and a gallon of warm water. Mix them gently with mop and apply on your hard floor. If not get desire result repeat this mopping process again.

14. How to get water stains out of microfiber?

If any water stains create on microfiber you can easily remove by following some simple steps. Put your microfiber fabic in washing machine. If it not possible use alcohol, baby wipes and a hair dryer get out stains. Remember not use detergent and water because sometimes it’s may make stains more deep.

15. How to mop a hardwood floor?

Damp mop easily clean hardwood floor without damaging surface. Use hardwood floor cleaner and damp mop keep hardwood floor clean. Never use harsh chemical on surface it’s dull surface color day after day.

16. How to mop with pine sol?

Prepare a solution with 1/4 cup of Pine-Sol and floor cleaner. Mix them properly with mop, apply this cleaner on floor. Not standing water on floor and not soak mop on floor. Excess water warp floor, dull floor color or may cause streaks.

17. How to mop wood floor?

Before mop floor vacuum or broom floor properly. Make a cleaning solution with few drops of castile soap or dish soap and one gallon of warm water. Mix them gently not require to shake and apply with microfiber mop. Not standing water or flooding surface. Never steam wood floor it’s warp floor or decrease floor life. 

18. How to properly mop?

Before starting mop remove all large dirt from floor like paper, dust, toy, household messy from floor. Then vacuum or broom floor remove fine dust from floor. Prepare cleaning solution for your floor and take best mop for your floor. Devide your floor different section it’s give your desire cleaning result. Rinse and Wring Out Mop while complete mopping task. After complete mopping task let area air dry.

19. How to remove haze from hardwood floors?

Vacuum or sweep floor regularly it’s keep floor shiney and long life durability. Use right floor cleaner and Mineral Spirit, never use harsh floor cleaner. For deep cleaning floor use vinegar and mild warm water. Not soak floor during mopping time and let air dry after mop floor.

20. How to remove libman wonder mop head?

Being dirty soon libman wonder mop head require to remove after certain period. Keep straight mop and pull mop head if not remove turn it at any direction. If not remove use more force remove mop head. Ssome people have question how to remove mr clean mop head? You can also remove mr clean mop head follow this tricks.


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